FISHER & PAYKEL fridge and washing machine/dryer ?


oh summerala,

if there is a bundle with a dryer get the auto sensing ones they are better. i think is ed 56 or something like that not the 55 one.


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Hi girls
I did not read the thread above. I saw that there is a F&P warehouse sale yesterday till weekend..

I use to buy from the sales..price is good, condition also good...

Go n take a look.. price is much cheaper..


hi summerala,

well not a problem. good for you taking a dryer. i think there is an article somewhere saying that a dryer in a household seems a popul;ar choice especially with the fact that we are alwasy experiencing funny weather and come monsoon season then its extremely useful.


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Hi Ridz,

Any comment on F & P Wm model: mwc12? It's a 7.5kg top load.. courts selling at $698.. It has that "stick" in the middle.. but i think it's plastic.

Is it better to get a front load or top load? For Top load, Is it better to get one with the "stick" in the middle or empty in the middle?

Pls advise. Thank you.


hi jo,

depends on your requirements actually.

Now let me clarify with you something okie?

For front loads these are what we call continental styles of washing. So brands are like electrolux,thomson, brandt, bosch.

and for top loads its divided into 2 one is asian washers like fisher and paykel and of course your other japanese brands. while the other is the continental types. the continental types are the ones that wash using the technique that is the same as the onse in the front loading but just that the drum opening is at the op and not by the front.

the continental toploads are the ones that like bosch, electolux, thomson and bosch.

so whihc is beter it depends on what you wnat.

here is the deal we just compare continental washer vs asian washers yeah? cos top loads and front loads is another matter by itself independant.

do you prefer washing using the asian types or the continental types. okie pros and cons

Asian washer
-they come in top loads which means easier to load
- their wash cycles are usually short like about 45 mins max
-have very high capacity so yeah and its cheap
no hot water wash
uses a lot of water
limited wash cycles like synthetic,cotton cycle

Continental washers
uses lesser electricity
uses lesser water
has cycles which are customised for differnet clothes
has variable temperature to wash

uaually higher capacity is more expensive
takes a long time
(bear in mind that though it takes about average about 100 mins to wash it consumes a mere 300 watts for cold wash and about only 1.05kwh for 60 degrees wash using cotton cycle)

but there are some brands like thomson that is coming up with a cycle OPTIA 45 where tou can wash a full 5kg loads in under 45 mins.

now whihc to take its up to you.

maybe you prefer to take continental washin style but prefer to have the convenience then opt fir topload continental like thomson, electrolux bosch and brandt yeah>

post more questions then i try to answer okie


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i got the F &P T381E.. been using for abt 6mths.. very good.. I bought this model because it is the most energy saving per capacity compare to other brands.. Paid $700++ for it


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hi aelic, can share wher u got ur fridgE? tts a gd price, last i seen is lokg at T411

btw since ther are ppl who manage to get cheap fridge, i believ the shop u al go got sell other stuuf, eg. fans? any lobang for cheap electrical shop beside the highly publicised ming sheng n sweetson?


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Hi ridz,

It's my first time participating in this forum and is getting my head big on deciding on which washing machine to buy.

After days of hunting and scouting, not to mention loads of Sales-talk, I have down-sized to 2 brand option:
1. Electrolux
2. Brandt

My major concern is reliability and quality but nowadays, it seems that most of the machines (if not everything) are assembled from mainly Thailand and China.

So 1st question, out of the 2 brands, which is more reliable?

2nd, should BOSCH be in my consideration as well?

Lastly, the larger capacity on the new Brandt OptiA 7kg(s) have a new push OPEN DOOR button located top middle, just below the Control Panel. Is this new method as reliable and lasting compared to the conventional DOOR Latch?


hi changel,

just to check with you some question yeah

1) what capacity are you looking at?
2) What is the budget that you looking at?
3) What type of washer do you prefer? the ones you load from the top or the front ones? i mean continental front or continental top
4) what are you main concerns of features that you require?
5) do you have a need to get a dryer in the future? and do you have space for it as in front or top loading?

have these anmd i will revert to you

Yes you should include bosch machines too.

electroluxc and bosch tends to be the champion in the front load arena

about the door on the brandt that im not too sure cos its the first batch they are releasing with such a catch


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Hi ridz,

If I had to choose between an Electrolux front loader or a F & P top loader with an agitator and based on these needs:

1) Up to 7 kg load

2) Utility consumption is important to me.

