Enquiring about Taiwan Package!

Hi everyone, I am planning to go to taiwan to have my photoshoot. Anyone been there before?

Currently considering the local taiwan boutiques such as Julia, BlueBay and Romantic Life.
But my fren told me that it is cheaper to go over taiwan to look for it.

Have anyone been to taiwan to look for their packages? Can you share with me your package details so that I know roughly what I can expect when I get there.

Thanks! =)

Excited with Joy!


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I'll be heading to Taiwan for my photoshoot next year. Just here to share my thoughts.

Let's assume going taiwan to look for photoshoot packages could be much cheaper. But does that means you have to travel there twice? First is to find and confirm which boutiques. 2nd time for the shooting? Doesn't that incur additional cost?

Let's say you're going to do all within one trip, maybe you can ask yourself the followings: -

1. How many days do you plan to stay there. Normal shoot @ Taiwan take about 3days(min). Ave couple stays there 5 days. You will need to stay there more days to source for boutiques and travel around, do you think its cheaper? (I suppose the reasonable hotel rates range about $80-$100 per day)

2. Photoshoot @ Taiwan will be best taken during Oct/Nov/Dec & March/April/June with their best weather. Usually for these period, you need at least 3 months in advance (super-peak seasons)to pre-book with your boutique to stand by that 1-2 days for you to choose your gowns and shooting. If you just walk in one day and want to arrange your shooting within the next few days, i do not think that will be possible.

A friend of mine spent close to S$13k (2yrs ago)for his Taiwan Shoot which includes lodging, air tix, food & entertainment, photoshoot packages & extra photos. His package is much on a higher rate, so i assume ard $10k should be sufficient.

Hope the above information helps. =>


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Newjourney: I'm also looking at overseas photoshoot. But I am thinking of April 2010. Do you wan to share to fly a photographer and MUA over. Then we need not take a package with Taiwan bridal and we get to keep all the photos at no extra charge. I'm also considering Korea as it would be the cherry blossom season. Japan is kinda ex, but can consider too.

snoopies: I MTM 3 gowns and I intend to bring them over to TW for photoshoot Is it possible for me to engage the bridal studio photography services and MUA, but I dont need their gowns. The only condition is that I want all my photos back, and not being charged for extra photo. Is it possible?


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hi newjourney,

i signed up for a taiwan BS package recently. Can share the details with you. what's your email address?


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Hi flowerbride,

I'm not sure if that can be done, you can try to neg with the BS there to get all photos back but think it will be difficult as I believe that's how they earn $$ from the photoshoot. ('Tease' you with all the pretty photos and sia you to pay for the additional.) Prob they will offer with 'gowns exchange to more photographs'.

I've just signed up with a Taiwan BS too. Going for my photo next year April / May. They charging each additional photo for about S$54.00. Gown cost for photoshoot not revealed, but rental for AD is about $200-$300. Hope this can be a good gauge for you to neg for better package.

Hmm... since you don't really need bridal services there since you have your own gown, why not look for those professional photographers from Taiwan who do make-up, hair, studio & outdoor shoot? Think their package offer could be better.



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hello moon,

i signed up with francestar.


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Hi Everyone, I had very bad experience with my BS in Taiwan but I still love to take my wedding photos in Taiwan. Can you please share your package with me please.

My budget is really very low now because I have spent a bomb on my first BS and my HTB is rather angry with me for choosing the first BS. But because Taiwan has special meaning for both of us, we do not mind going again for another time.

We are rather simple people so we did not check other BS when we were there. Can anyone please please help.

Thanks so much!


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Hi Tze How,

Oh dear..what happened with your first BS? Maybe you can share whats your budget like? Our idea of an affordable package might not be for you since you spent a bomb on your first.


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Hi flowerbride, I've the same thinking with u ... hope to get back all softcopies from bs. So I m searching for freelance photographer in tw, quite tough to find one. I also bought my wg. Btw, I also signed up with one tw bs recently ...

Hi Tze How, may I know ur bs name? At least we can aware not to take that one...
Riri, my email address is startedlovingrealyoung(at)gmail(dot)com

Please send me your package details, Thanks!

I am also trying to get back all my photos in softcopy so that in future, even when the hardcopy is not presentable, we can review it in our own pleasure on the PC.

