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Hi qingzi i think u should make an appt bcos if u dont make an appt he may not be around (may be checking a client's house's fengshui etc i suppose) & his staff will have to schedule an appt for u to go back again


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sweety, can beat can beat..
-i stepped on rusty nail and went for jab
-i kicked on the tiles during my cny trip and my toe like eggplant.doc said the bone proabably lightly crack.
-during the same trip, i was the only one vomitting and having diarrhoea
-came back, tried to cook raddish cake then the heavy metal bowl fell directly onto my next toe, causing bruise
-Had mightmare for continuously 3 nights
-buy toto, number jumped.LOL
-about to place deposit for the unit we shortlisted, seller backout.


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hey guys, did anyone see Master koh leng leng, 许玲玲师父 from Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.
I read from other forums that this fortune teller quite accurate and she is amazingly young! started to read fortune when she was 18 years old...think now she is only in her early 30s...appeared in newspaper b4 but i am not too sure of her accuracy....anyone visited her b4? pls share?


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Anybody tried Cecil Lee, the fengshui master from Geomancy net ? Thinking of asking him to see my house fengshui. Thank you very much


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hi all,
My friend introduced me to this very famous fortune telling master. Then they used my 8 character to find out about myself. its super accurate lo i cant believe it! the also gt tell my character, health, parents, siblings, kids, gui ren, xiao ren, career, fortune and how my life is 10 yrs down and preventions.
i think your should try and will never get disappointed! trust me!!


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which FT should I go to?? I need to get those AD dates for next yr as well as for my New hse fengshui etc.. reliable,honest, accurate and not too expensive ... please help.. help a FT urgently.. email me at [email protected]


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hi all.. i went for a sesion with JS Liew of Can Xuan Ge (joo Chiat office) Yesterday.. relaxing n chatty session.. casual manner when he give us his analysis of our Ba Zi.. very accruate.. though v dsappointed o hear tat me n bf don really "complement" each other.. me (fire) more "strong" then him (wood) .. hope to reverse my buring effect ba.. so that our marriage can be more happy..

Other then Ba Zi fortune telling, we get wedding dates from him .. luckily the date tat we wanted is a good date.. (the day got the missing element that we both need).. got some consult abt wedding procedures from him too.. will be engaging him again for our New hse feng shui when the time comes..

Thanks JS (if you are looking at this thread) hee..


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Perhaps you can contact Ms Li. Will PM you for details, recommended fortune telling master super accurate. Hope it help.


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i just wanna share how disappointed i am with the highly rave lady teller stated in the forum.

when i met her recently to count for the date.... we had an appiontment at 11am. she look realli profession....her house impressive.....
then she ask for our dates and parents date.....

for those who are farmilar with her style..... she will give u some paper.... and will circle the animials for the parents and couple in red pen.

1st big mistake: animal sign. Every obvious mistake....... for example..... im born in the year of pig (jan)..... therefore my sign is a dog.... CORRECT. but my daddy born in SEP..... she made the wrong mistake in the animal sign and then start calculating...... then she gave us all the dates that r good in 2009 after aug.

at this point of time...... my husband n i did not realise anything wrong becos she circle 6 animal so we din see...... cos so easy impossible wrong.


at this point of time we start checking the animal sign...... then suddenly i see CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO PPL IN MY FAMILY SO CHICKEN..... THEN SHE REALISE MAKE A MISTAKE.....

At this point of time...... we are so scare and helpless..... like tat also can.... so we just diamdiam and no longer interested to listen anymore...... never mind..... we pay $68.... so i just write down..... then.... she keep telling me a date then say: sry sry... this one not so good..... wait wait..... ahh...ahhhh

when she recalculate...... halfway 12pm....... new couple come....... so maid go open the door and she start talk to the other couple to wait and rush to count for me......

come on your own mistake why are you rushing for my time!

therefore, im pissed..... i just tell she nicely..... "ok thanks. i will come back to you once i choose my . =)"





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Dear All

I have been to a few wedding shows and found that there is a Master JS from Canxuange. Happen to come across his name also in this thread ?

So Kervin, how is his final service?



