Feeling lost


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Hi all,
My girlfriend of three years broke with me about 1 week ago,have been feeling lost and would like to seek advice......

When she knew me 3 years ago, she already knew i have a son from my previous marriage and she had acepted doted on him like her own.But the thing is i haven't file for divorce till now.She had waited for me for three years and now she said she is tired.....

we had cut off all contacts for now,i know that she still loves me but she says she need to use logic instead of her emotions to think this time.
Do you think that once women's mind is made up ,its impossible to salavage the suitation?

Am feeling so lost right now...


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she can't marry u. u can't marry her. is it that difficult to figure where it's headed?

women have their clock ticking... like it or not, u won't have as many 20something guys approaching women in their 40s... as opposed to 20something women approaching u when u're in your 40s...


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Isn't it selfish to expect her to keep waiting for u as u keep dragging on your marriage?

What is keeping you from filing for divorce?

why must u expect her to wait for u? is this an affair for u? U hve not even separated or divorced formally? why are u such a selfish jerk? and how dare u bring your son along to go out with her.


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tell u story of mine.i had waited for my ex for 6 years just for his divorce. After all, the time,the disappointment, the tired eroded my love for him.At that time, for me, problem is not his children ( he had 2), problem is his hesistance. He promised me time to time..and i kept waiting. At the end, i decided to leave him. i saw no reason for me to waste my youth, my emotion, my precious time for him... feeling may be still have some, but sure not enough to keep sacrify any more.so pls do not selfish, pls consider the suffer the girl has to endure with that situation


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Waiting is fine if your life goes on, and u continue to date and meet pple... but if your life stops and all your focus is just waiting for someone to be able to be with u... then it's not very wise. Time and Youth is something u won't appreciate when it's in your favour, but as u age... u realise there could have been more life Lived than wasted just waiting...

there's definitely pple who have waited their whole life... sometimes i wonder if it is Selfish - becos someone else was waiting for them to enter their lives, but they never did, becos they were cooped up at home waiting.

i dun think it's so simple as just waiting... the girl who is 25 n wating for a guy... is 35 after another 10yrs... the guy may only be into girls in their 20s... and it's really Not Difficult to get to date girls in their 20s... i'm almost 40, married, and i still get asked out....

so ladies who intend to wait, i just wanna add that u Cannot afford to play this game for too long.

anyway, share an extended MTV that i really like... it's by SHE... a pretty nice song too.



I agree with Powder's post. I waited for a guy for 7 years in my 20s to early 30s. When I finally moved on and met someone else, got married, I am facing difficulties having children now due to age and other factors.

Not saying that this happens to all who wait, but women really have a BIO clock ticking away.


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My piece of advise is never take your bloody sweet time to decide on an issue that also concerns someone else' time.
When love leaves, it's never going to come back


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I met someone and now he wants to marry me. He knows that I have a son and he doesn't mind. He just wants me to get a divorce as soon as possible. He wants me to bring my son too. Can I file for a divorce ? I don't have anymore feelings for my husband. I don't want the house he can have it. All I want is my son and a divorce. I am basically paying most of the things including my son's childcare fees. What can I do


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Good for her I applaud her leaving you! Why don't you put yourself in her position? Would you wait such a long time if the tables were turned? I certainly hope she never goes back to you coz you are selfish and haven't even considered how she has wasted 3 years of her love and youth on you! Do her a favor and let her go. Additionally don't prey on other ladies till you've got your own shit settled. Start being a man for once!


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You really deserve it. If your gf continues to wait for you, she's the fool. To reply to Jessie: as a legal secretary I would advice you to sit down and talk to your husband about filing for a divorce. Both of you must agree on what to do with the house, maintenance and custody of the child. It will definitely save you costs.