From This Moment full version with vow at the beginning


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Hi all,
does anyone have the following songs?
pls send to me @ [email protected], thanks

1) "From This Moment with vows"
2) "Be My Guest"


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does anyone had the songs below? pls email to [email protected] Thks!

1) You are my first, my last and my everything - Barry White
2) I cant smile without you - Carry Manilow
3) When i say i love you - Redwan Ali
4) I pledge my love
5) Here and Now
6) I need you
7) Celebration - Secret Garden
8) Fallen - Lauren Wood
9) SHE - Elvis Costello
10) This i promise you - Ronan Keating
11) A walk to remember- Mandy Moore
12) It had to be me - Happy Connick Jr.
13) Cant take my eyes off you - Frankie Valli
14) Prefect moment - Mary Griffin
15) From this moment- Shania Twain - with the vow


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can share these songs with me as well... thanks
[email protected]

1) "From This Moment with vows"
2) You are my first, my last and my everything - Barry White
3) Here and Now
4) Prefect moment - Mary Griffin


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Can anyone please email me the songs?

I am trying to find as many weddings songs as possible to choose for my AD nex yr.



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hi, anyone can send me the following songs?

1) Nat King Cole - (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
2) Jamie Cullum - What a difference a day makes
3) Maxwell - Whenever Wherever Whatever
4) Edie Brickell - Good Times
5) Adam Sandler - Grow old with you
6) Luther Vandross - Always and forver
7) Diana Krall - Just the way you are

send to [email protected]



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hi there, can email me the song too? my email: [email protected] ..thanks..i compiling wedding songs for my ROM at the chalet and my AD next year..really appreciate all helps...if anyone has songs to send to my email..really thanks..