Don't Choose Gabriel Seng Interior Designer


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I research online and I found Gabriel Seng through Facebook. After comparing their interior works with a few other companies, I decided to take up his services as my interior project manager. Starting, I was quite contented with his team renovation works. They were punctual for the beginning of the works and carry out the renovation works diligently till subsequently the renovation works starts to lack back and slows down. There are mistakes carried out on their end which he refused to admit and requested for our end to pay more to amend the mistakes made which we clearly we ain't satisfied in paying more. He claims that without the additional payment, he will not get the workers to continue and finish up the works. I end up with no other solution but to terminate their contract and re-engage another contractor to finish up the mess and mistake his team made.

Engage your own interior designer with proper research and don't be fooled by the likes and comments through social media.