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Discussion in 'Bridal Boutiques and Services' started by piggy, Jun 11, 2001.

  1. piggy

    piggy New Member

    would like to know more about the design, service and photography of the shop. Anybody has anything to comment?

  2. minnie

    minnie New Member

    Hi! I was the brides maid for my friend who took her wedding package from FL. I loved the way they are always so friendly not only to you but also your relatives if they happen to be there. They do go all out of the way to make your wedding day the best day of your life! Frederick went to my friend's house at 5 am in the morning to help her wear her dress ! The make up artist that she got was also very good. He made us feel very at ease and the make up was not too heavy...very natural. Frederick really has a passion for his job and I find that he is really sincere when he says he will design a dress that fits you. The photography is also good ( looking at my friend's . But I think u really have to go there to experience it yourself. I wouldn't mind using Frederick myself but I'm not too sure about the charges.
  3. emilia

    emilia New Member

    I was also considering trying out Frederick Lee. I read a feature article about him in a 1999 issue of Her World Brides, and just by reading the interview I was impressed. He sounded so cheerful and enthousiastic, and very passionate about what he's doing. It seems his bridal studio is very unique, too. I'm very curious to hear if anyone has used him and what their experience was. How is the quality of the gowns?
  4. ck

    ck Guest

    I heard from another designer in the industry that Federick Lee is good for corset cut bodice & ball gowns ... Dramatic / Bold / Loud seems to be waht he's good at,too .. If that's what you are looking for ...
  5. emilia

    emilia New Member

    I don't mind a bit of drama, but bold and loud is not really what I had in mind... hm, I guess I'll have to go and check him out myself. Thanks!
  6. mo-june2002

    mo-june2002 Guest

    Any brides with Fredrick Lee? I like his gowns and would like to know how he is like as a designer. Easy to work with? What about his price?
  7. wei

    wei New Member

    Hi, has anyone visited Federick Lee. Can share your experience with me? Thanks [​IMG]
  8. karen

    karen New Member

    Hi, may i know if Frederick Lee ties up with any particular photographer???
  9. viv

    viv New Member

    I was having lunch at Maxwell Mkt during a weekday and decided to pop in to see the bridal shops around Tg Pagar area. Since it was just after noon, not all shops were open. I walked past Frederick Lee and saw the big "Open" sign, and walked in. There was no one so my colleagues called out hello to see if anyone could help. This ah-soh walked out and rudely asked what we wanted. She told us in a real nasty manner, saying,"We are NOT open yet!" My colleague then asked her why the "Open" sign is showing then. The ah-soh didn't even bother to reply, just gave us some brochures and went to the back of the shop. I couldn't leave the shop fast enough! I tell you, even if that's the LAST bridal gown shop in S'pore, I will NOT even consider! Sorry Frederick, but your lousy staff really put me off!
  10. nat

    nat New Member


    Would like to know if any of u had used Frederick Lee bridal svcs and how wud u rate his svc n designs. Thank u.
  11. k

    k Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I just visited the boutique to find out how much the EG costs. I was told that the price range would be about $1,900 for a dress with beading (not full beading). I must say the EGs there are very glamourous looking but that's a lot of money to pay for a gown... Wonder if any of you have purchased EGs from him before?
  12. aa

    aa Guest

    Hmmm.. why is this thread so quiet? Where r all the FL brides (if there's any)?
  13. peachcooler

    peachcooler New Member

    Hi AA,

    seems like there is not much FL brides... me considering taking FL. how abt u? Did u attend The Regent Hotel show?
  14. bijou

    bijou New Member

    Hi AA and peachcooler,

    I am interested in FL but haven't found the time to visit his shop yet. Can advise on his packages?

  15. peachcooler

    peachcooler New Member

    hi Bijou,

    I hv not visit his shop yet but hv attend the bridal show held at The Regent Hotel last mth. I find his gowns all very nice... some can be very bold & elaborate... overall find that the material he uses is of gd quality!

    His package starts fm $2588 to $4588.

    Think i will visit his shop next mth!
  16. lt

    lt Guest

    hi all.... i'm one of FL's brides... signed up during his show at regent. took the $4588 package, but since exclude photography (cos i took someone else), paid only $3200 (after discount).

    will be meeting up with him end of this month to design the gowns.!!

    hope to hear from you guys soon! [​IMG]
  17. bijou

    bijou New Member

    Hi LT,

    Does your package include mtm man's suit?

