Failed IUI, wats next?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by xinxin, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. xinxin

    xinxin New Member

    Hi all,

    I am really devasted cos i went thru 5 times of IUI with stages of taking clomid, (maximum) injections to induce ovulation. The biggest egg size i manage to get is only 23mm which is considered the most desirable this time round, thus pinning high hope for this month since my hubby would like to have a rabbit baby to be.. But, i encountered spotting few days ago until today, my menses came... ~haiz.. tats bad news.. i really dun know how to break this bad news to him. He will definitely feel very dissappointed...

    No rabbit baby to be, fine! But what have i done wrong to deserve THIS?! What is the next step i should take? To continue IUI? Or proceed with IVF ?(which is least preferred due to the tremondous pressure cum $$) Change gynae? Change to TCM? Or any other choices? Please advise...

  2. shannat

    shannat New Member

    hmmm have u considered seeing a chinese sinseh? i think there is one quite popular.. many ppl go and see de. i think the mark lee n his wife also (heard frm my fren). my fren also tried many times, even IVF but failed. so she went to see this chinese sinseh and she managed to get preg shortly after tt...
  3. innocentwar

    innocentwar Member

    i second shanna's suggestion. Try TCM to tio your womb first. My SIL had 3 failed IVF... After which she visited Eu Yan Seng's fertility specialist at Paragon before trying for the 4th time... Her baby is now 6 month old...
  4. xinxin

    xinxin New Member

    Noted.... Guess the reputable one are Shanna's suggestion of Tong Ji while innocent's one is at Eu Yang Seng... Thank you so much ladies for hearing mi out.. hope it will improve my oondition as i am really in a dilema...
  5. jandk

    jandk New Member

    Normally if you have a number of failed IUIs, the next step would be IVF.
  6. scopefun

    scopefun New Member


    You are NOT a baby making machine. Period.
  7. marshyooshy

    marshyooshy New Member

    yah i think you can try the chinese herbs also.. at least that's a more natural method..
  8. jess_kim

    jess_kim New Member

    hey patricia,

    I took clomid in 2006 and it only took two cycles to become pregnant with my first daughter.
    Second daughter came two years later by surprise and we are currently trying for a third! [​IMG]
    Taking my first round of clomid this month
    hoping it works as quickly as last time! :D

    hope I was helpfull
  9. saraleemon

    saraleemon New Member

    maybe you should proceed with IVF

    We are extremely lucky that we found this good doctor, Ann Tan, so maybe you should also change your gynae. . We cannot imagine getting a healthier level of care anywhere else. My wife was afraid of needles and clinics before, but then she was treated with so much care from the blood work to the IVF procedures.

    the clinic has managed to comfort her throughout the process. I feel that we were well taken care of.

    IVF will give you hope and help you to bear a child into this world. try the clinic Women Fertility & Fetal Centre and look for a specialist in Obstetrician & Gynaecologist. hope i was of help to you!

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