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  1. Franziska Lim

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    I choosed to do my Wedding Hair and Make Up @Fleurdsign Singapore a Wedding Shop in Singapore,i highly recommend this wedding shop,the owner (A Mom and her Daughter a super friendly) they did a perfect work with everything,Hair,make Up and my Flowers and Dress
    They give you the perfect style for your big wedding day super good experienced people with a perfect service


  2. fleurdsign

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    Fleur D'sign is finally on Facebook and Instagram , please check out the link below for interesting updates and upcoming events !

    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fleur-Dsign/1486085318332229
    Instagram : FleurD'sign

    We are also launching our very new section , Bridal Boutique ! Offering a wide range of Wedding Gowns and Suits Rental and also packages ranging from Pre Wedding Photoshoot , Actual Day Packages and to Solemnization Packages as well. We hope to serve our customers better and with more comprehensive packages in time to come .

    Check out our latest promotion for more details at sales@fleurdsign.com
  3. Ferlynlyn

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    Hi all ,

    Couldn't find a thread that belong to FleurD'sign bridal gown rental service so i am posting this thread to share my experience with them.

    For me it was a really enjoy-able experience what i like best about them was the price and the quality of gown they provide , i was hesitating to take up a package with them at first as i have not heard about their shop in forums and friends , i must say i am really glad i arranged for an appointment . i went around many boutiques even the ones at Tanjong Pagar as well and i always had troubles with finding gowns that i like as i do not know what kind of gown is suitable for myself , i am really petite and skinny in size and most gown i put on really grabs all the attention away from myself .

    However when i went to Fleur , Christina listens to my request and pick out a fews gowns for me to try on , the gown she took out really suited me well, i really like how their gown has a English feel to it which match my english country wedding theme as well . Christina also give me suggestion based on every gown i put on and was really patience in making sure i got the gown i wanted . She also take the time to explain to me which gown suits my events better and styled a bridal bouquet that matches my gown as well . i really enjoyed the service they provide in making sure that every detail matches my theme . it as always hard to find someone who understand what your dream wedding is , but i found them.

    Their shop was cozy and as they are by appointment base , we had a whole 4 hours to our self which made me feel really well taken care of and ready to be a bride . i decided to sign up a package with them which includes My gown , photography and makeup .

    Again , Christina wasn't pushy in explaining they package and suggested that i should go home to think about it before deciding as i am doing just a simple ROM ceremony as my wedding , no more banquet. I took the package in the end as my husband like their gowns too , the pricing was reasonable for the quality they provide .

    On my ROM, the Photographer Mervin, did a excellent job in making me smile and calm me down .

    The Makeup and Hairstylist , Cass, also did a great job with my hairstyle and i really like it a lot.

    For the Gown , my family really like it a lot and my guests were full of prasies.

    Overall, i think this is another bridal boutique that couples can consider for their wedding , i have recommended their service to many of my friends :)
  4. peneloppe

    peneloppe New Member

    Hi Fleur ,

    Thank for your patience and professional advice from the sales in April, my hubby and i were so happy to meet Christina and Cass , they provided really honest and practical advises. and best of all the Bridal Gowns all look very new and pricing are very very reasonable as well. I bought my Bridal Gown as the pricing are very reasonable , am planning to use for both Actual day and pre-wedding as well .

    My hubby said i look too kid-dish in many ball gowns but personally i like the grand feeling ball gowns give me , we had trouble finding in many Bridal Boutiques but when i try on the ball gowns at Fleur, it was the frist time , my hubby said i look elegant and also finally he said he like the Bridal Ball Gown on me , very satisfied with their Service , couldnt be more thankful :)
  5. Hyruga

    Hyruga New Member

    Hi, anyone got things to comment about this bridal boutique?
  6. Amberamy

    Amberamy New Member

    Me ! hehe I just signed up a package with Fleur last weekend , they are very patient and I really like their service. I have been to many bridal boutique and was forced to sign up packages , Fleur allowed me to try on their gowns and even gave me honest feedback on how the gown looks on me , even after i have decided on the gown , they will continue showing me more gowns just to make sure i got my best pick. I find their gowns very well kept and very new looking , i love the mermaid gowns they have which really outstands from many other bridal shops as their designs are amazing and the price is surprisingly reasonable as well .

    i got my package at less than 1.5k and got my wedding gown , evening gown and groom suit settled. i took up the elegant range of gown which is a higher range because the design is really one of a kind .

