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Hi all BTB,

First of all congrats to all BTB...

Did u all pay for the ad-hoc Licence for Reproduction of Sound Recordings for your photo montage?
Cos some of my friends say need not pay bt FS coordinator say its a must.
Advice pls.
Thanks thanks


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Sorry i was too busy shop'g for BS!
I believe they should provide U with a form with the dishes' name. Then you could write your comments.

According to Gerald, the chef will come out after the food tasting to discuss with U all.

I think apart from tastes, take note of portion and presentation too!

Do update us on your Food tasting ! =)


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Hello Esther and Chinzilla,

I just went for my food tasting. They do provide a booklet to write down your comments during the tasting and the chef will come out to review the whole course and to discuss/receive any feedback that you may have at the end.

Food is good! But the banquet deco is kinda of limited in colours and setup. Did u all manage to negotiate for anything outside the standard?


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thx Esther & Ting!

Esther what are you shopping for =p

I went for tasting abt a week ago. Chef was abit quiet , maybe due to him being more comfy in mandarin and HTB was better communicating in English.

Portions are large! We were all stuffed to the max!.

Colours as per Gerald was abit on the duller side. But Not a biggy for me as long as it tasted gd. Loved the dessert! and the upgradable dessert was lovely. but I think abit too rich if its one a peice. Fave dish was the prawns and dish i didnt appreciate was the Sharks FIn. Not the usual style i think.

Agree ting the decor is limited.. =S waiting for my coordinator to follow up from the tasting this week to set an appty on the decor. So far no news from him. The chosen set up for us at the tasting was alright, table flowers not my style but will be pretty for the elegant look.

Nego wise I doubt we will be able to get any more than standard.. unless we top up abit. think some brides were saying its possible to add on? But Im worried it will cost alot more.

anyone managed to get a dessert bar set up there?

Joanna - yup if ur photomontage music is not covered by a vendor, u have to pay to COmpass for an ad hoc licence to reproduce as well as to RIPS for a license for use of music and Music Publishing Society.

Reason for the 3 is that the licenses cover the Composer, record Company and music publisher respectively.

FS only has the license for live music and piped music


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Hi Ting and Chin,

I think FS has no 'themes' like other hotels, their so-called themes are just the diff colour combi of flowers, sash, table cloth and seat covers. Im glad ALL tables have flower arrangement as some hotels only provide for VIP tables. I am not doing any top ups as I think the ballroom itself is quite nice already!

So there is actually a set up for the food tasting.. Glad to hear portions are large,hopefulli its also large considering there will be 10/table on AD, and only 8 pax for food tasting..

Chin, what was the dessert that was lovely? Is it the mango sago? What prawn dish did you opt for? Sharks fin not the usual style as in..? Ive heard lots of comments about many hotel's sharks fin not up to the mark too... Is your fish 'soon hock'? how was it?

Im shopping for BS ! (Bridal Studio) and have just signed a package last saturday.


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Hi Esther & Chin,

Yes, there weren't any themes selection in particular, What is offered is the colours of the table cloth, flowers,sashes, chair covers. And some flower type will need additional top up cost, especially for seasonal flowers. The stage backdrop colour setup is fixed currently; ie no selection.

But i do agree with Esther - the ballroom looks nice already. So the flowers and other deco is more like a supplement. And so i am also not doing any top-ups.

Yes, i was told by the staff at the restaurant that for some dishes, they actually cooked 10pax share. SO it's really alot for 8 pple. I didnt have full turn up of 8 pax but they allow to pack back some dish.

THe fish i had was soon hock and its really fresh and nice! Just the way i wanted it. Actualli, i tot the shark's fin soup was quite gd. THe ingredients were bountiful and its not too salty; soup base was gd. The dessert or-nee was so-so as commented by my family members as they have quite high standards. I think the cold desserts are really good/generally better eg aloe vera or mango sago..


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Now I know the stage backdrop is fixed..i think its Gold right?

We can come up with a colour theme and design our 'save the dates', 'invites',and decorations according to the colours.

For the food tasting and AD, do you all request for portioning of food? Thankfully the soon hock's review is good...Was kinda worried about the fish as my friend says soon hock are generally smaller and has more bones..

