Don't Buy Gain City Air-Con


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I bought a new aircon from Gain City on 12 June 2020 and that's when all my troubles started.

At first the aircon is not cold and I found a pile of dust and rubble left behind by Gain City after installation. After clearing the mess, I thought the air-con will be settled but things got worst.

My aircon starts making noises - rattling, gurgling, etc. I had to take leave several times to rectify the issue.

22 Aug - Change Blower
11 Nov - Change Blower
8 Dec - Change Motor and Blower
15 Dec - Readjustment of Motor because of Loud sound. Didn't work

22 Dec Unable to fix intermittent noises and Mitsubishi offered me an option of a refund. Unfortunately, I will have to go through Gain City to get my money back.

The thing was, all these I had to do on my own. I had to contact Mitsubishi directly cause Gain City told me it's had nothing to do with them. They only install.

Through it all, Mitsubishi was extremely helpful and patience. They tried to liaise with Gain City, to no avail.

Here's the timeline of our effort to contact Gain City.

Mitsubishi emailed Gain City on 24 Dec.

I have emailed Gain City on
24 Dec
30 Dec
2 Jan
4 Jan

Called them on 4 Jan.
Chat online on 4 Jan.
Chat online on 5 Jan.

I haven't gotten any reply from Gain City. I even told them no need refund, just come and take the aircon back. But still no reply.

So I'm writing this to warn as many people as I can. Don't buy from Gain City. They don't care after the money had been paid. There's no customer service at all.


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Hello, I am David from Gain City. Can you contact us at +65 6222 1212 and we will look into this matter. Thank you!