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Discussion in 'Home And Deco' started by Xiu yu, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Xiu yu

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    Hi, recently i have renovated my house... and i very satisfied of what he have completed
    basically, both of us have an idea on how to renovate our house... so, we have engaged a contractor instead of interior designer... both of us went to approximately 8-10 interior design firm and they have quoted high price for the design that we want... at the end, we have meet this contractor which is my friend recommended... we telling him what we want and keep telling him that we need the house urgently coz our rental for existing house is going to due... we meet him to discuss and within 2 days we received the quotation... the price is slightly cheaper than the quotation that we get from interior design firm.. due to time constraint, we didnt negotiate much on the quotation and we proceed to engage him... on the next day, he provide us the schedule of his work ... and suprisingly within 2 weeks and half he manage to complete all the jobs.. the jobs includes demolition, construct new wall, false ceiling, electrical works, painting, installation of vinyl flooring, change toilet bowl and carpentry works, install new air conditioner ( contruct new trucking) and provide cleaning services... my house is resale flat and is 5 room flat...

    He is responsible... and every day will report to site and monitor his job... anything have issue, he will immediately call us ..
    I can share my house photos... if u need his contact number , please pm me for his number...

  2. Xiu yu

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    The photos as shown below : [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  3. Fishpokpok

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    wow, 2 weeks is amazing!

    Did you hack the original flooring?

    Able to PM me the contact and share your quote?

    thanks! :)
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  4. ddoves

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    Hi. Are u able to share the contact?
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  5. Xiu yu

    Xiu yu Member

    I already PM you...
  6. Xiu yu

    Xiu yu Member

    I already PMed you...
  7. SierraCD

    SierraCD New Member

    Hi dont mind can you share your quote ?
  8. Jasify

    Jasify New Member

    Hi, able to PM me the contact and share your quote?
  9. piperly33

    piperly33 New Member

    Hi Xiuyi, can pm me the contact and share your quote too? Looking for contractor too. Thanks!
  10. ramensocks

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    Hi Xiuyu,, pls pm!
  11. jckoh

    jckoh New Member

    Hi Xiuyu, your house looks great! Can I have the contractor's contact and your quotation for reference as well? Thanks!
  12. xSMILE

    xSMILE Member

    Hi Xiuyu, can share with me the contact and your quotation also?
  13. spamfries80

    spamfries80 New Member

    Hi Xiuyu, can PM me your contractor's contact and your quotation for reference? Thanks!
  14. Effiee

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    Hi can you share with me your quote and contractor contacts too? Thank you ;)
  15. Xiu yu

    Xiu yu Member

    Hi... already pm you...
  16. Xiu yu

    Xiu yu Member

    Hi... already pmed you...
  17. Xiu yu

    Xiu yu Member

    Already pmed you...
  18. Xiu yu

    Xiu yu Member

    Already pmed you....
  19. Xiu yu

    Xiu yu Member

    Already pmed you...
  20. jaschng

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    Can I have the contacts
  21. Cornvict

    Cornvict New Member

    Hi can on me the contact and quotation. Thanks
  22. miria

    miria New Member

    hi can you pm me please?
  23. YukiTsuki

    YukiTsuki New Member

    Hi. Possible to share the contact pls

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