Eyelash perming


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hi ladies,
i had my 1st ever eye-lash perm about 1 month ago...done by a friend's friend. and i must say that it did curl my lashes. note that i have very little lashes and not very long also.
if anyone's interested in her service, can PM me for her details. she's home-based and charges $20 only.


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anyone tried eyelash perming by zoey (faceworks) in orchard plaza? thinking of trying her cos i go there for eyebrow trimming.. but a bit hesitant


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I know of a home-based lady who does various beauty services.She's very professional & charges reasonable too.She does home service too, with a minimal transport charge. Check out the website, www.beautydivas.multiply.com for more details & the latest promotions!


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I just called Impression to look for Peiling to book my eyelash perm and realised that they are no more at Stamford House. They have shifted to Stamford Court now and its at the ground floor. Luckily they still keep the old phone number.


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Hi all...

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Thank u~


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my "eye brow lady" has been trying to convince me to get my eye lashes permed, but I'm just scared. Like what if my eye lashes melt away or something crazy like that... But since many of you said there wasn't really such risks, I'm interested again.

Can anyone describe the process? I'm curious what they do and how long it takes. Also, how long does it last? Does it look bad if you don't get it re-done (is the damage permanent)?

If anyone wants a good Japanese cosmetician in the LA/Santa Monica area, I would recommend my lady since she does a great job on my brows


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I've been doing the perming/dying combo for years (I am eyelash handicapped and suffer from Eyelash Envy!)....

A foam form is glued to your eyelid and the lashes are secured with a rubber band apparatus -- the perm solution is derived from dairy products, but smells just as horrid as your hair perm
The only warning I can issue: my permanent eyeliner tattoos have faded along parts of my eyelid, bottoms are pristine ~ I am certain it's from perming.

I have also had extensions - and generally have to say I would get them for special occassions but certainly they are quite short term for the $$ you pay, and I found they irritated my eyelid for the first few days.