Garden themed wedding items for sale

Discussion in 'Home And Deco Stuff' started by misochic, May 4, 2017.

  1. misochic

    misochic Member

    Hello Brides-to-be!

    I had a lovely garden themed wedding and I have a few items for sale.

    1. Bride and Groom burlap banners with lace ($5)

    bride and groom.jpg 2. Wooden Ring Box with the "I do" engraving ($5) ring box.jpg 3. (a) Chalkpainted Wine Bottle ($4) - chalk easily removable with water and a wet towel. I have 10.
    (b) Artificial Ivy Leaves 7.7 ft ($2)
    (c) LED Fairylights 10m ($12)

    4. (a) 2 Wine Crates ($10 each)
    (b) "Love" cake topper ($2)
    (c) Artificial Leaf Vine 20m ($3)
    5. "Love is Sweet" Garland ($4)


    6. 22 Framed Table Numbers (1-25, without no. 4, 14 and 24) (each $2)


  2. Jjjjj.

    Jjjjj. New Member

    Interested in both vines
  3. misochic

    misochic Member

    Pmed u, J!
  4. misochic

    misochic Member

    Vines sold!
  5. mikito

    mikito New Member

    Are the wooden crates available? Pls pm thanks
  6. misochic

    misochic Member

  7. misochic

    misochic Member

    pm-ed! please what's app me
  8. geeeetea

    geeeetea New Member

    hi! interested in Bride and Groom burlap banners with lace ($5). let me know how to contact you. thanks!
  9. misochic

    misochic Member

    Pm-ed you!
  10. Jasify

    Jasify New Member

    Hi, is the Bride and Groom burlap banners with lace still available?

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