Gate crash and solemnisation on a different day from wedding dinner

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  1. Che

    Che New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone done/ going to do your gate crash + everything else including solemnisation on Day 1, followed by wedding dinner on Day 2?

    I'm stuck in this situation because we signed for our dinner to be on a Sunday (can't change to Saturday because of number of tables), and the dates given by Geomancer falls on Saturdays (none of it are Sundays).

    I feel that it might be a good thing as we can take things at our own pace on both days, but does it mean that my costs will be doubled? E.g I have to have a photographer/gown rental/MUA on two days instead of one?

    Please share your experience/ advice!!!

  2. eang18

    eang18 Member

    Photographer and videographer charges by hours so shouldn’t be double cost. Likewise for MUA, and gown rental ... probably gonna to be a slight top up. Hard Nego a bit, you would get only need to topup for MUA
  3. Che

    Che New Member

    Thanks for sharing! I've yet to start looking for pg vg etc thus dont really know how it works. Was thinking it's normally in a package..

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