For all future newbie brides and grooms


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Hi all
Things to note when you sign up a package. It can really piss your groom off.....Hidden costs!
1. Do it yourself and make it simple.
(Eg. Pre wedding shoot, write down the cost of photographer and album). your own gowns for actual day too

3.Taobao or some other online to buy small little items (everything can be found)

If you die die must go bridal shop, then beware of!!! 1piece of photo they can charge $100perpiece...rem to ask for 40pcs foc...if not u will bleed to dead...groom will pay thousands me.

2. Eyelashes and it yourself especially eyelashes (upper and lower are $30 total) ... If you go online check...these are all included in $80package!!

3. Don't separate ROM and AD...can save a few hundreds more on MUA and treats to friends.....

4.Early charges, bridal shops will push it from usual 8am or 11am to as early as 7am and they will tell you usually 2hrs for makeup etc.. $100 per hour for your maths...

5. Choose the cheapest package if you just want the decent that you have more dollars buffer when u ask for more requestssss ...u need to pay and is not cheap........

Wedding should be happy but when u think of how they charge won't be happy anymore....and you won't feel their service too....they very chop chop fast fast....productivity is prior to them.

So do it yourself better.!
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