Gathering for 30s


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I am girl.. :p,
Watson is my 1st dog.. he died

anyways, yup, I am girl.. 29 married


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so how does it work? I get some emails.. but I'm unsure if I am spammed, so I asked the fella to identify himself..

he can indicate any nick rite?


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yah i agree get everyone to post here 1st then if necessary then email. You wont want your inbox to be full of conversational emails ...


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hi siao, u never reply my pm leh.

btw, have a good time everyone. Me need to rest at home still.


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sorry bro, i checked again, it went to my spam mailbox man! The filters screwed up.

I just replied u


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hi sighh, first let's respect TS's decision - stick to 28 above.
I can reconcile the rationale, simply bcoz we (or at least in my opinion) believe tat ppl 28 above requires an expansion of social circle. Not bcoz we have no friends, but bcoz at our age, especially 30above, most peers would have settled down or have some commitment on their own, thus leaving individuals harder to find gathering opportunities.
Also the topics for 30above n 25below likely to differ quite a bit. When im below 25, i talk abt which further studies to pursue, which career to embark, wat partner we idolise, wat pub we frequent etc, but now, we talk abt family, children, parents, keeping fit n healthy n issues on marriage etc.
Not saying we have gen gap, but juz trying to narrow the purpose of this thread.


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i don't know i am so famous here.

me :

gender : man
age : 33
job : i will kill if i tell you
status : changing all the time
sibling : only 1, older sister
nationality : study, live and work in variety countries. i am lost Identity
race : mix
financial : not too bad
hobby : looking for unknown
character : essentric, little odd, wierd vissionary and revolution
Dream : lone wanderer in the waste land
overall : I am still ridiculously attractive man.

sound very self-style, of course I have to. better with positive style than negative. it make the world a better place to live.


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i understand lonelyhubby. but hor, i dont frequent pub nor club. neither do i need to pursue my studies.

my topics also evolve around families and issues on marriage.

but still i applause what you said.



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This thread suppose to be for the 30s intially but end up its for 28 and above..maybe should be exceptional also ba. who knows a 25 yr old gal might have the same frequency as those of 28 and above..but anyway the final decision is still up to the TS..either to have 1 more frd or another frd less..most imptly is know who is serious who is not who to invite and who not..


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Agree with lonely hubby, but if 25 yo insist then why not. I do not have frens so young though, so far have no topics or common interests which can last long. Just short term frenship and talk about cosmetics.


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hi celine,

can i join? I have added some of u guys IM.

1) Celine
2) sane
3) Jajah
4) Lonelyhubby75
5) Eslynn
6) altiora
7) watson
8) Jojer


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Hi winnie82,

U seem like born on same year as me ya.. 82 kaki!!
Haa..nice to meet u lo..can add me in msn ya..
I just send request to yr yahoo acc..wait for yr approval wo!
U got msn too..


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Hi winnie82

Wah cannot be bah same month..
Okie,my horoscope is scorpio!!
Then u know which mth la..haaa

got added me..


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Hi winnie,

sure! but i next week not free ma..
need to go out to hometown lo..
anyway,can arrange again ya..


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Halo all,

I have email u all we will change our gathering to thurs since lonelyhubby can't make it at the place suggested by jajah.

Check ur mail. If anyone still wans to join us, pls leave ur mail here. Juz in case I leave out any of u.

Sighh86, I dun mind making more frenz. Though I in my early 30s, I have other frenz in early 20s to 40s though. Leave ur mail, I keep u in the loop.


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hey celine, I don mind clubbing/chill long never go club.. let me know if u wan to join me on 28 May to St James. (",)