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Discussion in 'A Meeting Place For All Brides' started by maggies, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. maggies

    maggies New Member

    Hi all

    Just like to know, do you brides give your bridesmaids total free hand on the gatecrash games and they can do anything, play any games they want, or at least they have to run by the games with you ie. if there are some games you rather they dont play, you have a say to remove /replace the games?

  2. GellyMong

    GellyMong Member

    I actually told my bridesmaid they have to run through the games with me.
  3. fullofdusk

    fullofdusk Member

    I agree! Don't blindly let your bridesmaids play the games! And don't play the different condiments one I heard a lot of the guys will have diarrhoea!

    For me I haven't discussed with the bridesmaids but I want it to be as simple as possible hahaha
  4. eonshe

    eonshe New Member

    I agree. I will do the same too cos just hv some mild games to have the joyous atmosphere will do...I don't want to affect my HTB and brothers' ego.
  5. maggies

    maggies New Member

    Thanks gals for sharing your thoughts! I just wanna know what mostly brides will do so I can share with my jie meis too haha!

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