Elements Spa Boutique or Porcelain The Face Spa?


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I have not been to Elements but Porcelain is a fantastic facial salon.

I got married 3 weeks ago and was introduced to them by my sister in law 2 months ago. They got rid of 80% of my dark spots and scars, and also my acne reduced to IMO, flawless enough skin until the make up artist didn't use concealer on my wedding day.

But I think they do not do body massage so if you want to find a place for that, don't think Porcelain is suitable.


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Thanks for the feedback. I am more incline towards Porcelain but hesitated as the pricing is more expensive than Elements. After reading your wonderful review have decided to give Porcelain a try =)


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I signed my package last year, can't remember which month but I had been going quite religiously. I tried their facial too. They using dermalogica pdts. The facial so so only. 1st time tried the facial for sensitive skin and the therapist add too much essential oil to the mask and burn my face. I am quite angry over the matter as it suppose to be sensitive skin facial. They didnt deduct my credit fro that awful facial. 2nd time I tried their facial, it went smoothly until the last part when the therapist spray a mist over my face. Supposedly use a machine to mist my face but some of the toner got into my eye and my eye felt uncomfortable. FRom that, I don't bother trying anymore of their facial.

My masseuse was cecilia, she's the only therapist there that is cetified to do MLD. I had 2session of MLD with her, each last 2 hrs and that is 6 credits. Too bad she had left.


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coz I signed a package with Porcelain and they do not use dermalogica products. (i dislike dermalogica products, heard alot of bad stuff about it)

and Julia, the charges at Porcelain can be found on their website. think from $90 onwards. The one I signed for is the Director's Quintessential Package, its my 4th treatment and the results are really good.

my skin is smoother and brighter and I do not have breakouts that often anymore. I really love their products, must try their Balance Essence!


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hey jazz

im lydia

good to know ur seein marvelous results

but i on the other hand dislikes the facial

dun it leave ur face red n full or scar?
i dunno if its e nature of my job whr the air is very dry up ther

my skin will start to peel so badly and the facial scars take very long to heal

i haf gone for 8 sessions! that is $280 x 8

super sad n depressed.. dunno wat i haf been doin wrongly..

the therapist ther are nice thou.. but dun u find their facial and products way too overpriced?

jus wonderin wat others r thinkin.. hehe cos i gt alot of feedback tt its overpriced and tt my skin has shown NO improvements infact it has gt very sensitive and prone to redness

my clients even ask if i have gone sun-tanning or some major peel job on my face



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Hey Lydia, I'm sorry to hear about that..

for my face it gets red for 1 day after the facial and initially I get mini pimples around my cheeks after the facial but after they are gone around 3 days, my skin becomes nice n smooth. Jenny says its a detox process.

Am not sure why, but so far I don't get any scars, I've also recommended a few of my gfs to try and so far also no complains from them.

have u spoken to Jenny? maybe she can try to help? she's very very nice...

for the products n facial I think it is ok coz i've paid WAY more at Big salons like NY & Bioskin over the yrs n they don't work tt well.

My package is 2.8k for 10sessions + 1 set of products free so still quite ok IMO, ard 200/facial :D

really think you should talk to Jenny about it if it is causing you so much distress. I hope ur skin will get better soon.


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hi everybody!

i wld like to transfer 2 sessions of facial at Porcelain face spa

The package I signed up for was for 10 Session of Director’s Quintessential Facial for $2800. The usual price per treatment is $380 (based on their new menu). Hence, there is a savings of $100/treatment.

+ I would be giving away all the in-house products which are kept in good conditions i.e. I do not use my bare hands to touch the rims and it is always kept neatly in my dresser and not humid bathrooms

Pls contact me at [email protected] for the transfer! =)