Eating at Han's Cafe


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It was a horrifying experience, I thought I'de give them a 2nd chance after the time i ate 2 yrs ago was just horrifying.

The set menu (dinner) was really bad, ordered the grilled pork chop, tasted a stench of 'pig' smell, which was awful...the bread was raisin bread which didnt taste fresh (felt like overnight bread) Could have given garlic bread for gods sake!

The fruit- honeydew 1 slice looked like it was cut in the morning, I would have prefered them to give watermelon slices so it wont look so gross.

Overall, I paid 9.80 for a really lousy meal, for a cafe do doesn't put in effort to make nicer food.

Anyone with similar experiences with Hans?


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I frequent the tanjong pagar outlet few yrs ago, the dinner set is good and cheap. but after it opens some more outlets, i find the food standard detoriates, and the price is gettg more expensive too


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ya, i love their coffee. Sometimes i go there for lunch. beef sandwich and coffee. I also like their veg hor fun and my kids like their salmon congee.


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Coincidentally I had set lunch at Jacks Place today and I tasted the world of difference into 'effort to make the food the best'. Jacks Place is affordable, $10 (includ service charge and GST) good portion, gd soup (exceptionally yummy!!) , garlic bread, main course, dessert - apple crumble!! and nice tea.

I tell myself I woun'dnt step into Hans again, not even to buy their cakes. And very expensive.


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i'll say the food & service is horrible. there was once i told them i want my steak cooked 'medium'. and guess what, the middle of the steak is still raw! i brought it back to the counter and they said because i wanted it to be cooked 'medium', so it is still bloody. WTH. its not 'medium', its 'raw'. they think its my first time eating steak??? my colleagues also freak out! very unwillingly, they changed one new plate for me. this time, it is 'very well done'. what can i say right? its better than 'raw'.


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Yes.. their food are absolutely terrible. Once when I was in Park Mall, the black pepper chicken chop I ordered wasn’t cooked. The huge portion of it was raw. When I bring it to the counter, the cook said cos their meat is “too†fresh.

What kinda nonsense..?? Meat too fresh won’t get cooked?? Nonsensical weirdos!!

And you know black pepper chicken and the re-cook it again, whole thing will look messy and jus simply awful cos of burnt pepper.

So for about 5 years later, which was last year, me too decided to give it a try again but it’s was jus another disappointment.
I was at Marina Square branch and I’ve ordered mince-pork congee with well cooked egg. When it arrived at my table, egg of cos was raw, no sign of it being cooked before. The pork was the worst thing of all. The minced meat is still freezing with ice and all was cluster together at the bottom of the congee. They perhaps thing the congee can cook the clustered icy minced pork. Sent it back but they only re-cook it again instead of changing a new one for me. So second time they serve it to me, whole thing mess till like shit and my bf was so angry that he started scolding the chef. Of cos, the chef couldn’t take it when we commented about their shitty food and my bf just started quarreling with them..

All in all, Hans = Pui!


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I think Hans standard really dropped tremendously. We were at their Upp Thomson branch for dinner. The carbonara came very dry despite me asking for more sauce at point of ordering. It's also tasteless. My FH ordered a crispy noodle with beef and his order came 1/2 hour later (there're only 3 other customers in the restaurant and their orders have already arrived). Only when we start checking then the kitchen told us that they made a mistake in the order and we had to wait yet another 15mins for it. The crispy noodle with beef taste bad. It was the most unenjoyable dinner experience we had. Swear never to go to Hans ever again.


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Gracie, me too, 2nd chance didn't work for me at Han's. Total disappointment, no effort in trying to make the food tasty for customers. I saw how they prepared the food, it was terrible too..very 'mass produced'.

emiri, so for u 2nd chances don't work too..I guess they didn't reflect on their lousy food or customers feedback.


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seriously wonder how this eatery can continue to grow...
to me it's pretty much overpriced coffeshop menu....
their novena branch is manned by pinoys....


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Hans brings back very fond memories of when my late grandpa used to bring me every other weekend to the far east and old funan center outlets... i used to love their fish n chip... my kid brother then would surely order his roast chicken led with ham... and my grandpa will order his fried rice... couldnt remember what my grandma would order... probably one of their hor funs...

food used to be fantastic.... then as soon as they expanded... YUCKS....

now i ONLY eat there when a friend is buying... last time was last year CNY... bo pian... was the only plc open near Mandai when i went to visit my grandpa... terrible lunch it was...


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I love their fish & chips there too. Upper thomson's hans opens till late night. Always going there for supper during the weekends.