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usually for reno, only got "dong tu", "xie tu" and move in rite? Got other stuffs to do?

"dong tu" is done on the very first time u open the house when u get key izzt? or can be done anytime before start of reno?

Btw Wang shifu charge how much for a 5 rm ah?


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Dear all,
I'm intending to look for a fengshui master. Is Wang Shifu highly recommended? Is his shop opposite Raffles Hospital?
Can anyone PM me his exact address and contact no.?
Many thanks for ur help!


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Hi Sherry

I'm going to collect my hse keys next mth so should be sourcing for an ID soon. i quite like byran wong's designs on the home decor show so thinking of going to his company. Can i have his company name and tel no if u happen to have it? My email address is [email protected]. Thks!=)


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Hi Jamie,
Hope i am not late..
Anyway Bryan doesnt seems to do any more project...

I used to have his email,but heard from others in another thread mentioned that this email (which I had) is no longer in use...

As for his contact,,hmm...it's his personal hp no,,so....*hope u dont mind*


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I have problem contacting Master Wong leh.

His Hp and office no keep transfer to a mail box. Anybody has the same problem


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Hi all, would anyone be able to advise the consultation fees to engage a FS master for a 4R HDB flat? Thanks for your reply.


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Master Wong passed away recently...


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Hi any1 can advise n comment on this fsm?who have enage the service from him?http://www.tianlufengshui.com/index.html
HDB 3 Room Flat SGD $499 For an overview of Feng Shui Consultancy Service, please click here

Free selection of Auspicious Dates for Open Door, Dong Tu, Xie Tu and House Shifting if client takes up Feng Shui Consultancy Package.

Right Click Here and select Save As to Download the online Feng Shui Personal Particulars Form

HDB 4 Room Flat SGD $599

HDB 5 Room Flat SGD $699

HDB Executive Apartment, Maisonette SGD $799

2 Rooms and below SGD $799
3 Rooms SGD $899
4 Rooms SGD $999
Penthouse SGD $1099

iist ex?for 5room which i am loking on?thank


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i just engage master sim from tianlu feng shui.. i think his price is reasonable.. and he is not those old fashion type that force his fengshui ideas on you..

shawn think you can make an appt with him and meet up with him


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Hi we have a very good experience with Yuan Zhong Xiu at IMM on our new home.

The customer service provided by the consulatant -Maggie is excellent and overall we
are satisfied with the momey we paid against the products we received. We have Feng Shui done and and thesame time our family memebers fortunes
studied in details and explained to us patiently by her

I would recommend this to any new home owner who
are interested .

She can be contacted at 96677341.


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Hi onn(lucky4d), I'm a staff of Yuan Zhong Siu. Thank you very much for your compliments but most importantly, we are very glad that you are satisfied and happy with our services.

At this juncture, I would also like to take this opportunity to very briefly introduce Yuan Zhong Siu (aka New Trend Lifestyle) to fellow forummers too.

Established with over 20years of experience in geomancy expertise, Yuan Zhong Siu has been educating the public about the benefits of Feng Shui. I am also proud to say that numerous individuals and commercial entities have also benefited from our services. We pride ourselves with customer service excellence with a high level of professionalism too.

Our founder and Grand Master, Master Phang Song Hua, (some of you who is already aware of) is a renowned and successful geomancy expert. Grand Master Phang has been invited many times over to give talks on TV (local and foreign), radio, newspapers, in seminars (corporate and government) and has also assisted individuals and commercial entities too.

Grand Master Phang is also assisted by 09 other geomancy experts located at our 09 outlets locally (01 outlet in KL). The outlets are located at Fortune Centre, Chinatown, White Sands, Ang Mo Kio, IMM, Century Square, Sembawang, Tiong Bahru Plaza and Marine Parade.

We also offer a wide spectrum of geomancy services like palmistry, name-reading (ba-zi), selection of auspicious dates for important events like weddings, house-warming, house-move-in, selection of auspicious names, just to name a few.

So if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via PM and I will do my best to assist you in whatever way I can.




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hi cherie, just saw this thread only haha...

I engaged Master Chang for my house recently, he's quite detailed in explaining all the stuff to you, I would recommend him


haha.. hihi Thomas,
actually i have engaged Master Chang also. he quite detailed in explaining. but problem is we are confused about the move-in procedure he advised us. he has helped us to select an auspicious date and time which is this sat to do the move-in procedure. if he is able to meet us up to do the procedure will be good.


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Hi...I think those who Post Number is 1 and they start promoting someone or some company..it does makes me feel skeptical.

I appreciate those who really went to seek FSM and recommend them based on their experience.


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Yaya, hi there again.. there's no website to this fsm?
Any others already had their home fs done by this master?


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Hi all,

have any1 engage JS liew of can xuan ge, as ur fsm before? i heard from a friend that he does have his own reno company, any1 uses both service from him? Pls share experiences. thanks.


