Electrical works? Through ID or separate contractor?


Dear LiA & little lamb,

May I hv yr electrician contact? my parent's home having HDB upgrading, changing the toilets and windows, will like to take opportunity to change the electrical works.

pls email to [email protected]


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sorry can ask a stupid question

wat is the difference between light points and light fittings?


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I am quoted for $3245 for the below:

Rewiring whole house (EA) with PUB testing (i requested)

27 - light pt
7 - 2x13A power pt
12 - 1x13A power pt
4 - SCV pt
2 - Tel pt
1 - Aircon pt
2 - heater pt
1 - main switch box
include fixing all the lights

The ID mentioned that to get PUB testing, they will be using better quality wires and lay properly according to electrical regulations . As compare to without PUB testing, they just use normal wires, and 'anyhow' lay as long as no power trip.

Any advice or comments?


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Hi little lamb,
Can i have your electrician's contact too...

My email is [email protected]
Thank you very much

if anyone have good electrician to recommend, pls email me too... really appreciate any help i can find... need this urgently...


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wonder anybody still managed to get $35 for single socket and $45 for double socket price recently? as few contractors told me the current market price has gone up to $45 and $55.

I am looking at:

35 - light pt (plus fixing)
10 - Double 13A power pt
3 - Single 13A power pt
4 - SCV pt
2 - Tel pt
1 - Aircon pt
2 - heater pt
Main switch box, main cable, earth point and PU testing.


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Can anyone take a look at this quotation and advise if it's reasonably charged:

21 lighting points @ $28 each - $588
10 1x13amp powepoints @ $45 each - $450
5 2x13amp power points @ $55 each - $275
3 Telephone points @ $50 each - $150
2 SCV points @ $100 each - $200
1 SCV splitter -$30
2 Hob & Hood point @ $35 each - $70
1 Heater switch - $100
1 15amp power point - $100
install 21 lights 2 $9 each - $189
DB Box - $380
Total: $2532.00

Thank you.


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hi little lamb,

can you also email me your electrician quote and his contact to me at [email protected].

Think my electrician is quoting me a very high price for the electrical works.

Also, if anyone of you have any good electrician to recommend, please email me his contact as well at [email protected].

Need the info very urgently as my reno is starting soon.....



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I'm also looking for an electrician for my new house. The prices from my ID are too high.

Would very much appreciate if anyone can forward me their electrician numbers. It is quite urgent as i need to start my reno this week. Thnx


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Hi everyone,

Does it matter whether the electrician is licenced? Apparently my electrician's boss is licensed, but he is not specifically. The license only comes into play when you need a licenced person to sign off for PUB testing etc?


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yeah, my electrician is not licensed but he got someone else to sign off for PUB testing even though he is the one doing the actual work

just like windows installation. need to be BCA approved installer but the person who actually installed for you is not the one who hold the license

PUB testing is added security. At least electrician won't 'anyhow' do if they know you are doing PUB testing.


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Hi, LiA and Little Lamb,

Can you please share your electrician's contacts ? I need urgently coz I think my electrican is overcharging me the electrical:

Rewiring New light point - $40
Light installation - $8
Fan - $45
Conceal switch box - $100
1x13amp powepoints - $50



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u may call my electrician Eric which was intro by a few forummer here. His price is one of best u ever find. If u want can PM me for his hp number
I've benefitted before from all the introductions made by forummers here...so wanna share my contacts for electrician as well...

my electrician is Mr.Chua (hp:92976062)....very responsible and easy-going man.....came back especially on saturday evening to fix up 1 fan for my place during renovation process because he din want to leave the works till the following monday...i was very impressed..

hope the forummers looking for electrician may find this useful...


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Hi Kelvin,
What is your email address?

For those that I sent, do note that Eric(my electrician) is very forgetful, u need to call back to remind him of any appointment.
Think bcos his business too good due to he charge very cheap and recommendation by many forummers here (I also got his contact from here)

If he can fit into your reno schedule, rest assure abt the work, he is very easy going and his workmanship also not bad.

He also got lobang for ceiling works. I did not use his lobang but the price he told me was so good.. if u all interested can ask him abt it.
Ceiling and electric works is easy to coordinate if they know each other


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I have an electrician recommended by my friend who is doing my house electrical works... So far so good, he is hardworking and very flexible....when i add in additional electrical point last min and ask him how much more i have to pay, he say no need lah..... when my own Cat5E (network) cable was used up, he say he can provide me additional cat5e cable without any additional charges as he has spares....

He and his worker is punctual and the switches that he provided are of good brand....

Hmn....once everything is done and nothing wrong crops up, i will recommend him to you all in this forum...me dun want to anyhow recommend and cause any other pple to suffer....


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hi all

i need a powerpoint for my new aircon.. simple job.. but no idea where to find an electrician to do this job.. if thru aircon contractor.. expensive!

pls email me your contacts to [email protected]

many thanks!