3) Quality of washing is very important to me, and I don't mind waiting for a longer wash.

4) Both units are within budget

5) I'll be getting a dryer too that will likely be mounted on top.

What would you choose if you were in my shoes?

Much thanks.


hi CYFoo,

i would pick electrolux.

just one more question though, do you prefer top load loading or prefer to load from the front?

and also there are some disadvantages like mounting it on the wall for the ED56 would be a bit of a hassle to consider the drilling onto the wall itself as compared to electrolux if it spoils you merely lift it off from the washer and bring it down to have it replaced?

and on a final note perhaps you might want to consider about the capacity of the dryer.

Electrolux have a matching capacity dryer. thought the EDE 429 is a 5kg rated dryer i tried myself at my frens place and also called electrolux to confirm that the drum is able to tumble clothes of up to 8kg load not a problem.

and bearing in mind that F&P washer are around 7.5kg if i am not wrong for the GWC12 and the dryer is strictly 5kg sized. you look into the drum size and you can tell the difference between the f&p dryer and the electrolux dryer drum

means that if you use a fisher paykel washer and dryer your dryuing have to be completed in 2 cycles yeah?

something yuo might want to consider too yeah?


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Hey Ridz,

Thanks for the recommendation.

I don't have a preference to top or front loading; both are fine with me - but from what I've read, including the posts you've made here, front loading machines seem to give a better wash with less water consumption.

I've looked at the Electrolux dryers too, but haven't yet found out which of the two are more affordable. The dryer isn't an absolutely essential item for me and I intend to use it only sparingly.

Could I clarify this part of your post too:

"... would be a bit of a hassle to consider the drilling onto the wall itself as compared to electrolux if it spoils you merely lift it off from the washer and bring it down to have it replaced?"

Am I reading this right: or are you saying that the dryer can be stacked on top of a front loader machine?



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Hi Ridz,

Sorry for the delay in reply. I was out of town recently but your prompt reply was much appreciated.

I bought the Brandt WFH08771A up to 7kg with 800rpm spin and took the HN 5 years warranty, therefore, didn't concern myself too much on the door latch since it's convered under warranty.

As this is my first front load w/m, I noticed that there is NO visible water level when the "Wash" cycle is in operation. The clothes are just damp from small sprinkles of water done 3 times from the initial phase of washing.

Initially, I thought I had put in too much clothes but it's the same thing when I used much ligher loads of clothes with different cycles, e.g. Cotton 30deg, Synthetics 30deg, OptiA45, etc

I was advised by friends that there should be at least some water level which is visible to about less than half of the glass door.

Is the above true or is it b'cause of the "new" technology which saves on water consumption?

But then again, I wonder how clean will the clothes be if they are just damp during the washing phase, the detergent would not uniformly get to the clothes as well, right?

In any case, I'm getting Brandt technician to come down to have a look within the next few days.

Thanks and would welcome any feedback.


hi changel,

one thing to note would be with brandt and thomson machines, you would be required to hang up your drain pipes about 1 m then you can let it down else the water would run out.

waht im saying is that as with typical asian washers where you simply place the hose straight on the floor, continental washers like brandt and thomson requires you to hook up the drain hose (which usually run outs from the machine at the bottom) you just hook the drain to a height og about 1 metre before you let the balance of the hose down to drain

but im not too sure about brandt front loads.
typically you should be able to see a bit of water but not up to half the door of course usually its like maybe water height of barely 5cm from the bottom of the drum.

but yeah just get the technician down would be best to rectify anything yeah


hi CYFoo,

yesh front loads dryers are typically stacked on top of its front load washers counterparts.

