Dunlopillo Mattress


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i think the range of dunlopillo is the same everywhere, perhaps not much choices..u might wan to consider buying other bedframe? I bought a dunlopillo mattress but my bedframe is frm seahorse.


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Hi Sunny day,
As you mentioned the shop , S&C is quite hot in this forum, perhaps you can send the link as I can't seems to locate it...
Anyone aware??


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Hi all, i just got Queen Dunlo Excutive from S&C, got it for 1250 with 2 free pillo, bolster and protector. throw in another 50 bux for 2 perfecta memory foam pillow. boss is kind enuff to give a free mattress cover. keke. oh, the dunlo divan + headboard is only 250 if u get the mattress.


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Hello Joe,
Did you personally request for the "Executive" or it's recommended by S&C?? any particular reason??
Did they mention which type of pillow, bolster they will give?
Sorry for being ignorant, what is this perfecta foam pillow, is this by Dunlopillo as well??
Wow, you even have mattress cover. Is this different from mattress protector?


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Hi Joee,

I personally request for executive because we love it the moment we tested it at some showrooms (not in S&C though). The boss do recommend duchess as its cheaper but i kept to my decision. they gave me 2 dunlop neckcare pillow, 2 bolster + 1 dunlop mattress cover. Actually i told the boss i wan the perfecta foam pillow instead, but no go... in the end he offer me 50bux for both the perfecta since im getting the excutive. and lastly to ur last Question... yes its a seperate mattress wife insist that. so remember to bring ur wife go shopping too. =)


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Wow Joe,
Really good deal there, and thk Q very much for sharin the info.
Curious to know whether you try out the bed at the showroom at Centerpoint, the dunlopillo showroom managed by two middle aged lady?
I forgot the model that I really like there( which is not duchess but sth traditional or sth).. if the showroom is the right one, then I can play some guessing game. Otherwise, must find other excuse to go there again. They are not very pushy but pai seh as their price are definitely higher and definitely given a choice will not buy there.
Btw, very ignorant of me, is mattress cover means bed sheet? Sorry for this stupid qn.. somehow my "gundu" family , no ones really have this info le..

thx in advance


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joee, if i'm not wrong, the mattress cover which you are referring should be called the mattress protector.

I have been to few dunopillo dealers... they admit that they don't have the models that we see in the showrooms, that's why its difficult to compare prices.

I have also been to centerpoint and taka and defintely their prices are higher but they have beautiful bedframes which other dealers don't seem to have.

I'm so confused now!!


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Any comment / suggestion to buy bedframe or divan?

Will Metro or JL sales be more attractive than S&C?

Is there any other shops other than S&C offering best deals?


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hi ribena, i have been looking around last time, but S&C offer the best deals for dunlop mattress... i did not regret getting from them. The owner is also very helpful in advising.


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mine is dunlopillo full latex mattress, so it is heavier than the pocketed spring mattress.

for choosing bedframe, which is better: divan or storage bed? what are the pros n cons?

personally, i am keen in the storage bed due to the space constraint in the house. is there any diffence in the storage bed among the different brands?


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well let me give u all some advices i have done research for the 3 Ss(simmons ,sealy,serta).

For simmons they r renowned for the support for their original pocketed coil technolgy .Simmons is the first that bring in individual pocketed coil decades ago it is the orginal only orginal pocketed coil are pre-compressed. I know u all dont understand. For example when we pre-compresses a coil from a 7 inches(Simmons have the highest coil height in the market) to a stardard height simmons set, the coil actually will be insisting on getting up so we slp on the mattress we can feel the support.Imported from USA,Japn,Korea,Canada,OEM malaysia,OEM China n OEM Thailand

Sealy entered Singapore market not very long Sealy are renowned for their Posturepedic coil we call it open coil all the coils are fully connected with wire.Posturepedic coil have sensory arm n triple off set it is said to be able to adjust to the correct alignment for our body.Sealy mattresses are mostly very comfortable.Sealy is the world's best selling mattress. Total Sales figures (world no. 1) Sealy + its two other sub companies.Sealy also have very wide price range(cheap to very expensive)as compared to Serta n Simmons.Most range Asemble in Thailand.Only some Unicase(expensive) from USA

Serta is the youngest in Singapore mattress industry compare with the other 2.Serta is renowned for its mira coil technology is also name open coil fully connected with wire among the coil, n their comfort level for mattress.If serta says it is no.2 no one dare to compete with it for comfort level.But Serta these recent years did come out with their pocketed coil series for their mattresses.Serta did also won the title (We make the world's best mattress).Most range asembled in indonesia. practise OEM(original equipment manuafacturing).Some from USA.

