Engagement ring advice: Should I go for size or quality?


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Hi everyone, I’m in a bit of a dilemma and need some advice.

My bf and I have been looking at engagement rings - We decided early on that we would be getting a 1ct ring and so far all the shops we have been to meets our budget for a 1ct diamond.

However, we recently decided to pay a visit to a more “premium” brand because we just wanted to see what’s the difference between their diamonds and the other shops we have been to. I also figured that we should at least see what “the best” looks like so we know whether we are getting a good quality stone from the other shops.

So long story short - my bf and I were pretty blown away by the quality of the stone at the premium shop. The difference was really night and day! Their diamonds were full of fire and brilliance because the diamonds were cut to the exact proportions of a super ideal cut diamond. It sparkled like mad with lots of rainbow flashes whereas the stones at the other shops we went to kinda looks very dull now in comparison. The thing is 1ct at this more premium place costs double the price which makes it wayyyyyyy out of budget.

At this premium place we are only able to afford up to 0.7ct.......my bf is really keen on this better quality stone as he says what’s the point of having a big dull looking stone when you can have a smaller one which sparkles better?

My question to you ladies is, would you rather downsize and get a better quality stone or just get the bigger one (although it looks more dull)? To be honest 1 carat does sound a lot better than 0.7ct :(

Hope to hear from some of you! Thank you! :)

P/S: Both the diamonds at the cheaper shop and the premium shop have the same specs - just that the premium one is a super ideal cut whereas the other is just an ordinary triple excellent cut hence the huge price difference.


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It all comes down to your individual preference. If you’re blown away by a specific stone, then it must be it. When it comes to diamond with a specified budget, decide which C you can let go.
All the best with your engagement ring


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Hey OP,

Not sure if you managed to come to a decision yet but my 05. cents below.

Short answer is - trusting your heart and see which makes you happy is best.

But, I personally might lean towards the 1ct for a few reasons:

1. like you said 1 carat always "sounds" abit better than saying zero point ...
2. it is easier to see / spot a bigger diamond than a shinier one for the layman. most of the time in a split second when we see other people's diamond we might think "wow that's big", rather than " wow the brilliance of that diamond great"
3. brilliance / fire / sparkle are also usually dependent on lighting and angle. You might not always be under the ideal lighting so you must be prepared that the shine may not be as you expected 80% of the time (like you see in the store).

of course these are somewhat arbitrary / superficial reasons XD , but i hope it helps a little.


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Agree with Pwala.
It all depend on individual preference.
Design, quality, size and even brand etc.

For myself, I go for design first. Quality/size doesn't really bother me.
I think for most when see it, wont even know the size of the C, or even the brand of it.


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late reply, but usually the high end shops have lighting and decor purposely curated to make the jewellery look amazing.


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You have to carefully compare the specs . If the difference is small in terms of the other C but visually is so different .. could it be due to lighting . I would go for 0.7


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The first thing to consider when buying engagement rings is size. You want to make sure that the ring fits comfortably on your finger. If it's too tight, it won't look good. If it's too loose, it'll fall off your hand.

Quality is everything! A high-quality diamond will last forever. However, if you're looking for something affordable, you may not have to worry about quality.

So when you buy an engagement ring you should consider both size and quality.
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