  18. aa

    aa Guest

    Hi, calling all Federick Lee's brides...

    What are the photographers FL is tied with?
  19. tho

    tho Guest

    You may like to check out under Market Exchange corner some comments written abt Frederick Lee Bridal. is under the heading:

    $500 Voucher for Frederick Lee Bridal for sale at $50

    hope this helps
  20. vellocet

    vellocet Guest

    Dear LT:
    Have you any feedback from your design session with him yet? Do share!
  21. andrew

    andrew New Member


    I have an $800 voucher for Frederick Bridal's $4588 package. Selling it for $100. Anybody interested? Please e-mail me at
  22. trixie

    trixie New Member


    Anyone has the email addy of Frederick Lee Bridal? If so, pls send to me at

  23. fantasy

    fantasy New Member


    Calling for all Frederick Lee Brides!!!!
  24. fish

    fish New Member

    Has anyone tried Frederick Lee before? Can let me know how's the pricing and customer service is like and which photography studio he ties up with? I saw his bridal gowns in a bridal magazine... look really beautiful.
  25. fantasy

    fantasy New Member

    Hi Dawn,

    I'm with Frederick Lee, but my wedding date is next year.
    Cant really comment much but till now am very happy with him. Just to share some personal experience.
    Rented my ROM gown from him and he personally did my hand bouquet and recommended a makeup artist to me.
    I hesitated and looked ard before committing as the cost of rental is ard $500. Just wanted to play safe and be sure that it's something worth paying for.
    I visited at least 7 to 8 different bridal studios and couldnt find anything that was near comparable to the gown that I rented from him. The details on the dress is just perfect. Not too exaggerate nor too simple. My hand bouquet was elegantly done up. What impressed me most was when I got to know from my makeup artist that the hand bouquet was done up by Frederick himself that very morning.
    I cant wait to meet him to discuss the gown that he will do for my actual day.

    By the way he will doing a bridal show with another two BS at Raffles the Plaza on 11 oct, details on the newest issue of Female Brides. Can consider going to have a better feel of his style.
  26. fish

    fish New Member

    Hi Fantasy

    Thanks for the info! (^o^) There are very few comments on him in this forum, can't read much about his work. My colleague's friend used his bridal services; she complaint he's 'dao' and expensive. I guess the experience will be different for everyone.

    I'll be signing up for the Bridal show. Saw one of his gown featured in this month's Female Brides magazine and promptly fell in love with the gown. My fiance and godmum loves it too. So the show is a must go for me! [​IMG] Can you know let me know who are the photographers he tie up with?

    I'm getting married mid next year, until now still haven't started searching for bridal boutiques and banquet venues.... a bit laid back :p
  27. fantasy

    fantasy New Member

    Hi Dawn,

    On the contrary, I got to know abt Frederick from a friend's colleague who was absolutely satisfied with his service. (I met up with her colleague with my hubby and she was really nice to share her experience and show us her wedding pics)
    My frd's felt that her colleague's gown was very pretty and glam and that's why she made the arrangement for us to meet up so that we can understand more from the bride herself. The meet up was a great push factor as she was all praises. We took up our pkg from him on our second visit.
    He only tie up with Robin. Didnt ask him why there's only one that he tie up with so cant advise you. hee...
    Not sure how true it is but understand from my frd's colleague that she thinks Frederick is selective of his bride.
    By the way, have you fixed your wedding date? Me getting married mid next year too. Spoke to Frederick last week and he says we can start to discuss about gown design after the bridal show at Raffles the Plaza.
    By the way, my hubby and I will be attending the show as well as Raffles the Plaza is the hotel that we've signed up with [​IMG]
  28. fish

    fish New Member

    Hihi Fantasy

    I think I saw your comments on Female online too. Saw some commented that Frederick's gowns mostly meant for tall and thin brides, so probably he chooses only tall and thin brides? But I'm short leh. Not thin also, just athletic build only.

    Oh dear, only one photographer to choose from ah? Looks like if I happen to fall into his 'selection', I would have to take up photography services elsewhere.

    I've chosen 2 dates, one in May and one in July cos I'm afraid that the venues I want may not be available... so just to play safe lah [​IMG]
  29. fantasy

    fantasy New Member

    Hi Dawn,

    Not too sure if those comments about him selecting brides to work with and entertaining only tall, thin brides are true. Most imptly is for you to like his style and to meet up and feel if you have the chemistry and is able to communicate well with him.

