Gate crash and solemnisation on a different day from wedding dinner

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  1. Che

    Che New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone done/ going to do your gate crash + everything else including solemnisation on Day 1, followed by wedding dinner on Day 2?

    I'm stuck in this situation because we signed for our dinner to be on a Sunday (can't change to Saturday because of number of tables), and the dates given by Geomancer falls on Saturdays (none of it are Sundays).

    I feel that it might be a good thing as we can take things at our own pace on both days, but does it mean that my costs will be doubled? E.g I have to have a photographer/gown rental/MUA on two days instead of one?

    Please share your experience/ advice!!!

  2. eang18

    eang18 Member

    Photographer and videographer charges by hours so shouldn’t be double cost. Likewise for MUA, and gown rental ... probably gonna to be a slight top up. Hard Nego a bit, you would get only need to topup for MUA
  3. Che

    Che New Member

    Thanks for sharing! I've yet to start looking for pg vg etc thus dont really know how it works. Was thinking it's normally in a package..
  4. RylaiCrestfall

    RylaiCrestfall New Member

    My situation was like yours too. Separate days, but have to pay them a few hundreds for engaging them for half day instead of one full day. Not sure about yours?

    Couldn't negotiate anymore for bridal package as contract already signed, and we're asked to rent extra gowns from them instead. MUA also have additional charges from separate days and even 2nd march-in. So many extra cost for splitting days.. :(
  5. Che

    Che New Member

    Oh noo, thats the last thing that I'll want.. having to pay extra with shorter hours. I've yet to sign any packages, would like to do more research first.
    How come you decided to do yours on separate days, though?
  6. SGStyleMe

    SGStyleMe New Member

    Me too :( I am still researching. I probably hire a full day pkg on Day 1 and half a day on Day 2. It will definitely incur extra cost, split day charges or some sort.
  7. CharleneC89

    CharleneC89 New Member

    I have the same situation. Took us quite a long time to find a freelance photographer who is willing to just charge just 1 full day rate. Try to nego for the best deal;)
  8. CarmenL

    CarmenL New Member

    Hi Charlene, I jz PM you. Can you share with me the photographer contact and price package asap. I need a photographer urgently. TQ.

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