Furama Riverfront Singapore


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personally my co ordinator is Albert. He is not bad. Heard Shannon also nt bad.

mayb u can try to speak to either 1. if u feel comfortable then change ur co ordinator to them ba...


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mine is also carol yen. I find her efficient and she would share with you some practical tips and advice. She is always very flexible and helpful.


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Just had my ROM ceremony. The food was fantastic but the services provided by our coordinator was disappointing. Prior to our ROM,we had to exchange many emails to remind her on the stuff we wanted. However to our disappointment, the flower decoration was still in wrong colour and the chairs do not even have sash. The table cloth colour was wrong as well. We only got to know that the flower decoration was not the one we wanted hours before the ceremony when we went down to the hotel to check. She did not even inform us beforehand. She claimed that this was the standard flower decoration. However when we met up before signing the contract, she asked what colour we wanted and the table colour..Disappointing service by her. Though the food and hotel service (by other) was good, may not be taking up this hotel for my AD package.


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Hi tiffyz (tiffyz), Sad to hear that u have the similar occurance as me. Haiz, mine is a wedding dinner. The food was served COLD (Not one but all tables). I was disappointed as I told them that food is an important factor for me. No need to be nice but at least Warm. I feedback to my coordinator "I" and requested a written explaination on this. On the whole email correspondance, she did not apologise. However, still insist that they have done the due diligent to ensure the food is warm. Worse still, she bring up an incident where their staff accidently throw away my guest's personal stuff (Well, I admit its not the hotel fault). Actually i have personnally thanks to the manager that night for his effort to look for it. However, "I" reply was like,"... our F&B Manager is kind enough to go into the rubbish dump to search for it."

Well, i could say, she need really more training. This is the second time i complaining her. Haiz. I still prefer my first coordinator, halim. But he now transfer to the other furama.


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I suggest tiffyz, you can try taking the hotel package. They are really good and affordable. But only thing, u have to choose the right sales coodinator.. My whole wedding turn out to be a success - Thanks to Jason (Banquet operation coodinator, receptions, bell men, and even the waiters!), ALL EXPECT FOR THE FOOD PORTION and SERVICE PROVIDED BY "I"


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hi ss5929, do you have Jason email address? I am considering this hotel for my wedding in 2011.

Thanks all for the comments and it is indeed useful for ppl like me who is looking for one good and affordable hotel.


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Jason is actually our operation manager. He dun do sales one. Sales is the person who coordinate your requirement and liase with hotel. The ops mgr will do the actual day running, but i guess all the ops mgr there are equally good. You can try Albert instead, he is the director for sales. But i have no comments on him la, ie getting peaks.. hehe..


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Thanks SS5929. It was really disappointing that she offered such service despite her promise to us. She did not even apologise when the sash ran out and the table cloth was in wrong colour. She had a " take it or leave it" attitude. To think that we were quite tolerant when she kept forgeting the stuff we wanted.
Will definitely not recommend her to all. May consider taking up the package if we can have the other coordinators since the food was good


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can someone give me Ira's email add?
Halim changed to another dept and is no longer my coordinator

And Ira is our new coordinator...
Hmm.. read a lot of stuffs here but guess i shall try out and see how issit.
But really Halim is such a nice guy


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Thanks for your feedback, Jeanie. I just came back from Furama Riverfront...the Mercury ballroom is indeed quite special...only that the pillars inside the ballroom but I think is ok cos Don said that there will be 3 projectors...


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Hi All!

Sorry to disturb,

Have some wines leftover from my wedding luncheon ended early January. They are Pierre Jean Merlot (France) - 2008. Have about 33 bottles left. and some Pierre Jean White Wine left too.

Not too sure but heard this is the wine that Goodwood Park serves during wedding banquets. If you BTBs and GTBs are interested can let me know yah?

I am selling at $16 a bottle, but if you are getting them in bulk can negotiate slightly. Self collection.

Please email me at carolinn80@gmail as I do not check forum that often. Cheers!
I need help. I've got "I" and She seems pretty blur and not proactive. She doesnt respond to my emails well enough. I write many details and she doesnt seem to understand what Ive asked. She replies simple sentences back and not to my understanding.
Pls help.
I havent signed anything, my Fiance and I love the place But we're worried about what I am reading and Im e sort who needs the planning proper so I dun have to fuss over it. The planning is vital to me.. but she doesnt seem to be working along w me...and its only the beginning. anyone can share your feedback esp those in 2009 yr end and early Jan 2010. Our wedding is Jan 2011. pls help.
Those w Albert, pls give me his contact no. pls. Thanks.
Id like to know how much yall paid for you package and whats in the deal..
Thanks...=P Im a little worried...
Ihave to share all these e my Fiance and have to decide..=Z


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Hi, My coordinator is Terence and he is good!!! you may contact him and say i recommend.. haha!! he should remember me coz i m quite fussy and troublesome de.. haha!
may I ask which ballroom u used and how much did it cost you? I know there are variations in whats in the package but..Im a personw ho needs to compare esp if its such a big ticket item.. thanks dear..=P
But i feel bad if I change after speaking w "I" and she doing quite a bit for me already.. but of course my Fiance and I will make our decision thats best. We thot of giving her a chance n keep our fingers crossed n pray that God oversees her and us..haha.. but if half way down the road, we feel its not working, we may change..yeah..=P will look for T nonetheless.thanks dear.. pls help appease my cost question. =P or u can email me since more private more fair to the hotel.=P

Whens ur AD?

[email protected]


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Hi babe!!!
i am using venus ballroom.. the package is $818++ per table i think.. the price is fixed and u can obtain from the webby... and u can view the stuff included inside the package as well. I would say the package is quite comprehensive and there is nothing much u can ask for... when i was at other hotels, i have to ask for more perks.. but as for FRR, almost everything is included!! nothing much to ask also.. haha!

my AD is in Nov.. booked the place last July i think... i went to a few place and considering the place and price and package, i feel that this is one of the best place...
Hi Jac,

Could we discuss over email/ its troublesome here..=P

ANy idea how many bottles of wine will a pax of 360 consume?
Im seeing if I can get fr outside at cheap rate and bring in. =) so they cut cost for me on this..=P but they wont tell me how much the free flow package costs..=P my budget baoza already so I have to cut here n there..=P me kno its kinda the best deal in town for such a comprehensive package..=P hehe.. tts y me love it. no hassle.
wanna speak to u abt cards too..u done them using Tdragon or using ur own? =P


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Hi Jacqueline.

Ur AD in Nov? Mine too! Mine is on 13 Nov. ")

Had my ROM held there and my coordinator is Albert. Had great experiences with him so far. Nice guy with lots of advices for me and my hubby.

Food wise, nice with big portions. Had lunch buffet for my ROM and held it at Mercury. Just had company CNY Dinner @ FRF too and it was yummy! Hope my AD dinner is yummy too...