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Jen, i have commented on him for my wedding n bazhi session above..

after tat he got help us in our house feng shui & renovation tips (matching colors, kitchen stove position etc) overall he said my house is good FS so don need to buy any item or change the house structure or wat..lucky ... haaha

he also give special session to meet us up with my MIL and talk to her so that she can clear her old fashion thinkin abt weddin preps eg talkin her out from changin my chinese name, things to buy for GDL, now modern way of doing weddin now .. (don really need to follow past methods) moving of my HB's father altar to my new house procedure,things to buy.. luckily he say he will help us with most of the stuff so we only need to present for that day (early Sep)..

i have not personally went to a weddin show where JS give talks so i don know wat he talked abt n fare.. so did you talk to him personally yet at the fair? Maybe u can just talk to him on phone n see if u got any doubts to ask and decide from there whether u want to meet up for any service??

keep us updated ..


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Dear All

After reading through the forum, I have contacted JS this morning. After the conversation i really find him a different master from the others.

Have arrange for an appointment with him. But he is real busy, the appointment is 2 weeks later. Well, will update all after the meeting.


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Did anyone know this fengshui master?

I only know he is known as Soh / Su 先生? He live somewhere Bukit Batok or nearby the area.


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Dear All

I would strongly recommend JS/ Jason for those who are interested to do fengshui or fortune telling for yourself.

No regret looking for him to do yr analysis.


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I would like to look for the master mentioned by KV and Jos.

Do anyone have dealing with him recently as the post is dated sometime in 2009.


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Hi Shiny

Thanks for your PM. Manage to arrange for a session with him yesterday.

He give very detail explanation on how he select the wedding date for us. quite a fun session. we actually spent about an hour discussing it.


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Found that most of us here actually engage the service of JS Liew.

Just to share my experience with him. I have engaged him sometime in Jan 2010 for the service to help me improve my relationship with my husband.

He give me a shock when he turn up in front of my house. He really look young and I started to have doubt if I have make the right choice to engage him.

He started with the analysis of our Ba Zi. and his analysis of our character is quite accurate.

Then he analysis the problem face between me and my husband. He provide us with a in depth view of our problem. He suggest that we should sleep in different room for the time being.

We have our doubt but as we got nothing to lose, we did follow his instruction. Two months down the road, we shift back together and the rest is history.

I did email him asking how come when apart me and my husband actually grow closer. He told me, everything has it nature course is just that most of us are not true to ourself how can we be true to others.

Anyway, Im happy that I engage him as he is patience and detail in his explaination during our session.


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Like to check with those who engaged JS' service for wedding dates. Does he give you all the dates & timing, e.g. ROM, GDL, AD etc?

Does he give 1 date for each event, or a few in case the 1st choice is not available? Thanks


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why you all didnt take extra care in arranging your wedding date?

The date calculation was used by our ancestor based on subjective factor in last time.

I dont think the master explain well the subjective factor to you. Everything just rely on the book. Ask me if you want to find out more [email protected]


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Dear All

Im new here and this is my 1st time doing a post to share my experience with JS Liew

After reading the forum, i met up with him last night for a reading on my Ba Zi. It is a bit pai seh, i show him my shocked face when he open his door for me to enter. he immediately break the ice by saying that " Why i dun look uncle to you, that why you think whether you go to the wrong unit? "

After i settle down with a sweet offer by him, he asked for the reason why i wanted my Ba Zi to be read. I told him the reason and he proceed to explain his analysis to me which is quite accurate but the session did not end there.

After the analysis, he advice me on other issues that was so close to my heart which i never mentioned to anyone before. He was able to pick that few details from my ba zi. he was talking to me like a friend and using his skill and experience, giving me guide and advice.

We end the session about 2 and a half hours later. I feel lighter when i leave the place.

I have visited a few fortune tellers before and he is the only one that can make me feel lighter and happier when the session end.


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Hi All

Im looking for a Fengshui Master to help in the selection of my wedding date. Happen to go past some advertisement in one of the shopping mall.

Anyone know a Master Francis?

Any feedbacks on him?
anyone know if will he ask u to buy expensive fengshui items?? how does JS liew find good dates for the couple? based on bazi of the couples?

any good or bad experience after hving fengshui audit by JS liew?