Anyone, Any idea how to negotiate with the BS?


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Hi all, i'm a happy bride which signed up with Ivy Bride last year and took my bridal shots in Taiwan this year May. Well, taking photos oversea definitely cost more, but me and my hushand first choice was never local bridal shops, definitely it is not that they are not good, just that the locations for photo shooting, everyone can guess where it is. Personally, i also feel that Taiwan gowns are nicer, and i can also take pre-wedding trip.

I'm very happy with Ivy Bride, because they are really very professional, friendly and warm-loving. In total, i spent about 5k for my bridal package because i got extra photos. But the entire photo taking session was enjoyable.
Anyone interested to know my package, i can email to you.


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Hi Ivy!

I am also interested in Ivy Bride too! Would you mind sending me details of your package and allow me to view your photos pls? Thanks so much! =))


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Hi KaiXin, Diamond & moon, i've sent my package details to you. Any other enquiries, i'm glad to answer.

Hi Yoyo, can i have your email?


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hi Josephine& jenjen, sorry for the late reply. i was out of town. had sent you my packages, if you want to know anything, just let me know, i can help!


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Hi. Has anyone tried fashion bride or harvard marriage before? Had signed up with both of them early this year and had to pay up in full during signing up (was told that is their practice). Now worried that I may have done the wrong thing to pay first. I'm taking my PS in early Oct. Any advice(on where to go to shoot, what to do, how to deal with them) is greatly greatly appreciated. =)


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Hi Ivy,

I am going to taipei this fri for short holiday. Same time thought of looking at some BS there as my HTB and I feel that the photography over there is much nicer than local BS. can you email me asap your package for reference? Tks alot!

[email protected]



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I'd just like to share. I'm a very satisfied customer of True Love Wedding in Taiwan. Website is www.truelove.com.tw/smh

Find it quite cheap as compared with other studios and the transport and makeup artist cost are already included in the package.


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Hi fashion bride BTB

A BTB somewhere in the forum had updated me her bad experiences with fashion bride. She went only on early nov. and another BTB also told me her brother-in-law who took photos there also photo not nice...so i have to forego my deposit cus not worth to spend more and end up results not good
I took my Taiwan wedding photo shoot with a bridal studio in Taichung. The name of the studio is Sanathen E Belle Brides..


Their service was quite gd and I think generally studios in Taichung probably charge less?

You guys might want to check out their website..

The only troublesome thing is the emailing in chinese and that was abit inconvenient..

And another thing to factor in would be the time factor, if possible take your pre wedding photoshoot at least a yr in advance if you're doing it overseas as you would have to expect certain delays...( like them not sending you your complete package etc)..and them being so ultra busy...they dont have time to reply your emails..and it isnt as easy calling them ( due to the overseas IDD phone charge) so in that sense we can't keep bugging them as well...so mainly have to rely on emails..


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I've just came back from my PS with Romantic Life... I think their photos are better taken then most SG studios. (And the scenery win half already!) But that being said, a lot of ppl who took Taiwan BS encountered a lot of problems and delays at layout stage, and because you can't communicate face to face what you want, you get a lot of miscomm.

I'd say if you have time to spare (like half a year at least), try overseas. If you don't, try a smaller arty-farty studio in SG - dress selection might be more limited, but photos can be pretty good.


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Good recommendation to all BTB

Hi all BTB, I just returned on Sat from Taiwan for my PS with Truelove (真爱婚纱) www.truelove.com.tw

They didn't come for any bridal fair, only can check and enquire through their website as there is a customer service via msn kind of window to let customer direct enquire.

I get to know truelove in this forum and make a direct enquire on their package though in their website had post their offer package details for Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong customers http://www.truelove.com.tw/smh/index.php.

Frankly speaking, I do have many doubts initially as I cannot talk face to face with them, and have to pay 1/3 of the package via online and also they are only 5 years in business. So if to compare on all these facts with other BS who comes for bridal fair, they are at a loose end.

Therefore, I would like to ensure everyone who have all these doubts on them after browsing their website, they are indeed very good and worth the money, regardless in gowns, photography and also their customer care service.

