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(cape not included)
SGD9000 negotiable

Looking for a new bride for my Lee Petra Grebenau "Bella" gown that I wore for my wedding in October 2018. I only wore it for a couple of hours for my solemnization ceremony, and then I changed into a different dress for the second march in and dinner.

Lee Grebenau design house is one of Israel’s most prestigious fashion brands known for their hand embroidered details, incredibly high end fabrics and materials (sourced mostly from France) and their Haute Couture take on weddings. Lee does not believe in trends and stands to create timeless dresses with incredible craftsmanship and quality.

I purchased this beautiful gown from a bridal studio Truly Enamoured in Singapore. All of Lee Grebenau's dresses are all semi-custom made. The fabric on this dress has a good amount of stretch and it has a beautiful translucent lace outer lining. The train moves so beautifully behind you on the floor as you march in, and is unlike any other gown's train due to the translucent nature. It really is quite beautiful :') I fell in love with this dress right when I put it on, and I knew it was the wedding gown for me.

The inside of the dress has a seamless nude body suit that has buckles (hence, adjustable) and is very comfortable as the body suit helps with walking (it doesn't feel like you are dragging a gown around). The back of a gown has a zipper that cannot be seen once worn. The dress also comes with a slim white velvet belt band that really just pulls the whole look together.

Since Lee Grebenau does all of her dresses on semi-custom, there isn't an actual size on the dress. I usually wear a size UK6, jeans size 24 - 25. I am 160cm without heels, and my wedding heels were 3 inches high. The end of the dress sits perfectly, and it really looks like one is floating when wearing this gown. I will be absorbing all the costs needed to alter this gown to fit you like a glove, and will be altering it at a seamstress that alters Lee Grebenau gowns.

I bought the dress brand new for approximately SGD13,000 from Truly Enamoured in London. Lee Grebenau's distribution is extremely limited and only sells this boutique in Singapore. So this gown will surely be a unique and one of a kind for your wedding. I have the original receipts from Truly Enamoured. This gown has been dry cleaned professionally by Jeeves and is kept in acid free paper and box.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I would be more than happy to answer any about the dress.

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