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My bro uses services from JS liew, not recommended. Not detailed in bazi analysis etc.

Chatty, friendly but not so FS if you compare to others out in market.

I did not short list him when i got my new house this Jan.


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Ya, me too.. I got him for my ad selection date but realized he isn't consistent with d reading of our bazi n he failed to deliver wad he promised, so a big no to engaging him for our new house..,


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I'm using JS for my AD date selection and house fengshui. It's true his bazi analysis is not detailed, but still accurate. Like he knows that my htb n I always quarrel, not loving enough. Hence he recommended certain fengshui cures which I think are working!

I used to engaged Lynn yap for my house fengshui, she is ok on placements and arrangements of furniture etc. But nothing seemed to be smooth after her fengshui home consultation that's why I hired JS.

His theory instead of putting cures or enhancers, a house's qi needs to flow corrctly. So after letting him correct the qi at my house, i feel things are better. I'm more motivated to work,
relationship with my htb also better.

N he is very friendly, small things consult him he also will entertain not like other masters.

If u all want someone who is very accurate in reading your bazi n are going to hk, u can go to Wong tai sin temple, stall number 137 to look for the master I see. I can't remember his name... He's very old but very accurate. So far the things he predicted for me n my family more than 10yrs ago all come true.. Even my friend who went to see him also say he is very accurate. =)


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DOGPATCH,I HEARD OF Yuan Zhong Siu (aka New Trend Lifestyle).
AROUND $10K...


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Hi All
Would like to check if there any recent reviews for Yuan Zhong Siu?

Do they really hardsell you into buying their products? Anyone who just did consultation w/o buying anything? Thanks.


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Any up to date recent master that you went for date selection? Thanks

I went to Huang shifu at Bedok last week... he gave us a booklet of all the auspicious dates within our range, explained the traditions etc. Just need to pick a date and let him know so he can let us know what to avoid on that day.
I went to Huang shifu at Bedok last week... he gave us a booklet of all the auspicious dates within our range, explained the traditions etc. Just need to pick a date and let him know so he can let us know what to avoid on that day.
Hi dear, can i pm you to know more? Thk u


mine is he charged us S$288 for 4-rm. He had me and my FH's bazi read as well, and do up the open door ceremony for us, and also see feng shui for our house, and choose good date to move into our house too...

But think we will only have 2 consultations with him... He always go indonesia and china for see feng shui also.

Any contact details to share?


hey tiarad,

i replied to ur qsn in another thread "Feng Shui Geomancer" so i don't wanna flood this forum with the same post
but in case u can't find my reply, briefly, the shifu i go to is Deng Shi Fu at Fo Guang Hang (Sultan Plaza , also near Lavender MRT station), tel 62917244.

he is the ex-boss & shifu of the wang shifu that did the fengshui for the celebs and he's been very zhun3 (accurate) with our flat's fengshui. we struck 4D shortly aft rearranging some of our furniture by his method and he didn't ask us to buy expensive stuff.

a v simple & nice master.

How much is the consultation fee? Should see him before or after I got the key?
Hello all.. i am looking for a resale unit and not sure how to select a suitable unit with good FS (or just avoid a bad unit). Is it appropriate to engage FSM at this stage? Not sure how the charges would be like since the FSM may have to visit and assess multile units for me..


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Hi all, not sure whether my comment will too late for this post but I would like to share my experience here.

I personally strongly recommend Grand Master Phang from Yuan Zhong Siu. I am so glad and happy with his service! I have done my Emperor Star Astrology with Grand Master Phang, he pretty hit on the life details and can even say major milestones in my life at what age. He gave me bits of advice to avoid certain trouble and it works well! I use him as my master to advice me on my apartment's feng shui too.

Chris Teow

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I was abit sceptical about Feng Shui previously before I engaged Grand Master Hillary Phang for Feng Shui my house and also my business to improve my career and life path. Grand Master Hillary is truly a real Feng Shui Master. His Feng Shui guides me to the success on my business and relationship! I feel the luck is always be with me with a good Feng Shui.
They do provide Emperor Astrology service too helping you to understand your fortune in your life. Visit them so you can plan for a success life like what I did!

Sharing is caring. You need to make appointment to consult Grand Master Hillary Phang. I visited their branch at Fortune Centre #01-35, 190 Middle Road.
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Hi, I've been wanting to buy an HDB. I would like to know is there anything I need to especially have an eye on choosing the correct feng shui flat. Couldn't really afford a Feng Shui master. If the price is cheap then I can still consider as reno and buy a flat will cost too much for me.


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I received some recommendations from friends for fengshui masters. Most don't reply to me. Is this due to some conflict they calculated beforehand? I have not given any bazi yet. This MIA incidents happened many times, even when I want to see a fortune master. Either they don't respond or they fixed an appointment and cancelled before the meet up date.