Good concealer for dark eye rings ?


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Hi ladies,

Noticed that no one has chatting in this thread since April...anyway, I have very dark eye rings since my uni days. I always have people coming to me and asked why I looked so tired (used to it alrdy).Tried eye treatment but doesn't help. Tried sleeping early but yet I have the habit of watching TV to relax myself before going to bed. I'm using Clinque's - All abt Eyes, won't say it works miracles but at least it doesn't irritate my eyes cos I've got really sensitive eyes.

I received this email from a friend and would like to share with all. I've tried the tea bag method and see some slight improvements.

Getting rid of dark circles
>Another day of overtime leaves you practically no time to have a good rest
>at all. You might not even have time to take a good look at yourself in
>mirror much less preen in front of it. Once, you manage to get a fleeting
>glance in the mirror only to double back to take in the panda-eyed
>staring back
>at you. Do all these sound familiar?
>Dark circles: how are they formed?
>Dark circles is the result of the skin on your eyelids thinning out with
>age, thus causing the blood vessels to become more apparent, giving your
>lower eyelids a darker appearance. It's also possible
>that thin eyelids are inherited. Dark eyelids can also be caused from
>swelling in your lower eyelids. When you're lying down, gravity causes
>fluid to collect in your lower eyelids, which may create shadows below
>Grandma to the rescue!
>So what do you do? Pile on tons of make-up?
>Concealing with make-up is not impossible but it does nothing to stamp out
>the problem. Over the counter eye creams promise to work wonders but even
>eye care products of big names companies could not produce miracle. But
>what's there to fret about?
>All you need to know are inside your grandmother's head. They may be as
>as your grandma but they sure seem effective for those who gave them a go
>on their faces
>Tea bags
>Place chilled used tea bags on eyelids and let the tea leaves work its way
>to clear the dark circles and under-eye bags.
>Place slices of cucumber on the eyelids for around 15 minutes. Fresh
>cucumber can promote blood circulation, gets rid of dark circles and
>reducswollen eyes.
>My grandma used to say that pressing a hot hard-boiled egg over the
>part of your body could help to spread the blood clot. Let me tell you
>something new: dark circles can be treated the same way too as heat from
>the hard-boiled egg can improve blood circulation. All you need to do is
>wrap the egg in a towel and lightly press it over the dark circles and
>they'll disappear. However, don't pop the egg straight into your mouth...
>naturally they cannot be eaten after the treatment!
>While cucumber is often cited as a common cure in various sources, apples
>are not. Yet they are no less effective than the cucumber as they provide
>nutrients like iron to the eyelids. Two slices of apple placed on the
>eyelids can rid you of dark circles too.
>Lotus and water chestnut juice
>Lotus roots and water chestnut are rich sources of starch, iron and
>protein, which promote blood circulation. Before going to bed, blend a
>small piece of lotus root, 3 or 4 chestnuts and 2 glasses of water
>together. Dip cotton pads in the mixture and cover them over the eyelids
>for around 10 minutes. The juice is helpful in lightening dark circles.
>Other methods to eliminate the hollow look:
>Gently massage saffron or almond oil on the dark area before going to bed.
>Dip cotton pads in fig juice, rosewater, or cold milk. Lie down with our
>feet raised higher than your head, and then place the wet pads on your
>yelids. Remain in position for 10 minutes.


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Wow, cath. Thanks so much for the info. I have the same problem as you. everyone ask me why i look so tired. very fed-up.
i have 4 types of eye cream on my dresser, been trying so many that i am giving up now.
Thanks so much, will try your ways....


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Hi all

an affordable and effective concealer to try is 'Make-up Forever'. It used to be in Robinson's but I think only Passion salon stocks it now. It's a make-up brand for pros.
Hope it helps.


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Hi Adeline, maybe you would like to try Kesalan Patharan's undertone lightup. It works like a dark rings are terrible and it helps to conceal nicely. And the texture is not drying so it won't accentuate fine lines or cake. One of the best concealers I've tried so far.


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Becca ( at Seiyu Bugis ) has wonderful concealers which effectively covers those dar rings. It comes in many shades and has a ' 2 tone ' concealer. 1 for face ( thicker texture ), 1 for the eye area ( slightly more 'fluid' ).


for reviews on cosmetic n skincare, great website.


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Thanks gal.

