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They are 5 types of Ezcema.Namely, Atopic Dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis, Infantile Seborrhoeic Ezcema, Adult Seborrhoeic Ezcema & Nummular Ezema.

1. Atopic Dermatitis: Raw patch of flesh can be observed and is very painful.
2. Contact Dermatitis: Due to oral/external allergent, your immune system overreact and "rash" developed.
3. Infantitle Seborrhoeic Ezcema: Hits baby during their 1st year. Normally not itchy but red.
4. Adult Seborrhoeic Ezcema: Affects adult. Normally hit more highly active oil glands area.
5. Nummular Ezcema: Normally coin like shape at the legs.

Typcially Solutions:
1. Effective and Gentle skincare (try water-soluble skincare).
2. Avoid Irritants. Identify those that you eat and contact with that you develop "rash". Avoid them.
3. Topical Steriod. Try hydrocortisone from counter or ask your doctor for Betamethesone.
4. Oral Steriod. If worsen, consult your doctor for this option.
5. Topical Immunie System Regulating medicine.
6. Light Therapy. (UVA + UVB). Some risks and disadvantages involved.
7. Recent research shows drinking Oolang Tea/Green tea (high Polyphenols) will help. Evening Primiose Oil, Borage Oil will help too.

Ezcema is long term "partner". Manage it well and you will treat it as a history in your life.

Hope this helps.


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I used to have ecezema for a period of time...i have seen many doctors(western and chinese) ...unable to determine e causes...even if i try not to eat still comes back every late suggests i take long time medication...but i was determine not to n tried to find other solutions

I was real desperate...Eventually i tried drinking watermelon juice..for abt 2 days(eat normally).
it just went no harm trying the natural way...


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i've been 'battling' eczema for last couple of years as well. Here's what I do:
See a dermatologist and use recommended skin care products - I'm using NIKS, i think it works
I use vasaline pure petroleum jelly around my lips area - works wonders for dry lips
Use sun block, the redness goes away after a month or so
I take EPO every night as well, seems to really work for me.

I think it's a long term battle. Best of luck girls!


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i have atopic eczema since secondary school time. Now i'm 25 years old. i have always seek treatment from normal GP which the doc always prescribe zectec and atarax pills and steriod cream to reduce the itchiness and apply the affected area. The eczema initially appear on my legs, arms, neck and stomach area. Then the doc from GP start to prescibe steriods to me to heal the wounds that was badly scratch. It works very well initially and i started to believe steriods will cure my ezcema. However i became over relying on this. The doctors have notify me the side effects of steriod which could lead to gain in weight and if taken for long period of time, the body will get immune to it.Thus sometime they stop prescribing it to me and i will turn to other new clinics to request the docs for steriods.

When i was 18-19yrs old, i gain alot of weight. I stopped taking the steriods for a long period of time and my weight start to drop. During this period i tried to control the eczema to prevent it from getting worse. I tried to apply alot of moisturiser and take the zectec and atarax to control.

However when i reach 23 yrs old, the eczema came back and this time it spread to my face. It started from my eyelid which i feel quite dry and the skin always peel. (fyi, i don't wear makeup but just put normal moisturiser)then slowly it spread to forehead then to the cheek and finally the whole face become very dry and start to have dry skin peeling. The face became very red and whenever i'm at outdoor, it irritate my face skin very much. I went to a clinc at Tampines which they recommend me to use NIKS product and at the same time prescribe me steriods again. It helps for a few months but it came back again. Till one day the medication no longer works on me.

So after the products that the clinic prescribe to me no longer works on me, i decided to seek treatment at National Skin Center. At that time, the eczema not only affect my face but my hair scalp as well. The scalp became itchy and start to have sign of dandruff. As a gal, it is really a serious problem and it lower my self confidence alot!

