Getting eyebrow embroidery


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Hello ladies!

Personally, I've done my brows numerous times by different beautician. But every single time after I've done my brows, I will always walk out the shop in tears! It was really dark and hideous! Everyone can't stop commenting like... "Why your brows look like that"
I was really upset and after few years later, I decided to give it another try with a renowned salon. I spent a bomb on my brows and still, terrible result.

Since then, I've decided to step into this industry to save all the ladies & gentlemen from dark loud brows! And tada!! Here I am.
If you've encountered the same awful experience as me or if you are afraid to go through dark loud brow, then I'm the person who you should look for! I promise this will never happen to you!

Current promotion: S$238 nett! (Please quote singaporebrides)
· All brows are carefully designed to your desired shape/ style
· Last 1 to 3 years
· Complimentary touch up within 3 months
· Aftercare cream
· No discoloration
· No additional/ hidden cost
· I don’t sell any packages in browtique

Do view my profile at instagram:
Contact: 8784 7101


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What happens if I don't like the shape I've already chosen? It is often not clear from the sketch what the eyebrow itself will look like.