Gold strings for wedding invitations


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Just wondering whether anyone know where to find the golden string for tying insert and the card together? I'm looking for the elastic type, slightly thicker than the normal thin, gold string.

Appreciate your help!


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U knw where's Rochor centre, opposite Fu Lu Shou in Bugis? There's a shop near to the bank which sells the golden string u mentioned. if not to Concourse also hv. That shop sells alot of xmas, CNY and other stuff, and i got my ribbons there.


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WTS this gold thread.

Hi All,

I bought too many packet of the gold thread for the invitation card. I left with abt 10packet of 100m each packet. Willing to sell it for $4 include postage charges.

Interested parties pls sms me at 96916262 or email me at [email protected]



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Hi I have some leftovers for gold strings.
72m + (75pcs of 39cm each). selling at $2.50 with normal postage. Pls let me know if U R interested!


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Unused gold strings (non elastic) to tie your wedding inserts. I have used 1 bundle for 200cards and still got remaining.

3 bundles with each about 120m left.

1 for $3.50
2 for $6.50
3 for $8.00

Pls PM me if interested. Sincere buyers only.


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Hello lim...I bought two packs for my wedding cards but only opened one pack.

One is totally brand new, unopened (144 yards). The other is used about half.

If you only want the brand new one, I can let got at $3.50 with normal postage. If you want all, everything will be $5 with normal postage.

Anyone interested, please PM me quick, otherwise I will listing it on my blog soon.



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just to share with all brides. I saw my friend's wedding card which was really gorgeous. The wedding card that I wanted for my wedding but wasnt able to find it. It's like a book! If anyone is interested can email me


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Hi all, I have a few types of strings to let go.

1. gold string, non-elastic, brand new packet of 144 yards (bought wrong colour. gold doesnt look nice with my card) -- $5

2. silver string, elastic, brand new packet approx 540 inches. Elastic string is slightly thicker than the normal string. -- $5

3. silver string, non-elastic. I used about 1/4 of the packet, approx 100 yards left. -- $3.50

Anyone interested can drop me an email at [email protected]



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Hello. I have unused gold strings (non elastic) to tie your wedding inserts. I used less than half for 50 cards and still alot left.

1 bundle is about 120 m long. I have 1 and 3/4 bundle left. Selling everything for $4

PM me or email me at [email protected]
2 packets of gold string (non-elastic) to tie your wedding cards. $5 each. 9m long able to tie 100+ cards depending on the length of the card. Contact me at 98758110 if you want pictures of the items and for faster response.