Dreamy Elegant Jcrew Wedding Gown - Brand New and Best Price


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Hi ladies,

My mom bought me this wedding dress from Jcrew in the US (they are known for simple, elegant and high quality clothing and bridal selection)

I have already custom made 2 dresses so I won't be needing this one anymore, even though I love it, I don't need 3 gowns for my small wedding. She bought it for US$1,150 equivalent SG$1,574

I would love to keep all 3 but I can't so I want to let this go at half the price = SG$800, even though it's sad I could use this fun for other wedding expenses, which I just realized there are so many..

I know wedding dresses in Singapore is super expensive and you pay more to rent to just to buy this gown, it's a one in a life time thing, who wouldn't want to own a beautiful dress, especially at this price, and think about how you can rent this after your special day :)

Don't buy the $100 dresses, you know they are not good and they won't look expensive, go for something high quality because you deserve it.

Here is the link to the item, US size 4.

Carys gown on Jcrew site
More pictures here, feel free to ask me questions regarding the dress (tag is on, and come with protection cover)

Check out Jcrew dreamy wedding dress:
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