    Overall, very satisfied customer and very professional service from Fleur , definitely recommending Fleur to my friends :) Good job Fleur ! :)
  7. justame

    justame Member

    Any photos of the gowns? :)
  8. Geraldinelim

    Geraldinelim New Member

    Hi all, just to share my experience with Fleur , firstly when I went into their boutique ,it was cozy and comfortable , I was assisted by Chris , the lady boss , I was showed the different types of packages and gowns from different range, I thought Chris was pretty detail and flexible on the package which is important to me because i know i can look for my gowns without worrying about hidden cost , Chris explain the package clearly and they have nothing to hide. Personally i think their dresses are decently priced compared to buying a similar gown from bridal shops along tanjong pagar , from the quality to the design and the way they kept the gowns in cloth bag appeals to me as well as the gowns are very clean and new looking.

    I took up their wedding car and bridal bouquet service as well , Service was efficient and flowers were really fresh.

    I also really want to thank Fleur for providing excellent service , good quality gowns at great prices , detailed and non pushy service as my hubby and I never thought such a bridal shops actually existed in Singapore , we appreciate the honest advices and the good quality of service and gowns provided at remarkably decent price. Thank you Fleur !
  9. hlyhly

    hlyhly New Member

    Cld u share details like pricing etc pls. Thanks!
  10. iamkheypable

    iamkheypable New Member

    @Amberamy can share the pavkage u've got?
  11. justame

    justame Member

    Hello would you be able to share any photos of the gowns pls?
  12. Ruth Tan

    Ruth Tan New Member

    Hi all,
    Is anyone sign up gown package with Fleur D'sign Before? How's their makeup?
  13. E&K

    E&K New Member

    Hello all !

    I wanted to share a review on Fleur D'sign wonderful boutique . My Husband and i tied the knot on the 4th of July and i just and i just want to express my thanks to Fleur . we took up their promotion package at $1100 and also their bridal work and chruch wedding decoration package as well . Personally , i like the way their service is non pushy and very open as well , Christina who was my coordinator was also very detailed in explaining the packages . What made us sign up was the selection of Gowns we got from their package which i only have one word to describe , BEAUTIFUL ! haha

    Pre Visit :
    Gowns was extremely satisfied , love the way the gown is so clean and i also got to know from the lady boss that their gowns are all brand new no wonder all looked so white and beautiful. I always wanted a Slim gown for my wedding and they have just the right kind of gowns i am looking for , i like the way the designs are all so update as well and i love the evening gown collection as well !! I like the colours available for my husband suits .

    Actual Day :
    My sisters are already asking about Fleur on the morning itself already :) My MUA was Cass , she is so punctual on our wedding day and also very good in her skill and i love all the hairdo she did for me . Makeup was natural as requested and it also lasted very well as well . she also took the extra effort to help me put on my wedding gown as well :) Flowers was superb as well, Fresh and beautiful . I heard from my hubby that the wedding car tying was very efficient too ! Chruch Wedding Decoration was done by Fleur as well , exactly how i like my deco to be and many guest were already asking about Fleur during our Chruch Reception . We also had a banquet dinner where i finally got to sine in my evening gown , i got a lot of compliments on my Evening Gown and the overall look .

    Overall , i think signing up with Fleur is one of the best decision we made in life , we never knew we could get such beautiful gowns at such reasonable pricing , with the service and the professional attitude that they provide , i will definitely be recommending Fleur to all BTB who like to have a fuss free wedding . Their one stop service of the Floral Decoration are very convient and once again can i just say a big THANK YOU to the wonderful team of Fleur , no words can describe better as to how blessed i feel to find you guys.

    Thumbs up !

    Lots of Love,
    E& K
  14. hlyhly

    hlyhly New Member

    Hi E&K,
    Would you be able to share some photos of the gowns, car and church decors pls. TIA!
  15. Zetrio

    Zetrio New Member

    Bump up
  16. purplesparkles

    purplesparkles New Member

    Both my fiancé and I had a great experience with fleur d'sign and we have signed up for their basic package of $1,100 for our AD. Special thanks to Christina and Cass for the patient and friendly service.

    During our 1st appointment, Christina first explained to us on the content & pricing of their packages and brought us round to view their gowns. Fleur has a good range of clean, beautiful wedding & evening gowns and their white gowns are all brand new. Both Christina and Cass were very patient in allowing me to try the various different types of white & evening gowns available.