I did not specifically state which doctor i want when i make appointment with National Skin Center. So in the end their assigned Dr. Roy Chan who is the director of Nation Skin Center. (of course his consultation fee also higher)

I explained to him my problem and my past experience. I show him the medication that i have took previously. After that, he say i might be allegy to steriod which causes the redness and dryness on my face skin. So he prescribe me a small tube of cream call protopic to apply on my face and recommend me a moisturiser for my body. No oral medication was prescribe to me.

The cream is quite expensive. About $50 per small tube which can last abt 1 month. It works very well and the redness and peeling of skin has all gone. Currently i'm still maintaining my skin and apply the cream on my face. No oral medication is needed.

I feel that if you have eczema, you should seek consultation from national skin center. They are really the professional and certify. Although it is really expensive (each time i go i have to spend up to $200) but at least i feel it is worth to spend. I tried different clinics before but the eczema always come back after few weeks or month which can be quite irritating.

Now i'm a happy gal without any worries for eczema!


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Hi Shellie & Kook_car,

My gf had eczema for abt 2 yrs now.She had seen many docs & tried many methods,but they doesnt seems to work well & her scars are getting worst.She is getting more depressed each day.

Can PM me some advice or information?



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Hi Shellie & Kook_car,

Please send me the info.
Thanks in advance.

My email: [email protected]


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HI all, eczema is an inflammatory condition that reflects the problem inside our body, what you need to do to minimise the problem is to use soap free cleansers so as not to dry and worsen the skin condition. You still need to have the basic nutrition especially omega 3 that is anti-inflammatory as well as micronutrients and a good source of antioxidants.


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Is ezcema and rosacea the same? I have been reading about lightstim, they have a rosacea light that can reduce the inflammation of rosacea. I'm wondering if it'd work on ezcema


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Hey All,

I used V&M products.. they have cream to cure for enzema! please drop by and tk a look coz there is no harm trying!


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Hi all,

For ezcema, my friend had tried a product from Japan and now her condition improved. Would u keen to know more?

Non oral/cream treatment and it's simple and easy.

Let me know if you're keen.


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i also suffer from ezcema and lately keep ve outbreak.. bad condition due to my unconsiously scratching it... i went to see the national skin centre twice and took medi and creams.. changed the shower gel ...

but still uncure.. perhap can intro me a better doc from national skin centre pls..

[email protected]


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Hi there!
I also have eczema and I've been taking homeopathy treatment since mid-summer... and my rash also spread from arms to neck, back, legs etc... and it was VERY bad condition.. very dry skin etc... but now the dryness has subsided slowly and my skin is clearing up, getting back to normal skin... What you should do is use like Vesaline or Anti-ich creams like Aveeno products... to keep your skin moisturized so it won't itch much.. and don't worry.. if its getting worse that's a GOOD thing, b/c wid homeopathy.. first the rash gets WORSE, THEN gets better slowly... so just be patient... and it will be gone once and for all... =)


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i alsoo having same problem on my leg that make me going nut in the night.

lucky that my friend who have same problem ask me to look for carlos ong,who have a secret way to cure eczema.

Initially i dun believe that his way even my friend problems is improving alot units carlos challenge me that withing a weeks he can reduce the itchness.

After 5 treatment, i would said the itchy is gone and 90% of my scale is heal.


Hi Christy

I can't find your email in the forum. Can you drop me a pm instead

I will share with you how eczema can be cured

aijong tan

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I have a really good remedy to reckon to all Eczema Victims. It's a Soap tat's non irritant, improves skin texture and a cream without steriods, stops itch, smoothen rough patches on skin, leaves no scars or marks, can use on face. Natural ingredients from Plant Extracts. I've reckon to many frenz and they are really happy with the results. They even stopped visiting the specialists. For details, Pls post your email add here....
I have a really good remedy to reckon to all Eczema Victims. It's a Soap tat's non irritant, improves skin texture and a cream without steriods, stops itch, smoothen rough patches on skin, leaves no scars or marks, can use on face. Natural ingredients from Plant Extracts. I've reckon to many frenz and they are really happy with the results. They even stopped visiting the specialists. For details, Pls post your email add here....