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Can you tell me who sang C'est Si Bon? What is the meaning of the song? Would you happen to have the song? If yes, can send to me?


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A number of people have sung C'est Si Bon, including Dean Martin and, more recently, Janet Sidel.

Lyrics are reproduced below. If you want the MP3, please indicate your e-mail address.

C’est si bon (It's So Good)

C’est si bon
Lovers say that in france
When they thrill to romance
It means that it´s so good

C´est si bon
So I say to you
Like the french people do
Because it´s oh so good.

Every word, every sigh, every kiss, dear,
Leads to only one thought
And the thought is this, dear!

C´est si bon
Nothing else can replace
Just your slyest embrace
And if you only would

Be my own for the rest of my days
I will whisper this phrase
My darling, my darling...
C’est si bon!


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Hi Hsin,

Can I have the song too? Thanks!

[email protected]


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I'm just wondering if anyone here knows the song, 'That's Amore'. It's a simple uplifting song. If you have, please let me know. Thanks a mil!


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anyone has any idea what is the french song that was being played on the advertisement of the mediacorp show starring joanne peh, pierre png and roy chiu a mth ago? always wanted to know its title!

if anyone has the song, can email me at [email protected]?


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anyone can send me the "yours always" french song...starring joanna peh

its a french song...been looking for it