Ex-Wife Request increase in Maintenance


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I just received a notice from Family court that my ex-wife just filed for Fresh of Maintenance. This is to adjust upwards the maintenance for separation period. Anyway this is the 4th year and i'm unsure her intention given we're going to file for divorce by next year jan.

The Maintenance is for our two kids and she asked for $1 for her own maintenance which is not adjusted.

Had went through a first session and she had asked to increase the maintenance by 3 times. Mediator given her opinion and i had given in slightly by adjusting upward closer to 2 times. But my ex-wife still insisted on her requested amount and requested to carry on her filing for fresh of maintenance.

A few things in mind i had and would be grateful if someone could advice what are the chances the judge will overload me by awarding her request. My current expenses altogether is already almost 110% of my take-home pay (after factoring in my kids additional expenses on top of maintenance) and i'm already reviewing to cut down my personal expenses.

1) We had applied BTO flat, i've agreed to withdraw my name from ownership and leave it as a roof over her and our two kids. Now she is adding the instalment of flat onto her expenses which leaves me disadvantageous for expenses despite i've withdrawn my name on my own accord. Currently the new flat is left empty for about 1+ years while she still stays with her parents. I've proposed her to rent out the rooms but she is strongly against it.

2) Over the 4 years period....i've tried supporting additional expenses (on top of maintenance) such as event for kids, enrichment course fee or tuition fee etc on adhoc basis as my expenses goes above or just slightly below my take home(after deducting maintenance). I did ran into some trouble paying for maintenance (+adhoc expenses) but managed to furbish up the outstanding amount upon next paycheck.

3) I own a car for work as my job nature makes it necessary for me to travel around for site projects. I'm certain that this liability will put me at a disadvantage in view of judge. But my job somehow requires me to visit places which are remote and taxi don't drop me such as in middle of expressways and without a vehicle i'll be lacking of mobility to the company. Its may not be a strong justification but again it puts me in league for pro-career advantage being in project line.

4) I do give my mom some allowance but was advised that that allowance may have to give way for maintenance in view that judge take kids precedence over parents. My mom earns <$1k a month but still have to afford the current 3 room flat of $300+ monthly paying half by cash given CPF is already flushed monthly.

As usual this is a one sided story but would like to hear some opinion (be it kind or harsh) where i stand given the mediation didn't went well.


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Hi Recovery,

May I know how old are your kids?
Usually expenses for kids go up as they grow up.

My kids are in lower pri. So most things are "free" in terms of events for kids, courses, tuition.

Maybe you can share this with your wife as she may not know.

Events for kids : Mid Autumn festival- I just register 3 events for my kids ranging from "free" to $5 ticket per person. They are organised by the community centre, church and GRC PAP Blk Party.

Enrichment courses : I enrolled my kids in community centres courses for kids. Drama classes, science activities classes, ranging from $20 to $120 per person. Discount for Passion card holder.

Tuition : There is a one-time 20% discount Popular voucher for members. I just bought the whole lot of assessment books for all the subjects, cost about $100 plus. I teach myself, no tuition for my kids till maybe when they reach upper sec or JC.

Piano class : There is discount Yamaha card for piano teachers. I just bought the whole lot of ABRSM piano practical and theory exam papers for my kids. I teach myself, no piano teacher for them till they are grade 6 and above.

Groceries : Discount rebate cards NTUC plus for NTUC, Passion card rebate card for Cold storage, shop n save, giant, guardian pharmacy. Citibank SMRT and UOB ONE credit card have groceries rebate. Buy groceries and food there are in season and on promotion but don't compromise on freshness.

But if your kids are teenagers. Expenses will be high. School trips, CCA, Dinners or movies gatherings outside with classmates during holidays. Tuition, piano classes needed as I can't teach well for higher grade maths or piano.

For your parents, please help them to apply CHAS card, have medical and dental subsidies when seeing private doctors and dentists. Very easy to qualify. Can get forms from the community centre.

Hope your parents and wife find the list useful.


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Not sure how much she is asking for but she would need to be able to provide the breakdown and justify the amount she is requesting.

Your earning power n hers will be taken into consideration.