Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?


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Hi Orchid,

can I have the list too?
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hi orchid,
would u mind sending me a copy too??
thx so much, really at a lost wat they shld do....


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Hi Orchid,

Can I have the list too? Thanks lots or could too u post it here if convenient so that we can paste it ourselves & dont have to trouble u too much.

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just sent to you. sorry for the wait. just shifted office to another floor - had to get everything connected.

Hi Kim,

it's a 15 pg word document. it's actually a template for events on the actual day with roles of helpers. so don't think i want to cut & paste it in here.

Hi omveganyogi,

you're right. ah yees are mainly for sabo-ing the groom when he arrives and to keep the bride company. other than that, they don't seem like they have much to do. hehe...

but actually there are lots of stuff to do during the wedding that you will need helpers for. you might want to assign your ah yees some of the things to do - eg. ang bao keeper, gift recorder, receptionist... etc.