Evil Boss


mine immediate boss is a lady too. well not easy to get along and worst is that i'm partnering her pet! every little thing kenna da xiao bao gao.

Sometimes drive me crazy too....

Last time used to be able to use comp in office during free time to skive for a while. Now have to act busy. Shit!


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My ex-boss was also a female expat. Find that lady boss is more petty and unlike male boss, will tend to build up the unhappiness until she
explode and by then nothing can salvage the situation. I also experienced what Carrot and baby mentioned. Very difficult to work with such type of colleague.


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I think it depends cos I experience quite a no. of female bosses but 2 of them (1 Chinese & 1 Ang moh) are the best. They are much better than some male bosses I worked for as they themselves are women so can relate to them better. When I have relationship problems, I can also pour my sorrows to them so it's unfair to say all female bosses are no good.
However, I did encounter 1 female boss who's unmarried in her mid thirties...My ex-colleagues and I always joked what would be the weather later as her temper can swing from 1 end to the other. And if she's unhappy, she can just slam her phone and all her files on the floor. Gave me a shock at times as I was sitting nearest to her. I decided to leave when my ex female boss poached me over to my current co and I was so glad I would not be working for her anymore.


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All bosses are evil as they use their staff to further their own interest. That's how they manage to reach where they are. Nothing wrong with that but that's basically how the 'game' is played.


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Can I let off a rant here?

I work in a male dominated environment and generally get along with my colleagues, often going for a few beers after work etc.

I am the only girl and the only Chinese.

There is certain VP in my department, let's just call him L. He is such a d*ckhead. From day 1 he has treated me with disrespect.

He's always making asides about my lack of dress sense, calling me names, insulting my intelligence and my race (calling me a monkey, imagine that!) publicly humiliating me about the quality of my work etc.

Everyone else I work with is fine with me and my work. Up to now, I have carried myself with dignity, refusing to stoop to his level of intelligence (not very much).

Today it all came to a head when he asked me loudly in front of others why I dress like a prisoner, is it the current fashion or because I am too poor to afford proper clothes?

I answered in a joking way - this is my sense of style, I like looking unique mah. I ask him how he knows this is prison fashion - whether its cos he himself has been in there recently.

Bloody hell, I was so mad! I have to deal with him quite a lot. Thankfully I work with others as well. Cos if it's just him, I will either have to transfer dept or leave. I have spoken with my managers and they say just ignore him.

I think my bosses are the kind that don't like to rock the boat, so they rather cover their ass and keep quiet.

I have been ignoring his comments, always being civil for the last 2 years. I don't know how long more I can keep my cool.

I really hope that one day he will slip on a banana skin, fall on the floor and break his d*ck. That should teach him.


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I can honestly emphathise and feel you. My current boss is a **** (I'm quitting soon), and she's a real nightmare. She's a poor leader, she's fat and flirts openly in front of us, her colleagues, and makes promises she can't keep and promises tasks she can't live up to. I've been following this blog for quite some time, it used to be something else but it got revamped. It's pretty nice, anonymous, and relates very well to this girl's (I think it's a girl author?) bitch boss. It feels much better knowing you're not alone. It has helped me through some really tough times and the writing is pretty stoic (though in a pretty hilarious way)

Give her a read, I love her because she's raw and incredibly honest. Links are not allowed here but try seasonedeyeroller(.)wordpress(.)com


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Mine was a direct superior that I report to, both of us have similar years of working experience and she's just a year older than me. When my father fell critical ill last year almost succumbed to lung failure due to parkinson, We had a trash talk meeting due to my work performance, I mean if either of your parent fall critical ill and their live is on the edge, you as a child will be so worried that you will probably take leave and attend to family affair first and prepare for the worst. Its also understandable that you might not be able to focus on the task on hand.

So she said this to me in front of everyone during trash talk meeting (which includes my Boss, HR and my dept), "Eh, your father in hospital is not a good excuse okay? Everyone have their own family problem. Don't use your father in hospital as an excuse or leverage". Mind you, she said during the period my father was still in ICU and is not out of critical stage yet.

I mean, eh cb, I try to finish my task on hand, and I understand that my performance and work delivered have been quite sloppy. But knn, I never once during that period I left work late leh. She still can leave half an hour before to watch Mayday concert, while I stay behind to clear my work despite my father still in hospital.

So I said this back to her, "Okay, I hope that you will live up to what you said today. Because of what you said today, someone resign from his job. I'm not cursing at you and I hope that day will not come, but if it does happen to either of you parent, I wish you can live up to what you just said to me". She fucking angry siahh!!! Then storm out from the meeting room telling everyone I curse her parent when I already had that disclaimer before making the statement.

Good thing is that me boss, HR and some of my department understand what I was going through. Problem is just her. But I still quit my job.

Ah well, last I know is that she have left the job and went on to somewhere else.


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start looking for other jobs.. and once confirm can get, hand in your resignation letter. for me, happiness and job satisfaction is more worth pursuing than money. if you spend all day feeling like sh*t because of your boss, you will never be content


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Yes! Definitely! So double standard one and always thought herself know everything then comment on everything when the point is it really cannot done in that way. She keeps creating problems rather than solving the problem itself. Still, she says herself how good she is but it is the other way round. Luckily I quit very soon. After I quit for awhile, the company business drop and people are not getting their pay. That's how bad it is. Btw, it's a small company.