Furniture from JB


Alice, mind to share the add of both shops?

When will the items be delivered to you?

Do you have any photos to share?



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Hi cheese. sorry leh don't have photo to share as we didn't took the photos:p
i will get the address tonight:D, but i only have the shop's address which we bought the furnitures.
No comfirm when they will delivery cos our house haven't start renovation yet.

All itesm which i bought from them will deliver to my place in one time.


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Hi Cheese,
The furniture's shop name it's
no 2, 2A, 2B, Jalan Sri Putra 1, Bandar Putra, 81000 Kulai. Johor.


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Hi Summer.
Last thurdays was our 1st appointment and we get the key from owner, had brough Edmund to take a look.
We haven't start the reno yet, as we notice that the master toilet celing for leak water, edmund told me that bu HDB rule, upstair's owner need to share the repair's fees. But seen our seller need to responsible for that, so wait the thing settle then we can start Reno.
at least you got check :p
mine was luckily upstair do reno first then my turn, so when they hack kitchen upstair even if got slight leakage also no worries, luckily nothing happened..

so you confirm signing with edmund? make sure all free items black and white ok, scared he will forget he promise you free things.. very important to write it down ok :p


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No sign with edmund yet keke, cos the quotation haven't finalize yet:p Today he will send the quotation to us again, and he had suggest for the walk-in wardrobe, c how lah:D:D

But i was very happy with the furniture which we bought from kulai johor, expesialy the dressing table-3.5ft RM780, simple and nice, i love Zen type keke.

And the tv console with wall design 10ft it's RM1880, my hubby love it so much, but i prefere another tv console which's more simple , which's low floor type of tv console( imagine it's zen type), only 1180.. but my hubby love the wall type, can put decoration stuff..hai..


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oh? u often go in jb meh?
As i know that Miva and Milan which located around Taman Molek, their furniture's design r very nice( i never saw:p but heart ppl said their furnitures r quite high class). But they might need customer to pay the levy fess and custom fees.
nope me don go jb me search in sg, cos me a bit freak to go there, my collegue fm there also find there not safe, they also scared kena unlucky things, so i even more scared.. i think pay a bit more no choice
ren sheng di bu shu, somemore cant off together w my collegue no one bring in, unlike the x collegue buy from sis factory got staff price and pay lower taxes


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ya if u not familiar with jb, better buy from sg, incase got any problem, easy to solve seen in sg. For us is cos we often back to kulai and my hubby's house also in kulai, at least they not dare to cheat us.

so Summer, u haven't search any furnitures? Ur house had start Renovation leh.
alice you wan pop into 3d thread to see my pics, got a lot of pics post in renot forum..
not buying furniture prob cos cash tight.. going look for mattress and bed frame first..


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I bought my full set of furnitures (all full solid birchwood in zen concepts) in a furniture shop in JB for RM10k+.
Juz received the goods today and very pleased with it.
the charges were 7%GST plus RM260levy charges (The manager waived the levy for me ^^).
Well, it's a big showroom with 8 shops linked together and 3 floors high.
you can email to me at [email protected] or call the shop at 607-3512142 for the shop address or further details.


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I agree that buying from JB is cheaper. Lower standards of living, hence cheaper prices. Do check out some stores deliver in for free!!!


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hi hi i order some furniture from soonly ann in johor, paid 30% deposit, was told to pay
70% balance when i nxt go in to settle before delivery. is this standard practice or
do i have e right to settle it when they deliver to singapore? help pls. kinda worried
though it has a good reputation


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I bought my lights from JB, not all, just one for my balcony and another one for my master bedroom. So far they are still working. Have not tried buying any other pieces from JB yet but it is important that you buy from a shop that has been there for a long time and also that the pieces are in good condition.