Glad that sharks fin is nice as Im worried it'll be too starchy. Did you try 2 desserts? Both the or-nee and mango? Mine's mango if im not wrong..

Is your coordinator the one who calls you to arrange for Food tasting?


Maybe you might wana check past threads for some pics? I remembered seeing some there...


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Lycia: i dont think they have a preferred vendor but they can pass u some contacts that their previous couples used , and had positive reviews abt.

Ting Esther: yup the ballroom is rather grand !! I think i too wont top up. haha Esther i sux i din match the colours properly so my theme and the FS gold is gonna clash. UGH.

Soon hock does have bones! its just the way the fish is tho. Have to just be careful but its not boney until u cant eat properly.

Ting can I ask what are the colours and flowers on offer? Im guessing its the usual?

Esther which BS did you sign up with???!! *excited* I called up the coord to arrange as we wanted a specific date . =) Orh nee - some ple did comment that it might betoo rich as a complement for the meal? I thot the mango gave a refreshing end


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So what is your theme? I saw before turquoise theme and it looks quite ok la, but i prefer more mellow colours than a striking one..

I signed up with Labelle Couture..looks like you very excited about Bridal Studios...whats yours?? =)

I think my dessert is mango too..and the vegetarian dessert is some aloe vera lemon grass dish.. do u have any veg/muslim guests?


Hey Guys!!

Sorry for this super late response.. Came back from the Wedding and straight to work within 3 days.. >.<..!

Anyways, wedding was great.. ballroom was great.. a little downside on the service to top-up the wine/beer, etc... and some small issues..

Else, everything else was great.. =)


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Hi Gerald!

Glad to see you back to share your reviews with us! You should take a longer break to spend time with ur wife when you are not so busy! =)

Do u mean your guests have to wait for a while before their glassess are filled?

Care to share with us any issues / things to take note? =p


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Hello All,

Sorry for the late reply!! been too busy at work. getting worried about wedding prep. *stressed*

1. Yes, the stage backdrop is mainly gold with some ivory layering i think.

2. The soon hock was not small! it was quite big in fact. Yes, it tends to have more bones but the bones are manageable in my opinion and its nice, fresh and all.

3. For desserts, i heard good reviews abt mango.. i tried aloe vera and orh-nee. My family finds e or-nee not good enough ie abit coarse. I guess its becos my family are teochews and quite particular at or-nee. But in general, i think cold desserts are better cos more refreshing after a heavy meal.

4. Ya, coordinator is the one who arrange with us the food tasting.

5. the flowers are standard roses in varying colours of choice. And i did ask abt others eg hydrangeas and i was quoted super ex pricing of about 100++ per table. gosh. i decided not to do such top up..


Do share with us the small hiccups you encountered? Many thanks! Congratulations to u too!


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Just confirmed my wedding lunch at Four Seasons and signed the contract last week!

Visited 3 hotels and Four Seasons was the most expensive of the lot (and fewest perks too...) but I just fell in love with the ballroom. The natural light coming in through the large French windows are perfect for a wedding lunch!

Wedding lunch is in Sept 2012 and there's so much to prepare before then.... :p


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Hi guys, I've a question here. Please can someone assist? Do we need a licence to play a song from an original CD at four seasons?


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heya esther,

Yup i do have some guests that have special diet. might stick them in as the 11th guest. hehe i had to scrap the turquiouse for the inside cos the stuff are so predominately gold. Now its probably pastels. and hopefully that complements the gold better. Pastel Vintage Chic is the idea.

hur hur

hows the studiO? Im with digio? lol its just so exciting to start the planning. ! i'm entering the last few mths.. so getting abit tired dealing with the vendors and prep work!

flowers wise heard rose and geberas? might take the latter, and add some of the wild flowers i had order for church.

Gerlad hw was the bridal suite? hee i went to look see Mandarin Oriental and Fullertons' with my friend.

Love the loft suite at the fullertons!!!


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Hi chin,

ya the decor is predominantly gold, right down to the trimmings of the cutleries, and the drapes on the stage.. ur idea sounds reali nice!

Flowers wise i thought its roses and in mixture of both? I would very much prefer roses...heard their roses are those big ones!