the only thing about fisher paykel is that cos its a top loading machine hence you are not able to stack the dryer on top and the only solution would be to have the dryer to be drilled onto the wall above the machine as in dangling so to speak to allow the door to open.

but if you buy electrolux then yes front loader is at the bottom then the dryer just sits on top of the washer. there is a stacking unit that they would provide yeah.

but do bear in mind that if you get the electrolux washer but get the fisher paykel dryer there might be some problems.

cos the fisher paykel dryer dimensions are smaller than those of other standard front load dryer hence it would not be that suitable to stack on top of another machine as the stacking kit cannot be used and a rubber stopper is put in between the washer and dryer so its a bit dangerous so only other solution to wall mount.

and if you buy say fisher paykel washer then you cannot get electrolux dryer cos they can only be stacked the only dryer in the market that can be wall mounted is fisher paykel and simpsons yeah? bear these in mind okie?


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Yeah; from the looks of it I'll be getting the Electrolux washing machine and the corresponding dryer as a set, and stacked during installation.

Curious though: are there risks to such stacking? All that continual vibrations emanating from the washing machine. Will it damage the dryer long term?


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Hi Ridz,

Many thanks for your advise.
Just to let you know, the new Brandt w/m drain hose now comes out from the top of the machine. Therefore this takes care of the hang up requirement you mentioned.

Anyway, after the technician came, he could not find anything unusual. Conculsion: Monitor the water level and if problem still persists, I reserved the right for a 1 for 1 exchange instead of repair.

Thanks again


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hi all
i need some advises on fridge..

i actually went to Harvey norman and wanted to purchase F&P E440T. as in this forum, a lot of ppl say F&P fridge is the most energy saving. Even based on NEEC website, it seem to be too.
but the saleman actually told us F&P fridge is not energy saving. he said that F&P fridge have this active dunno wat sys which actually activate the compressor whenever u open the door. thus it consume more energy.
and NEEC rating is only based on the energy consume when u nv open the door.
and the quality of the F&P fridge is not gd. he demo how easily the rubber got tear off on the fridge?
then he recommended us on the mit MR-F45 fridge which is actually much lower price than F&P?
and he said is much better in energy saving (not true if u see the NEEC energy comparison btw both fridge)
and he say the quality of mit fridge is beta than F&P.

pls advise on his comments


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hmm no comment actly, but jus lik to remind u sales staff hav tendency to promote the brand tt gives the higher commission.

prob u shld do more comparison b4 deciding on any brand. for me i jus tak a trusted brand i prefer


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im not saying their prdt is no good, until now i still have faith in their prdts. but pls pray u wun ever need to call their customer svr for anyth, query or watever, u will b hoping mad, if u talk to them. only 1 customer svc lady there is normal n offers good n polite svc, her name starts wif Bxxxxxxx, The worst one is smone named Jxxxx.

There's smthg wrg with the fridge we purchase from dealer, jus small prob, all they need is to change us a new one, with the correct door hinge. but the procedure of talkg to the customer svr is really HELL.

my hubby has warned Jxxxx, he will not hesistate to go to CASE if this is not settled soon.This wk my hubby will call back to them again, will request to speak direct to manager, if
Bxxxxxxx is not arnd. no point wasting time talk to others.


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Hi teacup, I have just pm you. Would appreciate if you can reply me where yuo got your washin machine at this price. I am also looking for that model. By the way, do you also have lobang for fisher and paykel refrigerator too? Thanks so much.


hey people,

Miele brought in limited edition machines.

Which DOES NOT FEATURE the HONEYCOMB.. the normal holes machine...

5kg washer with 1400rpm + a 6kg condenser dryer

both of which are not with honeycomb.. going at a special price of $3380!!

Good buy!!! serious im not kidding.


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HI, just curious..why nobody mention abt whirlpool washing machine. As so far, the sales person i met only told me that whirlpool is good, other sales person never actually recommended on their brand. Anyone here used it b4? Any recommendation? I m shortlisted AW09565, 7.2kg capacity,1200rpm, price is $970 with foc $50 Ikea voucher. Isit a reasonable offer? Pls advise, thanks.


