Gathering for 30s


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i cannot pm you my email. can you pm your email address?


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yes..Great lo!

The place is not bad,but a lot of charges la..
Not worth it lo..
The price we pay can buy 2 drinks in Starbucks lo.haaa!!!


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lalalalalala, she'll b coming rd the corner when she comes, she'll b coming rd the corner when she comes, she'll b..

k hi there folks !
Juz checked out that grill stuff.
First, ulu place deep in Seletar airbase, got cars no probl, no cars better car pool wif safe people.
Second, they got main course, but the popularity is abt the spicy wings. So if got tofu stomach, better give the wing a miss.
Last, no entrance fee (hint hint), but average spend per person should be ard $30+.


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leave pm celine/esylnn or me ur im/email lor, then we can update each other there.

Mayb juz briefly intro ur status/gender, currently the group has a fair share of single vs married, slightly more gals than guys. But watever it is, aint matter, all juz wanna widen social O n chill out nia.

oh ya, the group age ranged 25-35 as of last outing.


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buffet is gd, can eat n talk til they close, coz we'll never run outa topic n food n got 'chased' away.

few nice place i been to:
1. sizzler at suntec
can b quite crowded, nt sure abt weekdays though

2. sizzler at toa payoh
went there for lunch salad bar buffet, nice
crowd is ok, but dinner may b crowded

3. Hao zhou dao porridge steamboat at blk 712 amk
the dish is generous n fresh, never tried their porridge b4.
round tables. gd for chat

4. Guo Fu Vegetarian Restaurant - China Square
quite deserted on weekdays evening, easy to get seats
round tables. gd for chat

5. any seoul garden branch
but mostly are elongated table setting, hard to chat

6. beach rd buffet,
give them up, neverending crowd and expensive


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wah. buffet cannot lah. i eat so little nia. haha. eat a bit then full liao. =(

but i like sizzler. haha.

hmmm... milk powder leh. why not milo powder or horlick powder sia?


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i think hor send email more effective ba. cos sometime i guess some will not be able to trace the forum. if not sms also can. hohoho.


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besides, makan, nothing esle to do?

Anyway, I wan to jio for GSS shopping, those interested pls PM or email me.

Those who have my email, from our last gathering..
I wish to do a GSS shopping, gal or buy welcome


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hi all, was another great outing last evening!

Thks Jajah for pushing on despite a few last minute absentees. We had a wonderful surprise also btw during the outing. ^^

And welcome all new members to the outing. Glad that the group is expanding.

Evon/dimp or any1 interested can pm Jajah/dude/me or TS, we can include u in our email correspondence for coming outings (yea, intend to have at least 1 every month)


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I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to milk_powder for making special arrangements out of his busy schedule to join us and support me

3 cheers for milk_powder man!

Yeah for new members, you guys can just drop us a msg and we will include you in the list .
So far our gatherings have been quite healthy lah... For those who are worried abt meeting up but nothing to talk abt... Hahahaha I don't think that will happen in our group.