Electrolux Oven, Bosch or Kuche


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Hi there, its time to get all the kitchen appliances. Hob and Hood i had no trouble choosing but for
oven, i dunno why its so hard to make a decision. Been dwelling for weeks on this.
Most Important is to be able to bake cakes and cookies (Crunchy) with successful results. Oven will be used for grilling 1-2 times a month and pizzas once in a while. A basic oven with the right functions will be useful. Also an added bonus if it has telescopic tracks and cool touch door cos oven will be placed below the hob (recommended to place below hob?)

Ive been surveying so far these ovens.

Electrolux EOB2400aox - Everjoint selling at $559 (Cheapest i found compared to other shops, $800+ for neighbourhood shops, $999 at harvey norman)
* is electrolux a good oven for baking? Especially the model above?Does heat spread evenly? Are the oven doors flimsy as what other forummers say? i actually hate the design of the oven, but i love the big capacity of 74L and it has extra function of pizza mode. Is the oven door cool to touch? Glass panel can be removed to clean. 5 level shelf.

Bosch HBN331E2J
zero from renotalk selling this model at $610. Unilite at $680.
Love the design. Basic knobs with digital timer.
* ok here is the weird part. I went to a lot of shops that has this oven on display. I played around with the oven. Tested the door, looked at the interior... etc. Harvey Norman, Gain City, oven doors seems to slam down, its like u can't hold the oven door at a certain angle. it just goes right down.
But at Unilite and Lioncity, the oven of the same model looks slighlty different in the interior of the glass door, i dunno how to explain, just looks better, feels better. And the oven does not slam down. if i were to get this oven will buy either from Unilite or lion city to be on the safe side. Im still wondering why is there a difference in this oven model. Made in different countries perhaps?
-Ok so i read some reviews that this oven heat does not spread evenly. muffins will be brown on one side but not so on the other. Can anybody confirm this with me?

lastly is KUCHE BO800D
Cheapest is $323 at ever joint.
Made in China
Very sleek design, everything is using digital, control with knob.
"The Kuche BO-800D built in oven has a stainless-steel appearance, 3- layer door with viewing window, cavity size of 56 Litres, mechanical control and enamel interior. You will find an indicator light, oven lighting, digital LED Control, 24 Hour Electronics Clock with time reminder and a 5 level removable shelf support. This oven makes cleaning and cooking easy and even comes with a complete glass inner door plate" Anyone use this oven before for some time? Any reviews and comments?

One more thing, im using glass hob from RInnai, battery ignition, i wish to place the oven below the stove.
Is it advisable. I already told my contractor to put it below the stove, but im worried cos i just read in the forum if the battery of the hob can explode due to the heat from the oven and glass might crack. Can anybody advise?