Dr Joyce Lim at Paragon


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Dear Melly,

I seen her b4 for my skin problem.. Sad to say that her treatment cost is rather ex and quite pushy as well & her service from staff is not that fantastic leh... Therefore i hv switched to another Derm dr from internet source... Its oso located at Paragon, at L20 named Dr Wong Su Ni... & i find her better compared to Dr Joyce Lim... u can chk her out at http://www.pachealthholdings.com/psp/specialist.htm


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Joyce Lim is an anesthetician for her husband? I thought she is a certified dermatologist? I am rather interested in her fraxel treatment, wander anyone been to her for that? Did it really work & show good results? Can share feedbacks? thx


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Went to Dr Joyce Lim the dermatologist at paragon, and really helped with my acne with only cream not antibiotics. :)


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Hi DA.T,
She prescribe just creams but without oral medications for you? Thats gd to hear as i thought she would usually ask her patients to take med.. is she nice & did you have to wait long to see her? How long did u see results? thx in advance.


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Hi winterwhite,

Ya just creams, she even told me to use whatever facial wash i'm using, she didn't even ask me what.

She's nice, a very plain doc, not like some who are extravagant! But she's very straight-to-the-point, doesn't waste time to small talk etc.

My visit during weekday was ok, according to appointment time, but when i went on saturday afternoon, was horrible wait even though i had an appointment. According to her nurses, sat even with appointment usually have to wait, just too many patients.

I saw results in 1mth.. the 2-3rd week was really terrible, but she prepared me that i will break out, my family and friends also said that my skin improved alot, and some of them didn't know i went to get it treated, so over all i'm happy with my treatment! :)

Hope that helps.


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DA.T: wat kind of cream did she give u? How much did u spent on her consultation and medications and are you still using them?


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hi winterwhite
I used her 3 to 4 years back. Her fees are on the high side. She prescribed her own line of skin care for me and they dont come cheap. She also prescribed Avene line of skin care which is cheaper. What some of my friends did were to tell her that they cant afford her signature skin care... so she will prescribe Avene and they will stock whatever she prescribe when the products ran out in Robinsons/ JL during the 20% sales.

I also tried her laser treatment ($600 per session) to minimise my pores but the downtime was too long. I remembered my face had lots of red dots for nearly a week every time i did that treatment. The result is so-so. My pores are not very minimised leh.

The waiting time is just crazy and her assistants will pack lots of appointments on fri and sat. If you want to minimise the wait, try being the first customer of the day on weekday.

Anyway, i stopped using her cos there are many more better and cheaper dermatologists in SG. I find her overpriced and the assistants should manage the waiting time better.



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Hi Gervynne,
For the 1st course i had a C serum (her own line of product), Differin (day)/ Retin (night) and TRC (her own line)

2nd course is C essence (instead of serum, which will help with previous scarring, but in my case not much) & a purifying solution in addition to the first course.


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dat, how's your skin now? do you still see her?

i went to see her too, her consulations are expensive, first time $80, followed by $60..and time spent with her is very little coz she is straight forward. i had makeup on and she didn't really look long at my face. just gave me the same stuff as DAT, except for her line of antioxidant. i still have little bumps on my skin, not sure if improving, more than a month now. i told her that i didn't want anything oral, just topcial creams. yeah i went in the morning on weekday, 8.30am and waited till 9.30 am to see her.

i want to buy my own cleanser, any recommend anything from avene? i am thinking of switching derma.


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I went to see Dr Calvin Chang. He's pretty good. Did my IPL with him and he gives special discounts for patients from the Singapore Brides forum. Not pushy type. He's located at Paragon now but will be moving to Wheelock in April.

In the past, i have visited a few dermatologists and Dr Chang is definately friendly and doesn't make you have the feeling of "AIYO, how come your skin so bad.."


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Dr Chang didn't charge me any consultation as i decided to go for IPL on the spot. IPL is $200 per session. This is special discount for SG brides forum gals. Must tell him that you are recommended from the SG brides forum. If not, the price is $300 i think.

I did my IPL last week and freckles are gone already. Very happy with results and will be seeing him again for other treatments.



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Keann, is IPL recommended for acne scars and open pores too? Did you experience redness after the IPL session?


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i went to her for a few times.. her creams are similar to those from National Skin Centre.

her treatments are expensive, long waiting time and very quick though precise consultation. u can ask her questions and she will try her best to answer your queries.

but i see improvement when i go to national skin centre. maybe its cos of the oral medicine

I decide to give up on Joyce Lim and now looking for a skin doctor to switch to. I have been seeing Joyce Lim for 3 years and my skin got really worse this 1 year. Last year, I was not suitable to take Diane 15 that she prescribed, and fainted on the street.

