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I just came back with a small group from Egypt. I am a US travel agent who takes groups through Egypt. I work with professional guides, some of th ebest in the country who are Egyptologists and speak fluent English. Yes all of them will take you to a shop as this is part of life there and it will protect you of buying stuff that is not quality . It also will help in case you have problems with th eitem as these shops do not need any negative feed back. We stop normally in one shop in Cairo and a Papyrus shop in Cairo as well as the perfume oil co in Luxor. I have found that the quality is much better than the Khan el Khalili Bazaar! You have to be careful though who you book through and who their guides are. As I was a guide in Europe for several years I am very particular who I take as a guide and I will not book with anyone unless I have good references. Best is always to book through an experience agent here in the US or Canada and not just take flowery websites from local Egyptian Companies.


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abu simbel is a must go. i went with universal for my honeytrip 2 years ago. hot air balloon is also nice. alexandria is also beautiful.

please dont buy any perfume oil frm them. we kena cheated. the perfume oil doesnt last and doesnt even smell like what they say it is. anyway i guess if u lookin for cheap souveniers u can buy the papyrus bookmark.


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I have been to Egypt several times, always independently. This year with my boyfriends parents to give them a taste of not being on a tour. Public transport is good, we used trains mainly. We didnt go on a cruise, maybe next time. We didnt go for the real budget hotels just midrange, all good.
They loved it and in Egypt its very easy. Give it a go and if you dont like it, look around for a tour when you get there.
Happy Travels!