I have chosen 1 Wedding Gown, but none of the evening gowns yet...anyway Photoshoot is in mid Feb, so we are brainstorming for venues now..

As for FS Suite, kinda think its quite small..

when is your AD again?


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hehe i got the colours from the coordinator .. black seems to make the place v dark n heavy tho its elegant. hrm i think u can choose btw gerberas or roses. or a mix. i think i'll either go for mix or gerberas! their roses are quite big =) hee hee so no issue abt the quality!

wa so fast choose WG le? what style of PS do you prefer? hee my AD is in Feb. haha not much time left!

lycia - florist is FS's in house florist.. as far as I noe we have no choice in who is engaged by the hotel


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i dun think i'll go for black...too heavy...
do u have any suggestion as to which colour is nice? since ur coordinator gave u some colours..

ya the roses are nice. Just trying to picture how the 2 flowers will look when they are mixed...

my PS is in mid Feb. I prefer those 'cinema' style and not posy ones..

Wah Feb!! U settled cards from card room already, food tasting done, now down with choosing colour theme and guest list (horror!)..


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ya think will skip black..

two that im looking at is cream + off white + gold rim cultery . Looks v bright.

The other one is the usual gold set up. tis still classy.

cinema style? hrm so must be abit grand oso?

haha actually alot of stuff to do these two mths.. fainting le..

Guestlist + giving invites occupy my dinner slots every week..

vvvv tired.


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hi chin,

cream + off white as in the table cloth/ chair cover colours i supposed?

Ya the cutlery i saw is only the white plus gold rim ones.

'Cinema' style as in more emotions and not those posy not so sure... it can be fun too, just not too posy ba..

did you send out 'save the dates'?

wa u gave out your invites personally? thats nice!


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Hi everyone! Happy new year.

I had my wedding dinner at FS about a month ago.

I'd like to give my feedback.

The food : Our guests enjoyed the food and presentation was good.

The Service : truly 5 star. There were moments where we weren't entirely satisfied but our feedback was always quickly processed. The staff went out of their way to make sure that when we left FS, we left satisfied.

Invitations : choice was limited. So we decided to print our own.

Bridal room : Surprisingly huge. Not sure if it was an upgrade. But it was quite nice.

Overall, we had a lovely experience. While there were minor mishaps here and there, FS did a great job in making sure that our wedding experience was truly 5 star!


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oops esther got back abit late.. ! hows the prep for the Photoshoot?

im left with 5 weeks.. panick! yup i gave out save the dates abt 3 mths ago.. now shipping out the invites hur hur

going to meet the coord next week. yippe to that ..

jessica .. glad that u had a good experience ! ! could you share we us some photos?


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Chin !

My Photoshoot is mid Feb, so im still procrastinating.....

5 weeks is gona zoom by you real fast !! What are the outstanding things to do?!

U should be mtg the coord to discuss the set up colours?

And yes Jessica, congratz to you !

Any tips to highlight to us? Appreciate it ! =)


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Hi Ladies! May I know which vendor did you rent the LCD projector from, and what's the cost? What are the specifications needed? Did you rent 1 or 2 projectors for the big ballroom?


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Hi ladies! I love the champagne and ivory rose floral decor at the banquet
anyone chosen that? is the champagne rose color more towards peach color?
appreciate that! thank you!!


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Hi! Any Four Seasons bride can advise how long is the march in for the big ballroom? 45sec? Need to plan which part of the wedding song to play.. Thanks!!



If you are still considering, fullerton has higher min number of tables. Four seasons ballroom (big one) has lower min number of tables. The fullerton one has the stairs down to the entrance, so some people like to have that effect for their march in. I think Fullerton also has a bigger reception area. For me, I only have 25 tables, so the four seasons ballroom works better for me. I loved the decor as is in the ballroom, especially the windows. You can imagine, if you have it in the afternoon, can have natural light coming in through the windows.


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Oh my.... they use bubble machine in Four season hotel?

did anyone try their food tasting in four season??
may i know which dish is the best / bad??


Hello, can anyone tell me whether the wedding favours, which I believe are chocolate, are nice? And do they let you try during the food tasting or something?


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I just finished my food testing few weeks ago.. the food is good.. except vege with crabmeat... it is kinda smelly.. so i changed it to another dish...