    Him tying up with only one photographer is not really a main concern to me and my hubby as Robin happens to be the photographer of our choice as well. Heng ah [​IMG]

    For your information, I'm not really that tall about 1.62cm only and definitely do not have what we so call "mo gui sheng cai" (sexy figure)... kekeke :p
  30. fish

    fish New Member

    Hi fantasy

    Oh righty... maybe I will bump into you at the show.. who knows right? ;-)

    My fiance and I prefer Chris Ling. He's ex though. Maybe we go to Beetles @ Work instead.

    Have fun with your gown design session!
  31. fantasy

    fantasy New Member

    Oh yes. And good luck for your bridal studio hunting too. Cheers
  32. ahboo

    ahboo New Member

    Hi Frederick brides,
    <font color="aa00aa">FL is only tied up to Robin Photography. Any idea how much he will deduct from the package if I were to get my own photographer?</font>

    <font color="ff6000">Btw, who are the make up artists that he is tied up to?</font>

    Thanks [​IMG]
  33. c0co

    c0co New Member

    Hi all... the make up artist that he is tied up to are Amy, alicia and Tinoq Russell.
    Apparently quite nice make up from Amy as seen from samples. Very natural and very clean bridal type. Heard that Tinoq is more dramatic and into model type of make up. Drop by to have a feel. He is very nice and friendly.
  34. c0co

    c0co New Member

    Hi everyone!!! Just wondering if anyone has comments or experiences on Frederick Lee Bridal and his make up artists? Initially I have my mind set on TG Goh. Spoke to him and the phone and he is just really nice, no airs at all. But now that Frederick Lee is an option... can't use TG Goh... his artists are Alicia, Amy and Tinoq Russell Goh. Please please comment. Thanks a million!
  35. fantasy

    fantasy New Member

    Hi Coco,

    A friend of mine engaged Alicia and mentioned that she's good esp for brides without double eye lids. She's quite happy with her. Understand from her oso that Tinoq does a lot for makeup for magazine shots so should be quite good as well.
    I used Amy for my ROM makeup, she is very nice and is fast too. I'm happy with her but will probably want to try Alicia or Tinoq for my actual day.

    Have you signed up with Frederick?? When will your wedding be? Why not try speaking to Fred and see which makeup artist would he recommend for you. Ultimately he shld know their each of the artist strength and whose makeup would suit you most.
  36. fantasy

    fantasy New Member

    Hi Coco,

    You mean we can drop by to visit the makeup artists' work??
  37. c0co

    c0co New Member

    Hi is through looking at frederick bride's photos that tells me Amy seems to be very clean type of bridal look. Unless you request to talk to her and view her portfolio,if not you can only judge from previous photos.

    Tinoq is very much in drama make up. Dunno if I should take the plunge and trust him. Frederick says that I should take Amy. Dunno.

    From the looks of it, in you Amy ok only, fantasy? If not, you would want to stick with her... ask frederick's advice?
  38. fantasy

    fantasy New Member

    Hi Coco,

    I have my ROM outdoor and told Amy I want somthing more natural and she did exactly that. My hubby, myself and most friends feels that she did a good job but again there are few comments from a friend which I find is quite inevitable. Afterall different people have different comments on looks, colors and stuff.
    Not too sure if Frederick thinks Amy is good for me cos I confirm with him only a week before my ROM and if I'm not mistaken, she was the only one who was available for the timing that I require.
    For myself I might try Alicia for exact day as my friend who used her service was quite happy with her work, however i will still speak to fred for his professional advise. Since we've paid so much to engage his service, we've got to trust that he will make us a beautiful bride [​IMG]
  39. c0co

    c0co New Member

    hi fantasy... just curious... how much is westin charging you a table? Are you taking weekday or weekend? How many tables are you taking? Just wondering about their min. requirements...
  40. fantasy

    fantasy New Member

    Hi Coco,

    These are the std package that Raffles The Plaza is offering.

    Wkend (Fri to Sun includg eve of holidays &amp; holidays)
    - $799.00 per table of 10 persons - ETERNITY
    - $899.00 per table of 10 persons - HARMONY
    - $1099.00 per table of 10 persons - PURITY
    - $1299.00 per table of 10 persons - UNITY

    There will be a 10% discount off the above rate for weekday banquet.