    Christina also provided her professional advices and recommendations on the types of gown that might be most suited for my body shape. I have managed to find a white gown that I like. :) Throughout the whole fitting process, she was never pushy in closing the sales on the spot but had actually allowed us to go home and consider on the package.

    We went back for a 2nd fitting and their service was still as good as the 1st fitting. I have tried a few more evening gowns this time and my fiancé also managed to try on different suits and pants.

    Overall, my fiancé and I are satisfied with their friendly services and non-pushy sales tactics. Their prices are quite reasonable and they are pretty transparent with additional add on based on requirements. We would strongly reccomend fleur d'sign to all the brides-to-be :)
  17. Pinkdots92

    Pinkdots92 New Member


    Can I know if your package of less than $1.5k is inclusive of the upgrade to the elegant gown series?

  18. Miss Monique

    Miss Monique New Member

    Hi All,

    I was a recent bride of Fleur D'sign , we had our wedding on the 17th of October and had signed up the $1100 package for our AD. Here is our expereince we wanted to share with everyone because we had a very beautiful wedding and we really wanted to recommand Fleur D'sign to everyone .
    We came to know about Fleur D'sign from our friends who had compliments about their resonable prices and beautiful gowns so we decided to check out Fleur D'sign after checking out a few other bridal studios.

    Fleur D'sign is located at a warehouse area , however when we step into their showroom , it was like finding a hidden gem in the corners of the world. We had trouble finding a Bridal Studio that has the kind of gowns we like and also the budget we are looking at . we decided to check out Fleur Dsign as they offered a attractive package of $1100 package which has a wedding gown , evening gown , groom suit , makeup and hairstyling which they also offered me a free upgrade to their classic range wedding gown .

    We were served by Christina , who was a very experienced lady i would say , she explained the package clearly and let us know about the different range of wedding gown before we proceed to try on their gowns . Was assited by Christina and Cass from here , they are patient throughout the whole process and no hard selling at all which i encountered in many bridal studios along tanjong Pajar . They even recommanded what suitted my body shape best and i think we had a good try of around 6 gowns during the frist visit. The gowns are indeed amazing , they have good quality wedding gown which are keep in top notch condition , very clean and white . trust me on this as we have visited many bridal studios and the gowns are old looking and we also tried on a few gowns from Fleur which are of even better designs than other studios. Christina also told us they will be giving us the wedding gowns instead of keeping the gown for a 2nd rental to keep control of the gown quality . Thumbs up for this service ! :)

    We didnt sign up on our frist visit and was able to go home to think our the package while they help me hold the gown i wanted . We came back for a 2nd visit as we would like to sign up the $1100 package and also take up the bridal bouquet and wedding car deco from them , we also tried on a few more gowns and their service was as good as the frist , patient and professional. We also choose a higher range of wedding gown which there is a top up of $280 , its was worth every penny i must say becuase i know i could never have gotten such a beautiful gown with the budget we have in other sudios we visited , thank goodness for our friend recommandaton on Fleur . Their prices are actually very resonable for the kind of gowns they are providing. We were very grateful to have meet Fleur, they brought our sprits up as we didnt have to be so trapped with getting a pretty gown and our budget.

    On the AD , the Wedding Car and Bridal Bouquet , i am crazily in love with them ! it lasted for 3 days more after my wedding. i have also gotten many complieents on my Wedding Gown , My Groom looks dashing in his Sliver Suit . My MUA , Cass , was very good with her hands , i love the braids she did for me and the makeup done up nicely . Both my husband and i was very please with how we looked on our special day , my family and guest had constant prasies on our outfits as well. Everything was perfect :)
    We strongly recommend Fleur D'sign to all BTBs who are looking for good quality gowns and very resonable priced packages . Christina is also a very expereinced lady who can advice you on many wedding needs . Fleur D'sign played a big role in making our wedding a fuss-free and beautiful. Thank you to the wonderful team of Fleur D'sign !:)
  19. kewpie20

    kewpie20 Member

    any1 has pix to pm me? cant find much reviews! TIA!
  20. milkbone81

    milkbone81 Member

    Hi, can PM any pics? I m still looking for gowns for my AD... Unfortunately they are not prompt in replying my emails. Very slow.
  21. kewpie20

    kewpie20 Member

    @milkbone81 suggest u call them. v speedy in making appt :)
  22. peejay

    peejay New Member

    Just had my solemn a few days ago and would like to review Fleur D'sign. Really appreciate all the support and help you guys have given since day 1. Both Christina and Cass were very patient when i was there doing the first trial. She even allowed me to return home to think about it before signing the package with them. just had my solemnization a few days ago and Cass did my make up for me. My friends and family were raving how well the make up went with the gown. It was perfect together with the bouquet of pink roses. Big thanks again! Looking forward to my actual day =DD
  23. Cynor