Any more recommendations of skin doctor? Thanks.


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hi green,

Mayb u can try my this skin dr, she is also located at Paragon, level 20, Dr Wong Su Ni. I've switched fr Dr Joyce Lim to her.. So far i give her thumbs up,, she is better than Dr Joyce Lim man...
Hi Felin,
These 3 months I spent $500 of products at Lina Derma Care. My pimples got worse.

What's your skin type? What does your doctor prescribe you? The clinic name is Dr Wong Su Ni? I'm thinking of trying out your doctor.


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hi muffin,

sorry for the late reply.. as busy in the month of Oct... So far, im a satisfied pt of Dr Wong su ni. Her clinic name is Pacific Specialist Practice at paragon #20-01. u can try her out.,,, she is very nice n not pushy at all.. which i like best.. hehe


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i've tried dr joyce lim & i think she's good. like in previous posts, she's a simple quiet lady who doesn't engage in small talks. i like tat becos it's to the point. i dun need a doc to say nice things to me or 'carry balls'. so far the result is pretty good & i'm still seeing her. the onli thing i dislike is the waiting time & the svc of the staff there.

i've previously seen other skin docs & even national skin clinic but the result is not as fast and not as good. after a few mths still no result.

i'm quite an impatient person so i need to to see result fast. of cos i can't expect to see result with a few days. so far, i'm happy with her & my FH & gd fren commented tat my pores are minimised & my skin is better, white heads lesser. i myself also find tat it's easier to put on make-up & my make-up stays longer & look better.

another good thing abt her is she's not those pushy kind & she prescribe watever it is necessary & best part is if u hv another questions or not sure, can just email her & she replies pretty fast as in tat day itself or the next day.


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i visit joyce in 2002 to remove my non stop pimples and scars on my face..
my scars are those take foto oso can see..
so sad..

so one of my manager recommended joyce to me..
i willin to pay e high price bcos her products really works for me..
but i stop her products after i went aussie..
and i started goin facial liao..

skin doc owas dun recommend us to go facial and facial aunties owas dun recommend to see skin doc for too long..
as they tink skin doc products tend to make our skin drier in order not to pop pimples out..

frankly speakin, joyce is v nice, she is not pushy oso..
but i dun really like e waitin time la..
i tink her products might not suit everybody..
cos i recommend frens to her..
some of them regain gd skins...some not so gd..
but i noe joyce vit c serum is v gd...

but now i got a prob...i wan to remove my oilseeds..
but i m having photoshooting in 25th June..
i noe the scraps will drop off 1-2 wks after the laser
but i still v scare..
cos laser le...is an operation..got risk..
i worried wait laser liao..i bcome v ugly..
or shld i wait until after my photoshoot then i go laser..since my actual day is 26th sep..

any one can advise or give recommendation on doctors who are gd at removaing oil seeds?


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Wow, quite surprised to find a thread on Dr Joyce Lim here!

Such a small world. My first encounter with Dr Lim is about 14months ago, when I started having strange rashes on my hands and feet. I looked through piles of books on dermatology and went on the internet, but couldn't diagnose it. So I decided to see a dermatologist, and I went to Paragon one weekday morning and randomly chose a dermatology clinic, which happend to be her.

She came across as a pleasant lady who didn't engage in small flattery talk. I was also impressed at her knowledge, for she took just one look at my skin and diagnosed it straight away. She then wrote out a list of creams I can use, lifestyle changes to adopt, and told me I can ring her if I needed anymore advice.

I then sat out in the waiting room for her receptionist to call my name to pay. When she called me, she told me that Dr Lim has waived her fees for me so I don't have to pay anything. (I also work in the medical industry and sometimes out of professional courtesy, the doctors waive their fees. But not all doctors observe that, and for a doctor who is paying rental for a large room in Orchard Road prime land, I certainly didn't expect it). So, it also goes to show that she is not the money-hungry unethical type who just wants to earn money money and more money.

And then, such a small world. I couldn't help noticing on her appointment list, the name of an ex classmate of mine from JC whom I hadn't seen in 16 years. It was a unique dialect name so it couldn't have been anyone else.

Just a few weeks ago, I got re-acquainted with this friend via facebook. And I saw the pics she posted on facebook. She honestly looked even younger than she did when I knew her 17yrs ago! Now she really looks like a little girl. I'm sure Dr Lim did some marvels (though I wouldn't be surprised if my friend has had minor plastics/aesthetics surgery done). So, now I am also thinking of going to Dr Lim for some treatment and see if she can make a difference to my skin, which is tired now after all these years of abuse :)

Actually we should be careful of those aesthetic doctors who do procedures or prescribe medicines which they are poorly trained in. It does take an additional 6-8 years of full-time training AFTER graduation from medical school, to become a proper dermatologist. Whereas to get a dermatology diploma - you need only a fraction of the time, and sometimes you can even do it by distant learning.

