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Anyone has experience with this ID firm?

I just met up with one of their ID recently. He's very helpful, patient and friendly but he got all my concepts wrong. It was a bit of a disappointment when i saw the proposed layout..

Quotation is very detailed but price is very steep..


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I walk in to Edgeline as well but is waiting for 2nd appointment.

Hw much do they quote you?
Alot of woodwork for yours and area size?

Mine 4 rm and looking for something reasonable.

Who attended to you?



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finally someone replied!

Who's HG? Anyway, I'm into 3rd appt already but I havent signed the contract yet cos the layout is still under finalisation.

They quote me a sky-high price but i think probably it's also because I am renovating the whole house and somemore my house is a re-sale flat. It's 1000sq feet. 4-rm also. Quite a lot of carpentry and hacking.

Mine is Amos. A very nice person. How about you?


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not sure if tis thread is still alive? FH & i went 4 our 1st appt and we were sooo impressed wif em! veri creative in space planning though price is on e high side..m looking 4ward 2 seeing their existing customer's hse..


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Hi folks,

Was attracted by Edgeline's kitchen design display while shopping at IMM today. The lady who served us was quite friendly and I just faxed her my floorplan. Anyone had any experience or signed up with them before? Pls PM or share ur experience leh. Thanks!


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after much much persuasion by fb, we signed on wif Edgeline. i must admit ey cost more but in terms of design, ey win hands-down. e id who served us is very very patient n each time we went down, we'll like spend over 2 hrs 2 run thr his proposal...he also brought us 2 view a hse he's doing now n e worksmanship is gd. so i say no harm letting them quote for u!


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Hi Angel,

Good to hear that. We are looking forward to their quotation and design. We won't mind paying a little more premium to get better worksmanship. However, most importantly the project mgmt must give us a piece of mind. :>


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neh....can't start wk so soon...existing owners still haven got their hse...anyway, my 1st appt is in jan...so earliest 2 start reno is oso in end jan...so meanwhile, we already started shopping... . but my id is rather serious in his wk. he actually called us a couple of times 2 ask whether we can arrange for him 2 go down 2 e hse 2 do site measurement but unfortunately, we can only do tat after nov...

u? have u signed up wif any1 already??


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Hi all,

Hope I am not too late to participate abt this thread abt Edgeline Planners. You guys really did go look at the workmanship coming from this company? Really good? Did u all take a close look at the laying of the tiles (do the tiles all meet nicely and the grouts are laid well without holes, and grouts between every tile is about equally wide), the carpentry works (ensure all edges are touched up nicely), the glass edges (especially areas with silicon), and door frame nicely touched up? Also must take a good look at the plumber's workmanship, such as straight (no slanted shelves) and well-done installation of bathroom accessories.. Speaking from experience, maybe I am too niao1, but the workmanship produced by this company DISAPPOINTED ME GREATLY. Putting aside the high quotation, I compare the workmanship of my house with other's houses (my neighbours), they paid less but yet they do not encounter as many problems as I did. Really upsetting. Do not wish to flame this company or bring down its reputation, but do look carefully at their workmanship; If acceptable to u then sign up, and make them promise ur house's workmanship will at least be as good, or even better than what they have shown u...

Maybe the high price is only for the design, not the workmanship... I do agree the design is great. But sort of regret my choice of edgeline planners.

Good luck to all with your renovation progress!


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Hi All,

If you are posting how good your ID or contractor do a good job to your home, I would greatly appreciate if you could share pics of your reno. This will benefit to all who keep this thread alive.

(Nowadays pics taken from HP also very good quality)



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Our house is done up by Edgeline Planners....
My ID is a Lady, a Chinese Nationality. 1st impression, you thought she's a HK, but she's not.

What's attract us to this ID shop is the Showroom Kitchen....and her 1st draft.

However as for their service, you will know only after you commit your investment $. I find it not up to my expectation.

My advice to all first timer

Think clearly what you really want. Don't ask many things, signed the contract, later then removed, though most ID will say "it alright. later don't want still can take out",

but after signing you will hear:

"ermmm if u don't want this, we have to charge u that at this cost, as we actually incorporated both items so that it will be cheaper" or "we have to remove this FOC item etc"

Time frame:
Promised 6 weeks completion start only if:
(1)You are ok with the designs (no further change amendment.
(2)You already settle all materials selection,
(3)Approval from Government(e.g. HDB)on all Legal paperworks
and not from the moment you sign the contract.

For my case, we signed the ctt in Nov06, start hacking in Dec, see cabinet up in march07, handover in April07- (Just in case you want to know, my house is a premium flat so tiles are all done up)
Reasons for the delay from her:were due many holidays but
I would say she cannot handle more than 1 project

Why would I say that "cannot handle more than 1 project at a time": cos My sis was also one of ELP customer,same Id; but encountered worst service from her,signed almost the same time as me.
and sadly to say I am the one who recommended her to ELP.
I have no wish to elaborate on her bad experience.
(We told the ID to do my sis's house first cos she is in the hurry to move in her new house, (my sis moved in in early Feb07) (fyi, my sis stayed in the same block as me)

I am not here to badmouthed ELP just want to shared my experience and encounted and to cautious all new couple who is first time doing renovation.