    Cynor New Member

    Just had my Pre wedding shoot with Fleur D'sign , we are very thankful that Christina has arranged for a very experience photographer and a Good MUA for our Photo shoot , i love my outlook , it was very fun photo shoot and we really enjoyed ourselves through out the process. At first we were worried about posing as we are not very good with taking pictures but Jack was able to guide us through and made our photo shoot much more fun and carefree than we thought :D We shoot at the Botanic Gardens and we have gotten many compliments on the Gown, Makeup and Hair while shooting , a big thanks and thumbs up to team of Fleur D'Sign .

    Experience with Christina was very comfortable in our visits as well , the gowns we have for our pre wedding shoot are very pretty and we had a tough time deciding on which one to choose, Christina was also clear about the top up and package explanation and not pushy at all when we are choosing our gowns , we took a total of 4 hours just to choose our gowns and Christina really took her time to understand what we like and suggest us on what gown to to best suit me , being so patient with me all the time.

    We cant wait for our Actual Day !! very good service and very comfortable service ! :D
  24. magtopee

    magtopee New Member

    Was a little hesitant bout visiting Fleur at first as they are a new bridal boutique and i couldn't find much information online , however i was glad i visited them .

    I was greeted and serve by Christina and Cass , the initial discussion was very comfortable and their packages are very reasonable as well . Christina also allow me to try on and have a feel of their gowns . I already have something in mind but Christina and Cass brought out more gowns with suitable cutting for me just to make sure i look my best . Really like their service and discussing the details of the gowns , the whole process was never pushy only focusing on how i look my best and we ended up trying almost 8 gowns just on my frist visit , haha! i was amazed though the shop looks small , their gown range is amazingly wide , the quality was good as well , they also offer professional advice and allow me to go back and discuss with my husband as well . Good service , Good Gowns !
  25. fleurdsign

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    Fleur D'sign will be organizing our 1 Day Bridal Works Sales Event for Couples who are looking for Affordable and Beautiful Bridal Bouquets . During this event ,we have specially created various designs tailored to all your needs with full Bridal Works Promotion at $268 only.

    Special Promotion for Fleur D'sign Bridal Works , Promotion includes the following:
    - Rustic / Elegant Bridal Bouquet
    - Groom Corsage
    - Parent's Corsage
    - Wedding Car Decoration

    Join us to enjoy this 1 day only promotion on the 4th of September from 11a.m to 5p.m

    RSVP with us now ! Drop us your
    - Name
    - Contact Number
    - Number of Pax

    to our email : sales@fleurdsign.com

    Our friendly staff will be able to get back to you wihtin 2 working day on the time slot .

    See you guys ! :)
  26. fleurdsign

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    White Symbolizes Purity , Bridal Bouquet done up with White Hydrangea and White Roses for the Classic Timeless Wedding .

    Thank you Bride Anjolene for sharing with us the pictures! :)
  27. fleurdsign

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    Sophistication with a touch of Vintage .

    Bespoke Bridal Bouquet by Fleur D'sign

    Check out our bridal works event on the 4th of September , special promotion only avaible from 11a.m to 5p.m .

    RSVP with us https://www.facebook.com/events/315362212142337/ now !
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    Bridal bouquet are one of the most important detail to a Bride , here i Fleur D'sign , we create bespoke bridal bouquet to match every bride's personality and Theme .

    We will be holding a 1 day Bridal works ( Bridal Bouquet , Wedding Car Decoration & Corsages) special sales event on the 4th of September from 11a.m to 5pm , do RSVP with us to enjoy this special promotion !
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    Rustic with a touch of Elgence

    We will be holding a 1 day Bridal works ( Bridal Bouquet , Wedding Car Decoration & Corsages) special sales event on the 4th of September from 11a.m to 5pm , do RSVP with us to enjoy this special promotion !
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    Last 3 days to RSVP for our bridal works sales event on the 4th of September , drop by to enjoy our special promotion for Bridal Bouquet , Wedding Car Decoration and Corsages!
  31. fleurdsign

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    A mix of pastel Pinks , Champagne and Blue blooms with refreshing foliage , a combination naturally timeless . Happy Monday everyone !
  32. fleurdsign

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    last 3 weeks to enjoy our special Bridal works sales at $268 .