    Our banquet will be on a weekday. Still contemplating between the eternity and harmony. But will be changing one or two dishes if going for the first and will need to top up a bit too.

    We will be having about 60 tables. Think their min commitment is 20 tables but that will be in their function room. You've got to call and check with them on min req if you want to do it in their ballroom.
  41. c0co

    c0co New Member

    heard the ambience is not bad at Westin. good to enjoy another 10% off the prices to hold it during weekday. The prices are nett?
  42. gis

    gis New Member

    Did any ladies sign up with Frederick Lee Bridal recently?
  43. c0co

    c0co New Member

    hi Lis, this sat should be the fateful day i decide on the bridal studio I am going to take... based on the fashion show. I still dunno which one to choose. Maybe Frederick, maybe Kai.
    :p Still pondering if I should take out Frederick's make up artist from the package and get TG Goh.
  44. gis

    gis New Member

    Hi CoCo,

    Pls do share with me......i'm in the midst of deciding. But it's really something that i need the help of others.....i just cant come to a conclusion as to which one to sign up.
    I quite like frederick's gown and also due to the fact that they may have quite a good selection of gowns for me....though the price may be alittle steep.

    I saw from this thread that they may be having a bridal show this week. i wonder where it is.....guess i'm too late to sign up now.

    Anyway, i've yet to visit frederick's bridal, but will do so this weekend.
    Do you have the package deal from Kai? Care to share?
  45. fantasy

    fantasy New Member

    Hi Coco,

    If I remember correctly the prices are inclusive of cess and service charge but are subjected to prevailing GST.

    Cya tomorrow at the bridal show. What time will you be there??

    Hi Lis,

    The bridal show is at raffles the plaza tomorrow afternoon. You may want to call Blu Inc media at 6879 4088. There might be unsold tickets for the bridal show tomorrow. It will be good to attend if you are really considering Frederick or Kai (cant remember the 3rd one, think it's Ong Collection or something like dat)
    Not forgetting that there are usually discounts when you sign up for packages during bridal show ;p too bad i've already signed up with frederick and raffles the plaza so will not be entitled [​IMG]
  46. c0co

    c0co New Member

    Hi Lis, I agree with Fantasy... you should attend the bridal show if you are keen on Kai or Frederick. [​IMG] Worse come to worse, if you can't contact them, can try to appear at the show and see if they mind selling tickets to you. That;s what i will do if i am really keen. Whether I can get to attend show or not depends on my luck. but i will still try. :p hee... I will try to be there at twelve...
  47. c0co

    c0co New Member

    hi hi gals... hows bridal show if any attended? I have decided to have Frederick as my designer. yipee... :p
    Anyone decide yet?
  48. gis

    gis New Member

    Hi Coco,

    I just visited Frederick's boutique on Sat. I must say i'm quite disappointed with their service. Didn't get to meet him personally though cos he was at the show. I was attended by the lady....dont wanna mention her name here...she was not approachble at all. May drop frederick for my choice. Even my husband (a patient man) said the service was bad.
  49. c0co

    c0co New Member

    Lis... Sat was a really bad day to drop by as he was at the show. I know what you meant by the lady being very rude. She wasn;t very nice but I guess she is just the seamstress(thats what she told me) Gal, do pop by after making an appointment with him. I think he is very nice through chatting with him. Very sincere guy. I hope I will enjoy the design journey with him. Have not signed but will arrange to do so. [​IMG]

    You may not really deal with his seamstress anymore. Its the designer you need to meet to see if you have chemistry. :p try lor

    but its up to you ultimately.
  50. fantasy

    fantasy New Member

    Hi Lis,

    Totally agree with Coco. Sat afternoon was absolutely a bad time to visit him since he's not ard. Also take note that it will be better to call and fix an apptm before going down as his schedule can be quite pack esp on sat. (FYI, he dont operate on sunday)

    Frederick do not have any sales staff working for him and he will attend to each individual customer. We do understand what you meant by his seamstress was not really friendly as we have experience that from her ourself. Think it's becos Fred did not pay her any commission... kekeke... but why do we need a friendly seamstress anyway. Most imptly is her workmanship. Try fixing another apptm with Fred and see if you can "click" with him.

    Hey Coco,
    What do you think about the show on sat?? any pc tat caught your eys?? Wendy is gorgeous isnt she?? Cant believe that she's a mother of four!!!How I wish I can be like her. So inferior... sob sob

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