Besides, dark ring, I also have puffy and fine lines underneath my eyes.
Will these concealer works?


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I know Sandy Lam swears by YSL's radiant touch as it has light reflecting properties. Mustntr choose a concealer wif too thick a texture as it'll only accentuate fine lines.

Becca covers real well for me. cos of the variety of shades avail, i was able to pick one real close to my mine


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i guess concealer can only hide the puffy eyes for a short-term results. It is wiser to improve the puffy eyes first instead of trying to hide them away. i'd like to recommend Facelift Mask and Truface Essence, it's pretty good. Works well for me ^___^. Seen improvements on my other friends too when they use these products.


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dark eye rings are usually a signal of a sluggish circulation system. geting plenty of sleep is also impt.

as for puffy eyes, try to curb salt intake, do not drink too much water b4 bedtime, n sleep on a 'higher' pillow.


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is there variety of shades avail for YSL?
will it hide my puffy , fine lines n panda eyes?


i already tried not drinking much water for years at nite but still the same leh.......


which brand is Facelift Mask?


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HI missylan
agree with you that blending of foundation n concealers r impt in achieving that flawless look. some foundations dry rather quickly, making blending quite a chore.

Hi Adeline
i think YSL has less than 5 shades ( cant rem cos i bought it v long ago ).YSL is more of a highlighter, so i wonder if its suitable for puffy eyes? covers fine lines. but as for dark rings, its not that effective.

Hi Cowie
HUH??? when did Becca pull out fr Sing?
now where am i suppose to get my supplies in future. ArghhhhhH! this is not happening *HEE*


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Hi everyone,

I also have very dark rings. I don't use any makeup, but I cannot leave the house without putting concealers under my eyes. Concealer will wear off by the late afternoon, and my rings are obvious again!

Lately, I notice that there are lines forming under my eyes. And the lines get more obvious when I smile.

The concealer brand I am using is 'Covermark'.

Anyone of you have lines forming?
Is this due to the usage of concealer?
Is there anything I can do to get rid of those ugly lines? I look old with those lines under my eyes.

Pls help. I am very sad.


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i'm new here but hope i can help. as for the dark eye rings, other than catch more sleep, i believe doing some light massage at your eye areas will improve the circulation also.
as for the lines, after you have put on the concealer or even foundation, try not to pile too much powder onto the area. moisturise the area well. Imagine: if your skin is dry, and you put a concealer that is dry for your skin and worse when you put on the powder over can imagine, once you laugh, the face will seems like "cracked up" and the line are more prominent.
try to moisturise the area well. get the texture of concealer/foundation right. light dust the powder and brush off the excess, this it will lessen the lines "cracked" and dark eye circles.


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Facial Guasa helps lighten dark eye ring and may disappear totally! some friends of mine believe in this traditional method!reduces fine lines and wrinkles too!


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Hi i just bought a product from ettusais. it's call eye zone. they got two colors to tackle 2 kinds of dark eye circle.

what i mean is they will see if yours is towards blueish dark eye or yellowish brown. think mine is yellowish brown and after using, my eye area was brighten up! from far it'll seems like your eyes are "smiling" like that.

i'm please with the result. it can be applied on eyelid also. good thing is it doesnt crease to form lines so fast. as you all know if our eyelids are oily, the eyeshadow or concealer will crease and form line. but ettusais's wun. go ahead and try lah.


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hi girls, just chanced upon this thread...

i am looking for a dark eye rings concealer too cos mine are horrible!

And i tried beige ones but it made the eye area a little ashy although it did help to cover a bit. and also using anna sui eye colour light purple (use it like a concealer instaed of eye colour over dark eye rings as this is supposedly a highlighter effect), hmm, better results than normal neige concealer which i tot was more useful for covering my spots...

was reading tat orande concealer supposed to concela dark eye circles, and also remembered my MUA applied orange eye colour to my dark eye circles on for my PS, AD etc... and then covered the orange eye colour with foundataion... then really cannot see my dark eye rings! maybe it's really true?


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Hi girls,

I too have dark eye circle. There are a lot of cause to it, late nights, poor blood circulation, smoking/drinking, rubbing of eyes, straining of eyes, stress and most of all, genetic.

