Doing a masters course


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I'm thinking of doing a masters in mass comm in one of the local unis. The 1st postgrad degree is subsidised so since it will cost about the same as a degree, I might as well do the masters course.

However, my basic degree wasn't in mass comm. My current employment is also not in the field of mass comm. In short, I don't have any background experience and minimal knowledge.

I'm wondering if it would be difficult, or possible for me to catch up with other students in class. I imagine a class full of students with background in mass comm or are working in the industry and just upgrading their knowledge. I wonder if I can catch up or is it really not a good idea to do a masters course with no prerequisite knowledge and experience at all?

Reasons why I want to do the course is because of interests, plus I just want to improve on my writing skills as this would aid my current job. I also just want to broaden my perspectives and learn something about another field apart from what I'm doing. I intend to do a postgrad course anyway, might as well do something that interest me? If I'm going to sink in so much time and money, I better find out if it's possible to cope.

Anybody has advices or experiences to share? Thanks.