Does you ex come back?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by Flyingaway, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Flyingaway

    Flyingaway New Member

    Hi! I have been on this forum but looking for wedding stuff. Recently my ex just broke off with me, we are supposed to get married on feb19 and been dating for 7yrs.

    He had been texting and meeting this girl before he break it off. And i found out that he went out on dates with her after we broke off. It hurt so much to know that he is having fun while im going thru heartbreak.

    i have this constant fear that i wont be able to find love anymore. Im 29 this year. :(

    I really hope that one day he will come back. Anyone here have stories of ex returning?

  2. faith1987

    faith1987 New Member

    Don't be sad, Flyingaway... Doubt he will return, if he can leave, perhaps all along he was just waiting for more excitement to appear in his life...
    Even if he comes back, you'll be overjoyed at first, but will you ever feel safe or at ease again in the relationship, knowing how heartless he can be?

    You will find love again, one whom you deserve, one who deserves you.
    Life has a long way to go, and you were happy without him before, you will definitely be happy again, though it seems unimaginable right now.
  3. sheltieslove

    sheltieslove New Member

    The same thing happened to me a few years back... We were together for 9 years...He broke up with me in March and the wedding was supposed to be held in May.

    I was devastated and it was like the end of the world for me at that time, I understand how you are feeling now.

    But I picked myself up and went to the gym, made new friends, took up new hobbies... In the same year, I met another guy.

    This guy was many times better in terms
    of character and the way he treats and respects me. We also have the same goals and mindset.
    Now, we are happily married.

    I just want to share this with you because I am so thankful for what had happened because I cannot imagine how my life would have been if I had married the guy who strayed and broke my trust instead..

    So, you are still young... pick yourself up, move on... You will find someone better in time to come... If this guy can do this to you now, he can do it to you again in future if he returns to you.
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  4. coldjade

    coldjade Member

    I believe that in life everything happens for a reason.

    I was cheated on by a guy who I invested a lot of feelings for, he went out on dates with another girl and when I caught him red-handed him he pretended that he don't know me. It was so hurtful. And I was so lost without him.

    Then I got to know another guy who keep showing interests in me and asked me out, in the end he stood up on me on the day of the date and made a fool out of me. He said things that insulted me even though he was the one in the wrong.

    I was so depressed, felt so unwanted and wanted to skip an event I signed up long ago but end up attending as I have no excuse to skip. But I end up meeting the man of my life at 28 years old there, and we are getting married next year. He is nowhere near the man I imagined I'll date or marry, but he treats me with respect, is very responsible and is so much better than all the men I fell for before him.

    The guy who cheated on me does not know I'm getting married, and guess what? The girl he cheated on me with dumped him, and he started messaging me again! Saying things like I am more attractive these days (we meet at work sometimes), he can't forget me etc. What a joke. I realised that why I felt lost when he left me wasn't because I love him, but because I am too used to having him in my life. It's just a habit, which can slowly be changed.

    So even if your ex comes back, please do not let him into your life again. Because high chance he might commit the same mistake and hurt you again. Think of the bright side, it's good you see his true colour before getting married. You will be hurt even deeper if you got married.

    And please don't give up on yourself! Go out, socialise, and meet more people! Jiayou!!
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  5. taintedkiss

    taintedkiss New Member

    must have felt so good to slam it in his face that you are getting married. hehe. out of curiosity, you guys are still in the same workplace?
  6. coldjade

    coldjade Member

    Yup, but we rarely meet. Just walk pass each other sometimes. I'll just say hi like to other colleagues whom I'm not close to. Can see from his looks that he is not doing well. He used to be suave looking, always prim and proper and always energetic. Nowadays he just look tired, messy and sometimes even lonely. It's a little sad how someone can put himself into such a bad situation. But I told myself that I have more important and happier things to focus on than on someone who hurt me.

    Speaking of which I have to warn @Flyingaway ! When woman see their ex like that they will start to pity and want to take care of them. Don't fall for it! Remember you don't own anyone any response, and definitely not someone who have hurt you. Be responsible for your own happiness, your happiness is not dependent on your ex!
  7. buddhabar

    buddhabar Active Member

    Unless somethings have change else no point getting back with any EXs. He who had left will leave you again, for the same reason.
  8. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    Wake up... he has been 2 timing you, riding the cow searching for horse.
    Why do you want him to come back.
  9. Infernolord

    Infernolord Active Member

    Why we call them "ex" ? they are "ex" for a reason.
    Maybe they will come back, maybe not. Just think back the reason why you two broke up in the 1st place.

    29 is still young la. Maybe give u an opportunity now to know more ppl and find "better" ones.

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