    Offering premium flowers in elegant and vintage designs for head tunner Bridal Bouquet ! 2017 brides are entitled to enjoy this promotion when sign up in before December 2016 ends !
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    our all in one bridal works promotion only at $268 , we are providing premium bridal bouquet, corssages and wedding car decoration .
  34. fleurdsign

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    Another one of our creation ! Pastel Pinks and white are such a hot colour this season .

    side note : Last week to grab our all-in-one bridal works promotion only at $268 ! Share with friends and family because sharing is caring !
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    To Celebrate the upcoming CNY , we will be extending our ALL-IN-ONE Bridal Works Promotion !!!!

    Thank you to our beloved customers who have highly supported our promotion we are bringing it back so more brides are entitled to enjoy this promotion too !

    - Bridal Bouquet ( Selected Premium Flowers)
    - Corsages
    - Wedding Car Decoration

    All in one promotion only at : $268
    ( Usual price at $400 )
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    Shoutout to all guys ! we are open for preorders for Valentine's Day Bouquet from now till the 11th of February for Valentine's Day Hand Bouquet from $68 only ! Limited Slots are available , drop us an email to find out more !
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    We are back to work today !

    Starting our new year with this quote : Together is a beautiful place to be !

    Tag someone you know who are beautifully engaged ! :)
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    Have you guys check out our Valentine's Day Promotion ? We will be launching 9 stalks Rose Bouquet which means ' Eternal Love' in flower language . guys can choose between the colors of roses preferred or go for a full bouquet of baby breath ( comes in blue as well ) , only at $68 this valentine day !

    for bookings , Quote : 'Eternal Love' :
    Email : Sales@fleurdsign.com


    Ring us at :
    81800964( Christina) or 91698088(Esmond)

    Bookings will be closed on the 12th of Febuary so hurry !
  39. fleurdsign

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    We also offer more premium flower such as Lillies and Mixture of Flowers with Lillies and Roses only at $128 .

    Semi- customization can be done to this bouquet as well , contact us for more details !:)
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    Thank you everyone for attending our One Day Only Sales Event , it was a great success , it could never happen without all of your support and love . we would like to say a big THANK YOU !! :)
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    Church Decoration One Day Sales back again !

    Thank you for the hot response from last year event , Fleur D'sign will be organizing our 1 Day Church Decoration Sales Event on the 20th of April 2017 for Couples who are looking for Affordable and Beautiful Church Decoration . Being in this trade for almost 25 years , we are dedicated to bring you only the best .During this event ,we have specially created various promotion package tailored to all your needs with Full Church Decoration packages starting from $395 only , promotion packages are specially for sign ups on the 22th of April !

    Join us to enjoy this 1 day only promotion from 11a.m to 5p.m , we look forward to meeting everyone of you !

    How to sign up :
    - Drop our friendly staff a email at sales@fleurdsign.com for a time slot
    - your on our guest list ! :)
  42. fleurdsign

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    Fleur D'sign will be off for Management holiday on the 1st to the 8th April . We will be resuming business on the 9th of April !:)
  43. fleurdsign

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    Church Decoration One Day Sales back again !

    Thank you for the hot response from last year event , Fleur D'sign will be organizing our 1 Day Church Decoration Sales Event on the 20th of April 2017 for Couples who are looking for Affordable and Beautiful Church Decoration . Being in this trade for almost 25 years , we are dedicated to bring you only the best .During this event ,we have specially created various promotion package tailored to all your needs with Full Church Decoration packages starting from $395 only , promotion packages are specially for sign ups on the 22th of April !

    Join us to enjoy this 1 day only promotion from 11a.m to 5p.m , we look forward to meeting everyone of you !

    How to sign up :
    - Drop our friendly staff a email at sales@fleurdsign.com for a time slot
    - your on our guest list ! :)
  44. fleurdsign

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    It warms us when our work is appreciated .
    Many thanks to my all our bride and groom and also to the loveliest Wilson and Angela for entrusting your wedding to us :)

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