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Hello all,

I will be moving into my new place relatively fast and would like to engage a Feng shui master. I have engaged Master David Tong for my wedding dates in 2019. As I will be moving in some time in August this year, he is not free to meet me to get a date for moving in. Would like to get some recommendation for Feng Shui Master who can see me relatively quick :)

Thank you!

Crystal T

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Can consider Yuan Zhong Siu. I booked with Master Ang (had a substantial discount because I booked at their seminar lah) but was apprehensive because of reviews online.
Heng he is very informative and even gives a 2D? 3D? layout of how to place my furniture! They recommended products (think that's how they earn lah) but also he got tell me to put $1 coins in certain shapes to help, so end up never pay extra for products lorh.