For me, I guess it's cause by genetic, poor blood circulation, rubbing of eyes & stress. All these yrs, hve been trying to sleep early, use eye products diligently, and refrain from rubbing my eyes. It really helps. Most of all, I've stopped work for almost a year, so, now stress-free, I do see a great deal of improvement, though not completely (due to genetic). Neverthelss, once in a while, I still hve slightly darker shadow due to disturb sleep or late nights, guess it's really unavoidable.

As for concealer, I'm using YSL radiance touch, swear by it, I usually use it without any other makeup, it's perfect. I guess we just have to be patient to see results.


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For my eye ring problem I'm using Shu Emura Pro Concealer. However I'm battling a bigger problem which is horrible eye bags! The only way to counter act the problem is by not smiling... alas I've been told me smile is my greatest feature


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Hey pinkblusher,

What abt going for surgery to remove eye bags ? Think there's a lot of good clinics around doing that.


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I think those sugeries for eyebag removal are meant for sagging eyebags due to age and not for under-30s like myself... and besides I heard that the problem will reccur if it's heriditary


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Err, okay. But maybe you should to consult a doctor first to find out more, cause it seems like you only heard from others and not from the professionals. There's this doctor whose clinic is at around Havelock who does all those laser surgeries is pretty good and reasonable priced. He also hve a clinic at Paragon, why don't you go see him and ask for advise. I think the charges should be just like the normal GPs' charges. I see him too for the Derma-rx products and also to remove the skin tags near my eyes. I mean if it is affordable just for consultation, why not go give it a try for some advise and knowledge if it's really bothering you.


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Hi Mudpie

Thanks for helping out. How much does your consultation cost and by laser do you mean a non-surgical solution can get rid of my problem? Can you let me have the contact of the doctor as there are a few operating at Paragon. If it's not convenient to post here you can email/PM me



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La Prairie has a good range of eye care products and also highlighter for eye area. Just started with their products, so far so good.


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Good recommendation, my friend has been using La prairie eye care for 5 years and so far not much wrinkles visible ( she's 52 years old).
As for dark eye ring I'll recommend KOSE.


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who has a dark eye problem can try eye serum treatment about every 10 day. I had this problem before. After two treatment all problem is gone.
anyone interests pls call 62895501 - coreen for details


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I agree with Forestgump4 too! Beauty sleep's the best remedy for dark circles & the golden hours are from 11pm to 3am! Read it from articles & Da S' book. As for lines/wrinkles, moisture is the way to go. If you're afraid of oil seeds forming, go for eye gels instead/oil-free eye products.
Right now I'm using Vitamin K eye cream that helps lighten dark circles, nourishes as well.

As for concealer, it's a rose double end - orange for covering bluish skin, yellow for brownish shadows & reddness in blemish.
If you need a lift of the bags, can try Makeup Forever lift concealer, contains vitamin E that nourishes the skin too!


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I think dark eye circle is a common problem faced by woman today. I use eye moisturiser daily and also liquid foundation to cover my dark eye circles. I seldom use concealer undereye as it caused fine lines to appear!


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am using the clarins eye cream and though am not very sure if it really works wonder but after a few tries my dark circles does seem to have ligten down and i tried not to pile on too much concealer too to prevent more fine lines from occuring


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can try the skilygirl eye conceler or one good conceler would be the face shop , flower concerler, natural and it proteccts you from the sun rays too. or there is one trick whereby i have recently learn, you cna try outting orange lipstick or orange foundation to cover the dark area and cover it with normal skin tone foundation with it , resson to use ornage foundation is because orange covers blue and trust me, it gives better effect than come conceler, hehe, but of course remeber to put mosturizer before you put anything on your face =)


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concealer doesnt solve the might want to use my favorite brand really great...dark rings around my eyes are all gone...yipee! check it our at


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My skin isn't super dry, and I'm not much of an expert or addict, so I'm not really sure this recommendation will help anyway. I recently got the Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer, which comes in a stick form. I think it's about $17 or $18. I've found that while it's not a cream or anything, it's creamy enough for me to blend and it doesn't look cakey (even under my eyes). I also think it gives pretty good coverage. I'm fair skinned and 4 is a little bit too dark and orange for me but 3 would be perfect. Hope I helped a bit.

It's also a good idea to try on a concealer in a store, if you can!


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Hi Chai chua,

Where can get this concealer? My dark circle is super bad, i look like panda when i do not make up


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I think choose of correct color and quality of concealer is most important. Firstly got to understand your own Dardanelles circle condition n skin type, there are different of Dardanelles circle .