I personally wouldn't let anyone other than a true blue qualified dermatologist touch my skin. Before you step into another one of those aesthetics clinics for a chemical peel (poorly performed can result in skin burns and permanent scarring), please check their qualification!


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i'm also surprised to find a thread on joyce lim. i have to say that sadly, my experience was not as good as some others.
i find that she is the most uncharismatic doctor i have ever met in my life. in fact, i think she has the charisma and EQ of a prison warden. it's ok if she doesn't engage in any small talk, but she hardly talks at all and doesn't even seem interested to be there at all. plus, she looks so old and aunty she could easily pass off as the cleaning lady.
i was completely unsympathetic when she was fined/barred from practice/whatever by the medical council for letting her nurse perform laser procedures on a patient which left the patient scarred.

so, please think carefully


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I dun think she is so great and I am one of her patient and she have a very very very Ya Ya Look.Banned her from my list too & won't be going back to her.


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Hi All, i used to be her patient abt 3 to 4 yrs back. The repeated consultations is really quite exp and the prescriptions she give are usually the same. Once, i was late for abt 15 mins, n the nurse highlighted onmy appointment card the time i was supposed to be in, n then 15 mins later, i was asked to go in. (the weird thing was tat i was the last patient oredi) Wonder if it was a 'an eye for an eye' thing.

Anyway, am glad that i no longer have to wait n spend so much on my skin. I have gone to NSC to buy my prescriptions instead.(similar ones that JL prescribes at a much much cheaper rate!!)Just need to get ur family doc or GP to write u a prescription. But one thing i must thank is tat she managed to single out the right medications for my skin.


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Hello, been surfing and deciding on a dermatologist to go too to solve my skin issues! I have comedones on both my cheeks and my forehead have white heads! The occasional zit comes out now and then, it's uncontrollable, I have done Spectra Carbon laser, but I dun think it worked very well

Been reading good reviews on Dr Wong Su Ni, is she any good? anyone have good resutls frm her?

Do let me know.. thanks!


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I went to see Dr Joyce Lim think 3 yrs ago. All the stuff she prescribed me, i must stick a certain regime which i find it very troublesome. Sometimes you may just forget. So i stopped going to her, partly also because its so ex. Then i went to see one near my home and this doctor just prescribed me a simple oral antibiotic and results were much faster and hassle-free. just pop it. i prefer this method.


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I had been consulting Joyce Lim say for close to a year and a half already. Initially for the first half a year, I started to see improvements. But for the past few months, my pimples getting from bad to worse. Her med dosen't seem to work at allll. Anyone had a similar experience? Should i go back to her again or switch to another doc?


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Hi anyone has done any laser treatment at Joyce Lim?? i made my appointment, but still a bit scared, cos learned laser might cause the freckles worse than before if accidently happen.

anyone did before, how it goes?


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HI all, share my experience with Joyce Lim.
Just went to her place on Friday, i was going to make appointment and consulted on the laser treatment for my freckles, but she said my acens caught her eye more, so told me i should deal with my pimple first. she recommended me about 5 items, i was trying to ask her to recommend me the important items first as i heard all the stuff were pricy from above comments. but she said i dont have to buy the stuff, but i might not receive the good respond from the laser, though i think they are 2 seperated things. she let me make the decision. i asked the nurse outside how much all the stuff would be, that was total 350+ dollars, she gave me the C serum, which someone said that was good, and some creams.
my experience is that there is some med/lotions you can get from NCS, which is cheaper, but her products works on my pimples so far.
if you are ready to pay the consultant fee and visit her, you'd better put all your question in a list, and asked her, she is a very direct person, wont speak extra word, you need to clear all your questions as you pay 100 dollar for her word.


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Am thinking of going to her this Sat morning but am really concerned with the possibility of paying $300-$500 on first visit. I emailed her and she told me con $100 and med $40 onwards......
I have acne breakout along the jaw lines and this is mainly due to hormonal change, not sure if she is good at treating such acne?
Anyone tried and got cured?


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Hi all,

I just went to see Dr Lim yesterday.

I must agree that she is very direct and straightforward. When I saw her and told her my condition, her reaction was like I am the "nth case" of pimples and sensitive skin. And she told me things I need to know like she has been repeating for the "nth times", haha.

