Giving up Conrad wedding banquet lunch 22/10/2017

Discussion in 'Banquet Packages' started by quincytincy, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. quincytincy

    quincytincy New Member

    if any of you brides-to-be searching for the ideal location for your wedding lunch, can consider Conrad Hotel which has a beautiful ballroom with high ceiling, grand spiral staircase and 12pax per table seating (very worth it!).

    I'm looking for someone to take over a wedding lunch banquet on 22 Oct 2017. If you are keen, please email me and I can share more details.


  2. segaboy

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  3. hazelhunny

    hazelhunny New Member

    Hi, i'm looking for a hotel on 22 oct 2017 for my banquet as well! Can email the details to
  4. Jeremine

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  5. Kathy15

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  6. nauxiep

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  7. Timmweilim

    Timmweilim New Member

    Hi, is this still available? Can you PM me details of your package ? Can it be change to another date?
  8. quincytincy

    quincytincy New Member

    Hihi, I've emailed you the package :)
  9. quincytincy

    quincytincy New Member

    It's still available but can't change dates. Are you still keen?
  10. quincytincy

    quincytincy New Member

    Hihi I've emailed you the package :)
  11. Fxrliciousss

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  12. hello!

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  13. wenj

    wenj New Member

    Hi! Can pm me the details ? Keen :)
  14. TeoPC

    TeoPC New Member

    Hi, please send to
  15. Meiyun_hebi

    Meiyun_hebi Member

    Hi, can email me the detail of the package?

    I would love to know more about ur package, cost, menu, etc
  16. stressed snail

    stressed snail New Member

    hi hi, can PM me the details?
  17. lung

    lung New Member

  18. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member

    Wish i can get conrad but my dates are fully booked
  19. lonewanderer

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  20. rxkei

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  21. Ghx

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  22. lonewanderer

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  23. luckycat66

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  24. mickeymouse_7

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  25. dawnnyyy

    dawnnyyy Member

    Hi has this been taken up? Would you please email me package details at if it's still available. Thanks!
  26. Ong Ming Yi

    Ong Ming Yi New Member

  27. Jasiology

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  28. Emily Ting

    Emily Ting New Member

    hi if its still avail pls email me at
    ive checked with hotel and they have my dates... so if possible let me know on ur package thanks
  29. _babybreath_

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