The other additional costs that I paid are only ampoules at NT500/bottle x 4, 1 on face, 2 on body & 1 for hubby (think this part can go according to your own wish, if you don't think necessary can tell the MUA no need use so many). NT300/hr for exceeding the first 5 hrs free transport for outdoor PS.

My photographer is 游主任(11 yrs exp) and assistant 牙牙, MUA is 彩ç³. Both photographer and assistant are funny and friendly people, therefore, makes your photoshoot less nervous and can smile more naturally and MUA skills are good too.

Though I’m longwinded, but seriously all BTB, you won’t regret for choosing truelove. They really offer good package which 100% worth on spending.

Feel free to PM me if anyone liked to see few of my pix as dunno y i can't upload my pix in here.

If you still have doubts in my words, you can also look at www.verywed.com.tw for remarks that their customers have on them. This website also can let you find all other BS remarks that their customers have on them.


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Hi Joanne,
It's great to hear that you had a wonderful experience with Truelove. Would u mind sharing with me your package? And also how much u spend there? Coz i'm trying to see how much budget i should allocate. Thanks so much.


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Sorry for late reply Jenjen, seldom log in. You can see their package here http://www.truelove.com.tw/smh/index.php I've spent ard 3.7k (exchange rate of 22+) for topping up of photos, ampoules and also addtional hrs for outdoor shooting transport as their free transport is for 5 hrs. You can go in to check directly with their customer service, no obligation and she's very helpful eventhough you haven't confirm. Mayb u can try to communicate with them and see how you feel. Frankly, is the first contact makes me feel sincererity in their service and makes me decide to sign with them. By the way, due to their system, it may suddenly log out from window, so don't be annoyed by this and doubt their service attitude.


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Hi there,
I signed up with Romantic Life at $3288. Planning to head there March2011 for spring to capture cherry blossoms.

My package includes:
All outdoor/and indoor photography
12" x 15" seamless cardboard album in paginal layout
3dresses for bride
2suits for groom(include shirt,bow,waistcloth,white shoes)
Ornaments, jewelry,makeup,hairstyling

- Ability to choose any photographer of my choice based on their portfolio
- one additional dress and hairstyle
- 1 magazine liked booklet of 30photos
- 10 free photos
- 12 special invitation booklets that can hold our photos
- signature guestbook

and some things but i cant remember, and the handwriting on the carbonised invoice is abit blurred already. It was the president of the bridal studio, Ananda, who served me personally.

Local transport.airfare.hotel.admission to any venues. excluded

I can choose any itinerary, and most probably im looking into Dan Shui area, 淡水路线.

However, recently I read a thread saying that Romantic Life is unethical, that they used freelance photographers and their works are different what we see on their website.haiz..

I am having some doubts now, and im posting threads on the forum to ask other brides to send me any photos with romantic life. If is not what i expected, I will sell away the package. Shit man, I have paid full sum. Haiz...i hope those are just rumours.My choiced photographer is Ah Kuan, I have seen his portfolio, hope is not like what the forum has claimed.

Currently, I been liaising with a consultant, Sonia, over the email, with any queries I have.I am still waiting for Sonia's reply to march2011 schedule..

One thing which I love about Romantic Life is their indoor studio, is really very beautiful. But I still carry a heavy heart.


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Strongly agree with Charlene I just came back from PS in mar. Truelove leave down a very memorable and wonderful PS experience for me.

www.truelove.com.tw, alternatively BTB can look into www.verywed.com.tw for comparison of BS. I can only say that truelove offered the best and worthy package.

Needless to say, their service is thumbs up and quality is on par with the other BS too. So for the kind of price, you get what other BS gives and might be better, so why not right?


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hi Joanne,
i also planning to take my photo in taiwan . But how do you go about it in discussing the pkg ? All is in chinese which abit difficult to understand the pkg details . Can share with me ? Thanks!