She say that how long will a person stop pop out pimples is mainly due to genes. External factors like stress, hormones are only the "triggers" to push the pimples out.

On my 1st visit, con is $100. I was given Desoniod (dunno how to spell) for my sensitive and mildly eczema skin on my face, Clindaymin (also dunno how to spell) for my acne spots. Then 2nd week, need to use her C serum ($136), Retin ($40) and the Clindaymin for my acne spots.

I was suppose to go back to her after 3 weeks.


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Yes I went to her. Expensive but effective. BAscially use her vit C, matifying gel, retim A/differin, another cream then dalacin T. Need to do for few months to see the effect.MY skin looks good for few months without breakout. But prepare to spend at least 400 for each visit incl product.
I also try her plasma resurfacing, fractional laser , very expensive S5k ea, pitted scar improve ( 30% improvement) but think too expensive for the result. I guess there should be cheaper alternative outside.


Hi All

I am with dr joyce lim for more than 2 years.. antibiotics does not work for me.. soo she recommend me roccutane.. it work and now i have flawless skin.. hope it maintain that way..


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i'm a loyal supporter to Dr Joyce Lim. i know abt Dr Wong Su Ni but in honest fact, Dr Lim is really a specialist in this field. her equipment are really advanced than others. Some docs only study 1 yr with a dip and claim themselves expert. Dr Lim study and specialise in dermatology. how can u compare 4yrs and 1 yr? I feel that Dr Lim is warms up to ppl very slowly but behind that emotionless face and straight forward character, she really has a heart of gold.Prob been hurt or betray in some ways that's why she behave like this.she's a very hardworking lady. working til 9plus everyday.. just to make us beautiful. if u want gd results, just spend a bit lesser and go to her. u won't regret it.


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I have another alternative. Maybe u can consider. She is a very nice and sincere Physician who can help u too. Her place is Blk 131 Jurong East St13 #03-253 Tel: 65668565. You can call and make appointment with her for free consultation.
I believe her price is much much reasonable and her way of treatment more effective.


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hi i am intending to visit Dr Joyce Lim for mole removal...probably by shave excision...anyone had any experience to share? i am worried of any bad scarring which might cause it to be worse than before


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Hi Mei leng

not sure about Dr Joyce but i had mine done with Dr Colin Tham and am very happy about it.

just to share- my mole was on the right side of my face, protruding type so he recommended to use excision which means that the mole was pretty deep underneath my skin.

Dr Tham and his nurses were very gentle and sensitive my needs which put me at ease while going through the procedure.

after one month, the redness started to fade. Now months after, it was completely gone! no one can tell that i used to have a mole there (at least those who didnt know me before).

He is good lah, have to give him credit


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Hi Celene,

How much is the charge for mole removal?

Is it painful after removing?

Am thinking of removing the one on my left side of the face but worried it will hurt..


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Just went to visit Dr Joyce Lim today.. Basically I think she says the same thing to everyone..Today is my first try of her medication..I spend quite a bit of money on my face like facials, IPL and lasers but I'm a sufferer of adult acne.. ;( she told me its my genes problems and pimples will never stop appearing be it I like it anot.. It's how to prevent it from leaving scars...?

Whats expensive about her is that she has her own line of products.. Her prices for her own line of products have increased alot.. Her c serum now cost $158..! Really ex for a small bottle. And matifying gel is $68..Guess for me now even how ex also no choice as I really hope to see results soon..!


Spoty: I am using her vitamin C essence and matifying gel. If it does not stop your pimple from coming.. ask her for roccutane.. however, when you are on roccutane, you cannot be pregnant as the baby will be deform. after the whole cause, you can be pregnant..

scar can only stop when there is no pimple. if not, scar will keep on appearing..

i used to have 50 pimple in one go at my face.. now i have zero for 6 month after 8 box of roccutane.. i am just maintaining it with vit c, matifying gel and skin ligthening.


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Thanks Jun, but my wedding is coming up in dec, she told me roccutane needs at least 6months to see effect.. And she let me use the topical solution first before going oral, want to see how fast I can clear the acne scars.. Will go and see her 3weeks in time for 2nd review..


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I've been fighting for adult acnes over 10 years. I tried whatever remedy you can named it. for now, I will stick to Dr Joyce lim. This year, I supposed to have 3-session laser treatment for acne. I tried Aramis laser to cure big pimples. big improvement after a month. No more big and obvious one. Therefore Dr Lim suggested to use vbeam to cure white heads and blackhead. It really helps!!, I don't need 3rd session. just need to continue regular home peel kit to clear white head and blackhead.