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Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by kellylims, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. kellylims

    kellylims New Member

    anyone has good recommendation???

  2. babygoh

    babygoh New Member

    u can try a make shift stall at outside of merchant court near clark quay jumbo restaurant
  3. kellylims

    kellylims New Member

    u try before? how much?
  4. cloudyskies

    cloudyskies New Member

    Fortune telling as in numerology can? As in he uses numbers to calculate your past & future.
  5. jess0707

    jess0707 New Member

    u try before? how much?
  6. tobehappi

    tobehappi New Member

    wonder how accurate it is.

    after asking and knowing the truth, does it affect our future?
  7. cloudyskies

    cloudyskies New Member

    For the first time is $250. Subsequent is $50 - $100. The past is very accurate. He can tell you what your childhood was like etc...the future he can predict but like all fortune telling, I think that the future is for you to create. You can listen but take it with a pinch of salt.
  8. havavi

    havavi Member

    There is this one at bencoolen centre 1st level in bugis. Next to bubble tea shop. open after 2pm.
    Quite good. he will warn you of things happening near future, if there is.
    cost around $30. Just pay him and give him you character 1st round, if he is busy. Meet 2nd time again for explanation and report.
    fortune telling this life only. will give you a report for keep. can go back to him for explanation if in future forget what certain things meant.
  9. ellasara

    ellasara New Member

    Another option.

    Fengshui, numerology, I-ching etc

    Goretti at 64683976, 94557395, 81122489

    She is good and very detail.
  10. covewild

    covewild New Member

    Go to Gzi Gallery at Fu Lu Shou Complex Level 2
    63382998 must call for appointment

    She is very good and will give good advice
  11. poppyqueen

    poppyqueen Member

    I went to one at Fu Lu Shou recently to seek some career guidance. His name is Master Li He's not cheap. A one year life analysis cost $200 , and a compatibility report cost $100. But i find he's pretty good and he's not pushy about his products. Can check out his website at
  12. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    There is a shop opposite Kwan Im temple at Waterloo St. There is an auntie inside, and you will see people queuing to wait for their turn. I heard that people are willing to wait for 4 - 5 hours, some came as early as 3am.

    I went there yesterday at 6am. Waited about 2 hours for my turn. The auntie asked for my DOB. She is quite accurate in accessing my situation. She also suggested ways of enhancing my luck. I find her quite good. She charge very reasonably, one question is $5.00. You can ask her about anything. I asked about myself, my boy and my girl, talked for about 1 hour, only $15.
  13. blissbel

    blissbel New Member

    any fortune tellers to recommend... very lost le
    to find AD nd ROM date
  14. dreamster

    dreamster New Member

    I went to this uncle at bugis village area, near to the temple there. Its actually on the 2nd floor of the hawker centre. The uncle charges $38 I think, can't rmb. But u need to put it in an ang bao and give it to him. He will help u to get the best date for ur wedding, at the same time also all the other customary things like an chuang and combing of hair (if u r going to do tat). He will need u and ur bf's birthdays, as well as ur parents and inlaw's zodiac. So tat the date he picks for u will not clash with any of ur zodiac.
  15. blissbel

    blissbel New Member

    thanks pinkdy
  16. baby_lonblue

    baby_lonblue Member

    there is one rather famous famous teller in redhill. You have to go to her flat and she only read in the morning.

    Apparantly,she is quite good and there is always a queue inside her house to wait to c her

    her charges are $20 fixed and she spend about 20mins with me and she say very specific things even know what is my occupation, what my family does etc

    Her no is 64734405
    call to check her schedule
  17. havavi

    havavi Member

    I heard about this redhill aunty before. My friend went to her last time. she highly recommended her to me too for 4d number.
    But now she dont go there any more. Dont know why.
  18. babytwinkle

    babytwinkle New Member

    You can try this lady.. quite accurate ...
    My whole family went to find her for marriage date, feng shui and yearly anaysis...

    Well she do feng shui, marriage, change name, yearli review etc at tampines... Avg price abt SGD$40-50 Call n check.

    Can call her at 96938783 - Li fang
  19. veryboring

    veryboring New Member

    Tamarind i also went to that auntie. My house fengshui is by her also. Quite accurate on certain things but just listen the good ones and throw away the bad ones. Now i very scare of going to fortune teller coz felt so scary if u know the future. Just my POV.
  20. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    I asked her specific questions about my career, as in how to make my career choices. I didn't ask about my future, I also scared to know. She advised me to go to her main shop on waterloo street to light the 七星ç¯ã€‚ Did you do the same ?

    I went there yesterday, it cost $32 for 15 days. I wonder if it will really help.
  21. toink

    toink New Member

    Hi tamarind.

    Would u share with me the add for the fortune teller lady at kwan im temple?

    What are her operating hours? Thanks in advance!! [​IMG]
  22. danger82

    danger82 New Member


    Anyone has tried picking a date at Li's Feng Shui @ Fu Lu Shou? Hows the rate like if picking for AD? Do they charge additional for GDL & an chuan dates?
  23. blursotong99

    blursotong99 Member

    i heard there is a gd teller at Toa Payoh HDB blk. Any one knows?
  24. andee

    andee New Member

    does the old lady at the si ma lu speaks chinese? i do not understand dialect
  25. pigsinc

    pigsinc New Member

    Anybody know of anybody who can see if kena black magic?
  26. momopo

    momopo New Member

    i tried the redhill one before and 1 that uses ziweidoushu, all not accurate one la.

    somethings real some things not.

    past is more accurate than future and we choose to think they are accurate coz we only choose to see the parts that came true.
  27. november_rain

    november_rain New Member

    Why pay so much $$ when the fortune tellers themselves cannot even read their own fortune?
  28. aaronc

    aaronc Member

    Call Master Kris @ 81018338

    Her office is in beauty world #03-K13.