Well If u wanted support higher can go for Simmons,if u wanted Comfort level higher go for Sealy or Serta open coil are used to make soft n comfortable mattresses.If you want support n no motion transfer between u n ur partner can go for Individual pocketed coil.If u only more concern about enjoying of comfort level 3 minutes before u slp u can go for open-coil Sealy or Serta.Only Simmons USA range can be compatible to Sealy n Serta for the comfort level.If u r more concern about the 8 hrs of sleep u will need good support u can go for Simmons.Choose a mattress according to what your needs.Hope it will help u to choose a mattress wisely


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TAKE NOTE EVERYONE! i can get u guys ANY max coil matress at very special and attractive price, its comfirm cheaper den wads u see outside. Jus take note of the model and leave down ur contact and name here i will contact u. No deposit required! Cash upon delivery, Warranty remain! REFUND IF U CAN FIND IT CHEAPER OUTSIDE! Interested? drop me a mail @ [email protected]


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hmmm $3499 for Dunlopillo Grandeur Luxury King size is it exp??? Its 3" latex and the bottom is pocket sPring... comes with mattress protector and 2 pillows


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Well, i'd just bought a Dunlopillo Duchess and Grandeur Premier in JB for RM2.5k and RM7k.
FOC 4 Dunlopillo Latex Pillows and one mattress protector.
I personally think Grandeur Primier is more comfy than Duchess coz of it's 4" latex compared to Duchess' 1.5".


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Hi... i got Dunlopillo Duchess (king)last weekend. Paid $1599 for tat... was given a $200 discount with some freebies...


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I have shortlisted Dunlopillo Custom Heritage. Harvery Norman selling at $2599 for king size. Anyone has any feedback on that?


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Hi, i have a Dunlopillo Orthorest : Viscopedic Mattress to let go at $900. Used for only 3 months and the plush top is brand new as I actually flipped it over(as the plush top is too plush for my hubby). I can give you the pillow top and the bedframe for free too...

Bought at Courts at $1574. If interested, do email me at [email protected]...


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My wife and I recently went to Dozz mattress, and was told that for a special promotion, the Duchess New Queen Size is $1599, with bed frame included.
When I called another furniture shop in the north part of Singapore, was told that this price is not possible.
Similarly, when I went to several big shops, price quoted was $1799 at least, and that's mattress only.
Can anyone advise?


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The list price of any mattress is determined by the brand owner, if the store wants to give you a discount that's possible.

If you really like the mattress then buy it at the place where you can get the best price.

The Duchess is a old model, it used to retail at $1299 a few year ago.


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anyone got feedback for Rouge Chiffon model? heard from salesman that its exclusive only to Taka and Furniture Mall, dunno how true is that?


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Hi Thomas. Just saw rouge chiffon selling at furniture mall for 2k++ with bed frame. King size. It's on promo. If u like it, u may consider. I Personally find dunlopillo's pillow top too plush n has no back support. I go for serta.


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i got my duchess (new) for slightly less than 2k with bedframe. Love the mattress. I found the support good and firm. Guess its up to individual. Thought its value for money.


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xue: thanks but i already bought a slumberland instead. for rouge chiffon, taka is cheaper than furniture mall. those interested in this model can go taka look see.


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anyone have bought dunlopillo rouge chiffon at the Furniture Mall ?
Think of either buying of Ambrosia or Rouge chiffon different by $200. any feedback ?


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I am interested to buy Dunlopillo Elizabeth or Royal Premier. Anyone has bought either of these mattress b4 and has feedback to share? My HTB is concerned that Elizabeth is too soft for him but I like the comfort of it..


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hi, i bought a dunlopillo lavender from Courts. did anyone buy this model? i tink it's exclusive model to Courts one. i only paid the deposit for this mattress, so if want to change the model still can... any feedback?


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Hi all,

I have been surfing this site to find out information about mattresses as we are in the process of acquiring one. Lots of information on the 3 "S" - Serta, Simmons and Sealy as well as King Koil, etc but I haven't been able to find much info on users of Dunlopillo mattresses.

We have been to the Dunlopillo Suite showroom at Furniture Mall and are 90% close to buying the showroom-only "Ambrosia" mattresses. Q-size Bed frame + Ambrosia mattress = S$2099 nett. We've been

Dunlopillo mattress users, are you out there?