(1) Tell your ID exactly the time you need to move in, ask he/she to write in black n white that they will commit(keep a copy for yourself to argue in future if they cant deliver)
(2) Specific your design, the requirement (e.g. the kitchen cabinets, what you really want,e.g the racking, and the opening etc)
(3) Do remember what you tell them, the measurements too & what they tell you....
(4) Be ready to do spot check, though she said "I will run the whole project for you", but no. of appearance time, 10 fingers can be used for the countings.

Additional information:
The contract does not including lighting/electrical works (can come out to $5.5k including aircon-electrical, lighting-$2K)
The cabinets done up only the body, not skeletons (cabinets system, racks excluded-$2K)

After all the above,
There is 1 thing I cannot deny about my ID:

she's determined, the fastest and very resourceful when come to collecting of $!!!
She can ring your doorbell at your new place without calling-caught you by surprised-(did that to my sis)
She can go all the way to the place you are at, if you are not at home (did that to my then bf, now husband)


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Hi angelbride
After reading ur post, my comments:
1. Timeframe is of course 6 weeks after all the above mentioned by yourself. Go to any ID and they will tell you the same thing. Material selection (1week max), 3D layout( 3weeks max), HDB approval (2weeks) is already 6weeks. It's normal.
2. Most ID will not include electrical for lightings and air-cond. I have been to 6 different IDs and none of them quoted me lighting and air cond installation. Hence, mabbe you overheard?
3. Cabinet without skeleton - this I can't comment cos when I asked most of the 6 IDs they told me the combination of racks and drawers is to be determined later, hence I will assume it is included.
I am not siding ELP nor am I sidelining them but we buyers do need to play a part in understanding the whole contract before signing it.
Frankly after seeing 6 IDs, ELP is the one that gave me the confidence, in terms of design, communication as well. But my ID is local Singaporean by the name of Irene.


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Hi Emeraldbride,

Well you asked "if someone who can share their experience", I was trying to help by sharing mine.

And as per I mentioned, we were also attracted by the designs, their knowledge on renovation when compared to ours as a first timer in renovation

We had our bad experience, bad encounters cos she mixed up her thought, when she was handling 2 projects which has the same layout, but meet up at different timing, there are things she thought she have told us, but in actual fact, she only told my sis, and vice versa. We've proposed to meet up together, but she refused, for what reason I don't know why.

We read and understood the whole contract, and assured by her with all our concerns. But however assurance not delivered as prior to contract signing.

Not trying discriminate ELP, but just wanted to let the first timers like us who is new in renovating to know that such services do exist for the before and after contract signing... not just ELP alone, if you have read other forum, there are others Id shops that also provide such service. ELP also have such blacksheep. The name of the company is not the concern here, is abt the people who is representing it.

Since you have made your Comparison on 6IDs, and have Confidence with them, I see no reason why you should be asking for others' experience.

"Helpfulness don't pay", guess i know why now...

Happy Renovating.


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Hi angelbride

Sorry if I have offended you in any way at all. That is definitely not what I meant. Of course for any renovation, no matter how good the company's rating is, there is bound to have some minor hiccups here n there.
Anyway, I ask for experience is cos I have confidence with the designer but workmanship and totality is not only dependable on the designer alone but the overall company.
I have yet to make my decision though.. hehe..
Hey..I am really sorry again..


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HI All,

Anyone still reading this thread and any updates on the service on Edgeline? We just met up with them for the 1st time tday... :p

Any pics to share, can pm me?


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i have some negative feedback. Maybe its due to my low budget, but after my first meeting, they never did get down to wanting to meet us again.

They informed us they cannot meet at the last minute and kept rescheduling us. Imagine, sms us at 11.30pm to inform us that meeting the next day at 10am is cancelled. When we rescheduled they said ok, then a few days later sms to say saw their schedule wrongly, cannot meet us again. Since its not our fault we suggested meeting earlier and they came back with an sms to ask if we can meet at 7.30am?

my hubby says we will forget about them. we can forsee the problems we will have if we engage them. we might have a small budget but its still no doubt a business opportunity, yet they give such lousy service. they cannot meet schedules. we are only scheduling meetings not even works, what will happen if we choose them????

just my 2 cent's worth. the aftertaste of having to deal with them is very degrading. a good design requires good service to deliver. we haven't even seen their proposal yet and the service standards already turn us off.


Hi all,

not sure if this is still alive. Any comments of forumers who have used Edgeline planners for their house?

Any feedback?

We are in the midst selecting ID for the new house and hopefully not going to be a harrowing experience.



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hi all, reviving this thread.... any forumers have engaged Edgeline planners recently? can i check whats their price point (e.g. mid range or high range)? deciding whether to approach them, thanks in advance