    Call for appointment.

    She's my master and very accurate.

    She does Feng Shui readings and fortune telling.
  29. andee

    andee New Member

    hi aaronC... does she speak mandarin? i have no clue about dialects... and you said she's accurate? how? thanks!! =D
  30. roomfulofstars

    roomfulofstars New Member

    What's the name of the Redhill auntie?

    She has a shop too??
  31. aaronc

    aaronc Member

    Andee, yes she does.

    Very accurate, how to tell you..

    I say accurate also no use, you have to go down to have a look and you'll know if she is accurate or not..
  32. andee

    andee New Member

    how does she charge?
    thanks for sharing! =D
  33. aaronc

    aaronc Member

    For readings with your birthdate and time, your whole life breakdown, it'll be $168 with a printed report for you to keep. No report cheaper. You can give her a call and ask her.
  34. crystal_cloud

    crystal_cloud New Member

    sorry, but anyone knows about the one bryan wong went to?
    read somewhr in sg bride, but forgot to take down.

    i quite supertitious, wana even go select a good date for ROM.

    anyway, are the birth hours essential? i dun have my birth cert with me, only know the time..but not specific minutes.
  35. aaronc

    aaronc Member

    Birth hour is essential, time is sufficient.

    Chinese calendar times are as such.

    1st hour - 11pm - 1am
    2nd hour - 1am - 3am
    3rd hour - 3am - 5am
    so on and so forth..

    As long as you know the hour should be sufficient.

    The masters need only to know which hour you belong to.
  36. crystal_cloud

    crystal_cloud New Member

    sorry go the contact from other forums already.

    sharing it here:

    Master Ong
    Hong Tai Ge at Golden Landmark Complex

    Tel: 62956824
    Hp: 96320211
    Charge at $38 for ROM dates/ AD

    Read that Zoe Tay had her AD selected by him.
  37. crystal_cloud

    crystal_cloud New Member

    wah, thanks leh, aaronc.

    my mom said hor, the actual hours and min of birth time is enough to use as a weapon to cast black magic :x

    duno how true..but abit kia kia
  38. aaronc

    aaronc Member

    lol, just the hour will do, no need mins.
  39. ody

    ody New Member

    Hi Jas,

    May I know more details about the teller you referring to? There isn't any building by the name of Bencoolen centre...
  40. q_q

    q_q New Member

    Hi all dear friend...

    I can offer free advice to any member from

    Just email me your
    - Birthday (DD - MM - YEAR)
    - Country of Birth
    - Gender


    P.S (Due to my hectic work arrangement, i apologize that i might not be able to reply all email)

    Best Regards
  41. clark

    clark New Member

    Hi Wei Sen, can you provide a detailed report on the location of MAS Selamat ??? We are all very curious to find out what his destiny holds.

    Kindly call 999 to provide any information.

  42. bonnie

    bonnie Member

    lol. Maybe Wei Sen can change his name for him so his luck will be better.
  43. alcifertoh

    alcifertoh New Member

    Bonnie then he has to adopt a chinese name liao leh... Something with Long(Dragon) or Hu(Tiger) or maybe even monkey cos he's so good in hiding hhaa
  44. cinderbell

    cinderbell New Member

    Seem that the Master Ong at Golden Landmark is not in Singapore? Tried calling him several time since last week, but no one answering the phone?

    Need to go back to him to check for the Ji Shi for my AD... [​IMG]

    Anyone know where is he now?
  45. crystal_cloud

    crystal_cloud New Member

    Cinderbell, we called like few weeks ago and was told he was on business trip and not back till 2-3 months later, so we asked to leave down our name as queue number, then she told us we aere 100+ in queue!!!
  46. cinderbell

    cinderbell New Member

    Thanks PinkCloud.. oh no.. dun know is it still on time to make appointment with him when he come back.. faint.. my AD is on first week of Sept.
    Need to settle everything before the Chinese Seven Mth.. [​IMG] might have to find another master now..
  47. may_wm

    may_wm New Member

  48. cheys28

    cheys28 New Member

    went to that Master Ong at Golden Landmark. Personally do not find him good cox he even got my AD dates wrongly. Initially i showed him my parents in law birthdates and he just assumed that the birth animals are correct and calculate quickly. Later than i realised that my mum-in-law animal is incorrect because she is born in Jan and hence, her animal should be pig, not rat (cox i assumed by year).

    If he is a good master, he would have pointed out that the animal is wrong according to the birth date. But he didn't.

    Next he wrote the Chinese dates wrongly also...end up i dun trust him and went to find another master...who pointed out all these mistakes when she saw his calculations.
  49. sheryl

    sheryl New Member

    Hi, looking for master wong also. Cannot get him. Dunno when he's coming back. Supposed to get the dates for putting my stove, an chuan and moving in dates. i'm supposed to move in this month. now reno halted for his date to put the stove. Sianz.. anyone can recommend someone else who charges reasonably for dates for putting stove, an chuan and moving in dates. Thanks!!
  50. wisdom28

    wisdom28 New Member

    Hey sheryl

    i have the same prob. i can't get Master Huang! i need him to give me the timing. if any1 knows pls let me know. thks

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