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About Elly Sera Florist
We are a boutique florist registered and based in Singapore offering affordable flower delivery for any occasions.

Trained in Nobleman School of Floral Design, Elly Sera’s signature floral style was gradually developed over the years.

We have everyday bouquets suitable for Anniversary, Birthday, Friendship, Graduation, Congratulatory, Thank You, Get Well, Apology, etc. You don’t need a special day, it’s always a joy to send or receive flowers!

We also welcome customized orders if you have any particular flower, color, or design in mind.

Bridal Bouquet • Wedding Flowers • Floral Styling for Events
We do bridal flowers and floral styling for your events too! You can choose from our affordable standard selections or customize according to your wedding theme.

Email us at [email protected] or whatsapp +65 8892 6625 to find out more about our wedding packages.


Many have asked if they can purchase our wrapped bouquets to be unwrapped and used as bridal bouquets. We strongly discourage that because both are handled differently for their purpose.

The difference in price point are mainly due to the following

-- Special Care & Extended Freshness: The various flowers are specially reserved in advance for your big day and we make sure that only the finest and freshest blooms in the batch go into your bouquet. Quality selection and conditioning of the flowers during preparation of the bridal bouquet varies from the basic conditioning we do for wrapped bouquets. Extra care is given to prolong the lifetime of the flowers so that it remains fresh through your big day. We submerge the stems of the bridal bouquet in water continuously right till the minute we pass the blooms to you or the delivery man, while a wrapped bouquet would have been left in only damp cotton for few hours before collection.

-- Size: More stems are required for your bridal bouquet as we have to ensure that the bouquet looks lush from all corners. Special attention is given to the positioning and arrangement of the flowers as well, whereas a wrapped bouquet may only look good from the front and may be sparse without the wrapper.

-- Presentation: We make sure that the stems look good for bridal bouquets. Wrapped bouquets may not have such evenly cut stems as it is usually hidden. We also take additional steps to ensure the sturdiness of your bouquet by tying it with special techniques and finishing off with a beautiful ribbon.

In summary, much more care and time is taken for each bridal bouquet compared to a wrapped bouquet. If pricing is a concern, we are always happy to customize a pretty bridal bouquet according to your budget and preferred color palette!


One of my favourite set ups ever.