Feeling so shitty!

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by sad2009, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. sad2009

    sad2009 New Member

    Just want pour out my shitty feeling by writing them down.

    2 yrs back found out accidentally he is involved w a China woman after confrontation he said there was nothing & promised nvr to keep in contact w her again!

    Recently found out he was in a r/l w her & he claimed he had ended it! I wan to file for divorce but he dnt wan a divorce & refused to cooperate!

    He kept saying I’m destroying the family & putting kids in misery by gg through the divorce! I’m so pissed right now! I dnt wan to hurt kids but he is gg to fight for everything!

    Out of anger I text & sent her her naked pix! She went to him & threaten to report me! I had nvr seen such a shameless individual b4! Both of them did the wrong thing & still dare to point their finger at me! Dnt knw how I’m married to such man! Really feel like slapping both of them!

  2. MrHonest

    MrHonest New Member

    Did u ever cheat him before or after you found he is cheating on you? I sense no love between you guys already as the reason you still with him is because of the kids.
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  3. mooremm

    mooremm Member

    If u have decided divorce is the only option, and U have evidence of his adultery, that gives u the ground for filing divorce...
  4. sad2009

    sad2009 New Member

    I’m proud to say I may not b the best Mum or wife out there but I had done nothing wrong to him or my kids! I’m just very disappointed & devastated.... dnt even knw how to describe this feeling felt so stupid to trust him again & allow him to stab me on my back again! Mayb I do deserve it! Felt so dumb! What else can I said beside I’m an idiot! I told him every time if not because of my kids I would hve walk out without looking back but he knw I wouldn’t do it he is using that to strongarm me!

    I want to be strong & fight back this time! I kept telling myself not to backdown but my biggest concern r my kids! Feeling confused at times dnt knw if I’m making the right choice or maybe he is right I’m selfish also because I put my interest above my kids!
  5. sad2009

    sad2009 New Member

    I need to be strong!
    I need money for his contest case est $10-30k!
    I need to be prepare for the worst!
    I need to protect my kids!
    I need to do so many things at times I dnt knw if I’m ready for all these a not!
    I’m looking for a lawyer now shortlist a couple gg to fix appoint to c them!
    I kept telling myself everything will turn out ok stay focus!

    Thanks for listening everybody!
  6. meiji5

    meiji5 Member

    One piece of advice that I heard from a lawyer is to never seek revenge. If you seek revenge, your hatred/contempt will only drive you crazy and complicate the proceedings. Always try to work around everything with a cool head. Sometimes we need to think clearly in order to move on and take the next step. Wish you all the best!
  7. sad2009

    sad2009 New Member

    Thks meiji5, I’m trying but sometimes I get very emotional & upset & angry like I’m gg explode! I will bear that in mind & keep my cool!
  8. Infernolord

    Infernolord Active Member

    You have to be strong. Move on.

    Since you have solid evidence, you do not have to worry too much..
    Focus on kid and be independent. Is your parent still ard, maybe seek comfort back at home would be helpful.

    Happiness maybe just waiting for you. Dont dwell on this.
    I see many guy/ger here find happiness after some shit thing. That how we grow up and stronger.

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