Does my hubby suffer from erectile dysfunction?


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Or start visiting your daughter at the very least if you can't take her back. By the way, how come you still have mood for sex and baby when you don't even know where to move to next, with your husband being in bankruptcy and you laden with debts?? I can understand the tremendous amount of stress your husband experiences since life is hard. But you seem quite "immune", can even hope to quit job and stay home.....

doll, u mean that the bankruptcy ppl cannot even go on to hv a normal family life, is it? Must we not hv more children?

I wish lah cos my kid is now in school and i want to prepare him for school life and so as to be there for him, i am prepared to resign from my job. I noticed a few friend of mine r already sahm since their kids came along.

as for the debts, already reduced and even built up my saving reserve fund. Now the question is resign n train my boy in many ways. My son's nanny said not enough potty-training, eating, etc. He looks a bit thinner than last time. and he is very fussy. And the teacher complained abt him in school, not able to stay still in class. and my hubby is not ard at home often due to longer working hours so i hv to take care of his needs after work.
and often at night, i see my son play by himself or sit on my lap n tells me abt his day in school n nanny. sometimes i feel he looks lonely n i think it is better to let him hv a sibling to play, talk, protect and help each other in their growing up years.


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Blur, not say bankrupts cannot have children at all, but why bring MORE children when you adults are in a hand-to-mouth situation?

If you resign from your job, who is going to pay for your debts then? I understand that your husband's pay goes to financing his own debts. Also, your husband is a bankrupt, this means that he can't get a loan from the bank for a new property should you decide to sell your current flat. If you also become a SAHM without a proper source of income, how are you going to get a loan from the bank? In fact, I would not be surprised that you can't find a bank to grant you a loan in this global financial slow times.

Have you thought through all these??? Don't monkey see monkey do. Your situation is different from your gfs.


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Just a few months ago you said you owed $25K, and most of it should be credit card debts, right? Your debts reduced by how much? No need pay rolling interest meh?
Yupz. not really cc debts. it is personal loans. Now reduced to $10k plus. in fact for helping pay off the father in law's debts.

Yup true but one gf of mine whose hubby also got discharged from bankruptcy last dec. so now feel more ease with this close gf of mine.


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I must say your ability to repay loans and save money is quite amazing. That makes me wonder why you resorted to taking up loans and that your husband had to file for bankruptcy. Hey, how about teaching us a thing or two?
Doll, My husband's debts is too much and he incurred these debts before we met. SO it was not necessary for me to help him. Only for these loans that he asked me, i agreed. half of the debts could be settled with my savings and bonuses. Only left was abt $10k odd and in personal loans(for eg by instals) and i could manage but cos of these loans, i hv zero savings after settling, so now i started over for saving again. The most importantly is to be simple and frugal, I dun go for luxury items and those wants very often. so can save a lot.


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not easy to have sex with partner when a person is stress. My Wife like to nag & restricted me from doing this & mood to make love.
Finally understand why is it so difficult for some people to live together after married


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many related deaths with people buying drugs online. Difficult to trust sources outside. If one needs prescripted drugs, go thr a doctor.
when a man has ED,could it be just cos of the same woman , then if he do with another woman, then he can perform ok ? ? sometime i suspect that

my HB ED problem persist for more than 2 yrs already and he insisted that it is due to stress n pressure and refuse to go c a doctor for it . He can get hard but wun last and get back soft easily, Even when penetration, he can just turn soft halfway. But once in a while, he can complete the whole course and can shoot sperm out. But most of the time, like 80% he cant ejaculate out any and will stop the whole thing cos he is already v tired after quite a long time ...

i feel sorry for him , yet cant keep talking about it cos afraid that his ego would be badly hurt .


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hav u tried to squeeze the hole? coz i used to hav same pbm wif hb... but squeezing it helps quite abit... other way is to perform bj b4 the sxx.


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u shd start to monitor what he does on his computer

maybe he is eating outside or obsessed with some japanese adult movie star. hence he lost interest in you..
An erection problem occurs when a man cannot get or keep an erection that is firm enough for intercourse. You may not be able to get an erection at all. Or, you may lose the erection during intercourse before you are ready. Erection problems do not usually affect your sex drive.

Erection problems are common. Almost all adult men have trouble getting or keeping an erection at one time or another. Often the problem goes away with little or no treatment. But for some men, it can be an ongoing problem. This is called erectile dysfunction (ED).

If you have trouble getting or keeping an erection more than 25% of the time, you should see your health care provider.