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Hi Kaixin,

Their package consists:-

- Bride 5 outfits WG & EG with 5 make-up and hair-do;
- FOC accessories to match;
- Groom 1 white and 1 black suit with shoes to match;
- FOC white shirt and standard bow tie or waist belt;
- communication with photographer on your preference of photo styles;
- FOC 5 hrs outdoor PS transport and additional at NT300/hr;
- 18" 30 pcs crystal album;
- 12" crystal album for bride family;
- 30" enlarge photo frame;
- Thank you card 300 pcs;
- Photos chosen given in CD-ROM before leaving;
- Album suit case

Note: You can request to change into other thing if you don't need some of the items above. Eg. I only take 100 thk you cards and the bal 200 I change into 2 mini palm albums which have 10 pix in each album. Very cute album which we can put in handbag to carry around. Smaller than a tissue pkt or if you don't like you can always ask what you can change with items that u don't need, the coordinator will give you suggestion of what you can change, they will accomodate to your needs.

"FOC items
- Free transport pick-up to and fro Airport
- MUA to follow through outdoor PS (MUA is very important during PS, and 90% of BS all charge few hundreds for MUA to follow, therefore, their offer for this is REALLY GOOD). Hope my translate is detail and won't miss out any. You can check with their customer service at the pop up window of their website. Their coordinator very nice gal, 娃娃. You also can request her to help you book hotels.

They also provide dinner when return to studio and will let us eat dinner first before proceeding to indoor PS.

I would say their services are very intimate and good, really worth to spend. And really they will make your PS a memorable and KAIXIN one...


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Forgot to say, the additional cost above the package price are only ampoule at NT500/btl. Need to use 4, 1 on bride face, 2 on body and 1 for groom and also additional hrs for transport if exceed 5 hrs.


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Thx joanne , your information is a great help for me . More or less ,i will choose True Love. But can i know How much for the props such as piano, boat ,horse or fireworks? Beside this ,which is the payable one ?
I also having headache for the routes . Which places you went ? Do you have a list of it ? Please give me some recommendation. Thx!


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Hi Joanne,

I will be going over to taipei and taichung for my wedding shoots.

Same queries as Kaisin. Mind to share those place that you have been and those payable props that u used.

If you dun mind, could i view ur wedding photos.

Pls add me to ur e-mail list
[email protected]

YOur help is greatly appreciated.



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You had used 4 ampoules? Wow.. thats alot. I only used one for my taiwan photoshoot. just on the face.. then body, they applied their body cream (like make up) on me.

How much is your transportation? Our BS charged us a flat fee for whole day trip... regardless how many hours n there's no additional charges. But bit costly, at NT$5,000 i think.

Ladies, if you gg to taiwan for photoshoot, i will recommend you to go to their cosmetic outlets to get your ampoules instead. I got mine at NT$500 for 5 bottles, this can save alot esp when Joanne mentioned she used 4 bottles for her photoshoot. Buy more to bring back.. can use for your AD too. ^_^


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Hello ladies,

I have also take up a pre-weddeing photoshoot in Taiwan. But I'm wondering how do you gals arrange for your AD stuff? Ala carte? How much does it cost approximately? Please advice.


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HI snoopies,

Could i take a look at u r taiwan pics??
May I know which part of taiwan u went and are there any places there you can rent thr props too like piano or boats??



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Wow Snoopies your ampoules lobang is so great, aiya didn't thought of getting from outside cosmetic outlets. Anyway NT500/btl still market rate, so ok lah. As for my transport i paid additional NT1500 for additional 5 hrs. They free 1st 5 hrs of transport.
my hubby don't want to share our album, but kaixin I had email a few to you without asking him hehe...so too bad only that few for you to view. I didn't pay for props as I went 大屯花å‰è¾²å ´http://www.tatun-flowers.com/jsp/b5/open168/view302.jsp?jj=0&ssid=AXKOOVJpnzVzVoVIzzzzVI and also didn't ask for any props, they have fake piano, swing and windmill, this place is specially for PS with many different kind of flowers but we have to pay entry for NT800 for a car of people and 鱼人ç å¤´. As for the other 2 I forgotten leh. I simply told my photographer what I want to have and he plan the route for me so even he told me I also didn't bother. By the way though hubby don't want to share, but I don't mind to email you all my individual photo of different locations for you all to see, so just PM me if interested.


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hi garyting,

I have my AD stuffs with bridal closet. I took their unity gown package and flower package at $687 including $100 upgrade of gown. Their UP for unity package is only at @288, consisting gown, suit, veil, can can and accessories.