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Hi everyone, i am also pretty new here. Would like to ask about F&P refrigerators from all the experts if i could... =)

I intend to get a F&P and shortlisted the models E402B and E411T.

E402B comes with bottom freezer, which i quite fancy(different from my existing). The 362litres fridge is rated 3 ticks with 364 kWh/yr.

E411T on the other hand is the more conventional top freezer. It is 380litres rated 4 ticks but consumption is 465 kW/yr.

I am more concerned with electrical savings in the long run and hence am hoping to purchase what would be a less costly fridge.

May i know which is more impt for me to judge based on, the capacity and electrical usage, or the efficiency level of it? Which would you all recommend? Thanks in advance!


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hi, heard from sis in law tt audio house is offering a trade in promo. $100 off for 2 or 3 door fridge, $300 off for 500L & above fridge and $70 for washer.

im quite keen.. anyone bought theirs there? can share the prices?



ED56 have been discontinue and replace by DE45F56EW1

ED56 is made in Newland and DE45F56EW1 made in Thailand.

DE45F56EW1 drum back is not stainless steel as F&P staff told me it is to improve the machine durability and last longer.

He say the coated back will not rust unless u go stretch on it.

Wonder which one to get.. find some shop still have the ED56. Best and HN no more ED56.


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i shortlisted E441T. F&P is having promotion for their refrigerators wo any trade-in. Can check out at their authorized dealers..


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Just bought Fisher & Paykel E411T for $1089 after $100 discount from Courts (same$1189 in HN). Happy with the purchase. Doesn't look fancy, however, the many slots for adjustable racks will be very useful on a day-to-day basis. In addition, the bottle rack is useful and would take weight off the door. Also, we were looking for a fridge that has a smaller freezer coz we dont freeze that many stuff and this fridge at 300(bottom)+80(freezer) is exactly what we were looking for. I believe the low electricity consumption of FP is becoz of smaller freezer (abt 20-25% of total volume is freezer for FP, whereas 1/3 of total volume is freezer for other brand). The two variable speed fans (i guess panasonic calls this inverter technology - basically meaning fan speed is varying with requirement) reduce electricity bill.

You may want to spend time on the link below.

What you must do is, copy the info onto Excel. Divide Total volume by Freezer volume and get the ratio. Next, divide electricity by total volume and get the ratio. Now, plot the two ratio as X-Y plot and you will clearly get what you want. Trust me, this small exercise will give you mental peace and help you buy the right fridge for your family needs.


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You may use the following equation:

total electricity per year =3.65*(volume of freezer)+0.65*(total volume of fridge - volume of freezer).

Ex: Total volume =300lts
Freezer volume =100lts

total electricity = 3.65*100+0.65*(300-100)=495 kwh/yr.

If your fridge is consuming more electricity than this, then it is inefficient i.e., the more above 495, the more inefficient it is.


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wow.. entira, i was reading your last 2 posts with interest... i'm not too sure how u calculate- but how much can you save?


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hi! any reviews on their fridges? i am eyeing E522BX or the other model with the freezer on top, didnt catch the model number.


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anybody using front load fp washer?

i experienced the following when im using the quickwash and delay start program.

after it is done wish 'wash', the machine paused for some time, with the start and wash buttons' lights blinking. I had to press the start button before it moves into the rinse mode.


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Selling Brand new Mitsubishi Fridge MR-BF43B (with full warranty) for $788.

Won in a Lucky Draw recently and like to sell it to someone who needs it more than me. =)

Please see the features and specifications at this link:

According to the host for the lucky draw, this Mitsubishi Fridge is worth $1499, but I see outside selling at less than $1k, so I decide to sell it at $788 (Lucky number for me!)

There are 3 colours (Black, White , Stainless steel) for this model, I managed to get Stainless Steel, which is of higher value.

Picture of the the stainless steel model (middle):


Interested parties, please contact me at [email protected]