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Hi all, does anyone here has the contact for JS Liew? Can PM me? Considering on whether to engage his services... Much thanks in advance!


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Hi All,
Is there any good Fengshui Master to recommend me? I need one for our wedding date and "an" bed..

Please help


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Is anyone of you looking for goofd FSM?

I have a good one whom I can introduce. He is the FSM who helped me with choosing my wedding date, An Chuan and GDL as well as residence fengshui.

Other than that, I see him annually to review my yearly fortune too. So far, my life has changed for a better and thought you may want to utilise his service.

If you are interested may pm me


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Share my experince with you gals. I went to M'sia Klung with my frd to seek a fortune teller in year 2000. At that time, i was having a bf, 6 years older whom treat me badly but guess i like him too much so hope to seek opionion from fortune teller. My frd from Klung told me he's quite accurate, maybe becos he 'yang xiao gui'. He actually knows my family background and really accurate in it, even things that i had never share with frd before. I was so shocked. In the end, he told me that i am having dragon in my life. My then bf (he is born in the year of Dragon)yet i nvr mention that to fortune teller. He said we will break off in the year 2002. I will leave him for another guy which is one yr younger than me. I never believe that cos at that point of time, i was really madly in love with that dragon and can't possibly leave him for someone younger, i was thinking that. He added that the guy whom is one yr younger than me will not be my 'Mr right' eventually. However, he said i will be having a blissful marriage with 3 kids in future. First a son then daughter then son. (i think i only want 2 at the most)Finally at 2002, i really broke up with that dragon, he really treats me like shit during 2 and half years with him and i gave up, knowing i wun have any happiness with him. B4 i left him, there's really a guy, one yr younger whom was chasing me at our workplace. At first, i really tried to avoid him as i remember the fortune teller's words. I really tried but he really touches me, treats me real well. It's just like heaven and hell compared to the dragon bf. In the end, i accepted him after 3 months breaking off with dragon bf but my happiness with the one year younger was shortlived. We broke off after 8 months. Till now, i still do not know the reason of breaking up, i guess maybe he is still young, not stable enough for commitment. After these 2 relationship that hurted me deeply, i finally met someone whom is now my husband. He has eveything that i wished for in a life partner and i feel that it's god that brought him to my life and i feel so fortunate for the first time in my life. I am really blessed to have him as my husband. The fortune teller is right however we dun have any kid yet cos we just got married and not planning for any yet. If i really got 3 kids in future, think i will go Klung again to visit him. : )

Hi does anyone have the address and phone number of this fortune teller?


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I have always been interested in fengshui, past life, present life fortune telling... mystical stuff charms... etc......

been to a few fortune telling before but got scatchy details only and mostly advised to cleanse oneself and do good at the end of the day....

Was introduced to one Malaysian fortune teller. I went with my galfriend there to JB. near KOTA... it was soo late at nite... abit scary..luckily the fortune teller and his friend got us taxi to bring us bk to customs.

It was really suan...
he calculated my friend's and my 8 characters... character readings all accurate...

what amazed us was he was able to tell my gf got a scar on her left hand (she committed suicide once... but she covered her wrist with many bangles) and a scar on her right knee cap (she wore jeans that day leh...)

He was also able to tell me that I had two operation scars on my tailbone backside (i was not scantily clothed that day, wore t-shirt and jeans, no way he could know about my operation scars... i had the op when i was 10 years old)I was 24... then

i gave the fortune teller my EX bf's (someone whom i still like till date and we parted on good grounds cos he went overseas...) name and birthdate... he could even describe how my ex look like.... very accurate and even told me he got a scar on his left eyebrow... yes! indeed he got a scar on the eyebrow.

both me and my gf TOTALLY flabbergasted...
wonder how he knows.... ??!!!
as for the future.. i am still waiting cos he said i will be very rich when i am 37... and he said i will marry a foreigner someone not too slim... i am currently dating a guy (from overseas here for work) and he is on the fleshy side... crossed my fingers.... (my gf soo bad... teased me if i marry negro [*** No offense PLEASE to any race here!!!!!] how....

Im interested in this FT. Does anyone have the contact details of this FT? Thanks.