Elly Sera Florist



Staircase florals in red, champagne, and white ❤️



One interesting thing over the years about our online orders that are placed directly on the website is that once someone orders a particular bouquet, i would get afew orders of the same bouquet with many different brides within the same week/month. Then it stops. And the cycle repeats with another design. It has nth to do with the site because there is no “recently purchased” feature and it’s very obvious cos we have so many designs and separate brides just chose the same one? It happened to several different designs. It’s amazing how this universe works.


The couple met at this restaurant so it was especially meaningful to hold the solemnisation here! Decorated the space with red and blue flowers to match their outfits. The two ground florals beside the chairs really helped to dress up the area! Definitely recommend for solemnisation set ups.